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Why You Should Install Circadian Lighting in Your Home

A woman winding down by reading in dim, warm lights.

Soak in the Benefits of Natural Light in Your Own Home

One of the benefits of having a smart home is the ability to customize it so that it works around your schedule and makes daily life easier. But did you know that your smart home can also get in sync with your biological clock, leading to a better daily routine and overall health? Circadian lighting is one example of this technology, and installing it in your Orange County or Coto de Caza, CA, home can greatly improve your lifestyle! Keep reading to find out more about circadian light systems and why you need one in your home.

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What is Circadian Lighting?

The human body has a natural 24-hour clock. It drives a person’s wake-and-sleep cycle, which affects wakefulness and sleep. Light is extremely important in this cycle because it helps influence a person’s circadian rhythm. For instance, a brightly lit room with bluish tones encourages productivity. However, a dimly lit room with warm lighting makes a person feel sleepy. That’s why most people feel more tired at night than during the day. The lack of light communicates to your body that it is time for rest and sleep.

Many people love lots of natural light in their homes. But natural light isn't always available, such as on cloudy days or in interior rooms. That’s where a circadian lighting system comes in. It adjusts the light in your home to the hue of the sun’s light outside (based on the time of day). 

Benefits of Circadian Lighting

Installing circadian lights in your home helps your routine by promoting a better sleep-wake cycle. For instance, you’ll wake up more refreshed, be more productive during the day, and enjoy a restful evening as you prepare for a peaceful slumber. Standard lights are essentially one color. Even if some lights are tunable, most don’t automatically change throughout the day. Circadian lighting is an intuitive system that is designed specifically with your well-being in mind. 

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Not a Big Tech Fan? You Can Still Enjoy a Smart Home.

Bar room

Incorporate Sleek Technologies That Make Life Simpler Without Being an Eyesore

When someone mentions smart home technology, do you cringe at the thought? Luckily, modern smart devices aren’t overly techy eyesores that scream futuristic science fiction film. Imagine having your Laguna Beach, CA, home respond to your every need with a simple tap of a button or a voice command without being inundated with technologies that mar your ideal aesthetic. It’s possible with a home integration expert like Launch Systems. Scroll below to learn where you can hide smart home devices in plain sight throughout your Orange County property!

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Relax In Style

You press play on your multi-room audio system, then slip into the bathtub at the end of a long day to relax. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers emit soft music while the waterproof hidden TV in the wall plays the latest Netflix show you’re trying to catch up on. At first glance, these smart audio/video technologies aren’t visible, but they come to life for your entertainment with a simple tap of a finger on a smartphone app or on-wall keypad.

4K Artwork

If you aren’t a fan of a black rectangle hanging on the wall when you aren’t watching a movie, the Samsung Frame TV is the perfect solution. Enjoy your personal art and photography collection or use the subscription-based Samsung Art Store to access the world’s top museum and gallery pieces. A beautiful frame paired with available matte layout options truly camouflages this ultra-high-definition smart TV in your living space when you’re not catching up on a show.

Outdoor Living

Expand your sound system to your patio and backyard spaces for the ultimate entertainment experience. Rock speakers blend into your pool landscaping while pumping out a fun pop playlist from Spotify. Satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers pack a powerful punch for the big game or listening to your favorite podcast while gardening. These outdoor speakers are crafted to withstand salty air, water, and everything else Mother Nature wants to throw at them, yet they blend seamlessly into the foliage. For all of these expertly camouflaged technologies and more, chat with Launch Systems at the bottom of your screen to schedule an at-home audio/video consultation. We can’t wait to bring these smart home options to your Orange County living spaces!

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Control Your Lighting Without A Second Thought


Lighting Control Systems Automate Your Daily Tasks and Make Life Easier

Lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. If the lights are too bright in the home theater, you’re left squinting through the glare to decipher what’s happening on the screen. If you’re trying to have a romantic dinner with your partner and the lights are too dim, you won’t be able to stare lovingly into their eyes or see what’s on your plate. Outdoors, if the landscape lighting is off, a thief may take advantage of the situation and try to break into your home!

With an expertly installed lighting control system in your Huntington Beach, CA home, you can control every fixture individually or an entire room with a simple tap of your finger. Keep reading below to learn how Launch Systems can change the way you experience your property.

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Set It and Forget It

The days are getting shorter, and Daylight Saving Time ends next month. That means it will get dark earlier, leaving your Orange County home swathed in darkness if you’re not prepared. With a lighting control system, you’ll have the power of illumination at your fingertips! Without a second thought, you’ll be able to synchronize your landscape lighting to turn on automatically at dusk and off at sunrise. Your home will be safer and more secure in the evenings, plus you won’t be using excess energy to keep the lights on during the day when the sun is out and shining.

Support Your Natural Rhythms

Like natural sunlight, tunable white lighting can shift color temperature automatically throughout the day to support your daily mood and energy levels. In the morning, bright, cool tones of light energize you and put some pep in your step for the day ahead. In the evening, warmer, orangey tones mimic that of a beautiful sunset outside while signaling to your brain that it’s time to wind down and relax. These shifts in color temperature support your natural biological rhythms, or circadian cycle, so you can rest easier in the evenings and feel productive during the daytime, which leads to a better, more fulfilled lifestyle!

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Solution Spotlight: Tunable LED Lighting


Your Orange County Home Can Shine in a Brilliant New Way with Tunable Lighting

Tunable LED lighting is a modern smart home addition that can completely transform how you see and interact with your home. Highlighting architectural aspects, showcasing your curated art collection, and supporting your daily activities as you move throughout your Laguna Beach, CA, home are just a few ways LED lighting can make your life more comfortable and convenient. But what exactly is tunable LED lighting, and is one type of tunable lighting better than others? Keep reading below to learn about three different types of tunable lighting and how each could potentially work on your Orange County property.

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Dim to Warm Lighting

Lighting that can be tuned from dim to warm settings is a more basic iteration of tunable LED lighting, and basic doesn’t mean underwhelming. LED lighting that dims to a warm glow similar to that of incandescent can help you ease into a relaxed state of mind in the evenings before bed. Dim to warm tunable lighting is perfect for homeowners looking for a more cost-effective and longer-lasting alternative to an incandescent, yet still prefer the warm glow of the older lighting technology.  

Color Tunable Lighting

Imagine saturated, vibrant colors from throughout the color spectrum, shining in and around your California property during dinner parties, hangouts, or movie nights with the family. Ketra lighting is our favorite full-spectrum tunable lighting brand because of their dedication to the science and art of light. And with the recent acquisition of Ketra by Lutron, the duo is unstoppable in providing superior tunable lighting solutions to homeowners just like you.  

Tunable White Lighting

Perfect for general and accent lighting throughout your home, these LEDs can shift between a warm-white around 2,700K and a cool-white around 5,000K. Our bodies psychologically respond to these variances in white light, feeling energized with cool, white light and relaxing with warmer, white light. By incorporating tunable white lighting into your kitchen, living areas, and workspaces, you’ll support your daily activities with the power of smart technology!   To further shine a light on the possibilities you can bring to your Laguna Beach-area property, call us now at (949) 515-7030, chat with us at the bottom of your browser window, or connect with us using our online form. We look forward to assisting you!

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Control Your Smart Home with Just a Tap of a Button


Lutron RadioRA 2: A Scalable, Wireless Home Control System

Lutron lighting has been around since the late 1950s with the solid-state dimmer's invention by co-founder Joel Spira. Since Lutron Electronics’ inception, the company has continued to innovate the lighting industry and later began dominating the home control market with automated shading and smart lighting. Imagine pressing a button or using a voice command to dim the lights in your house, raise or lower motorized shades, and control your Irvine, CA, home’s HVAC system. It’s possible with a Lutron RadioRA 2 system installed by the home automation experts at Launch Systems. With tremendous respect to our clients’ needs, we design, install and support smart home devices in new homes and retrofit projects in Orange County. Keep reading below to learn how the Lutron RadioRA 2 system can transform your life, then contact us for a free consultation.

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Climate Control & Shading

Adding a smart Lutron thermostat to your home control system lets you control the temperature in your home using a wall keypad, your smart device, or a pre-programmed smart scene. Whether you’re at home or away for the weekend, you’ll be able to monitor and operate your HVAC system to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings. By installing a wireless temperature sensor in a room, each room of your home’s temperature is monitored. If a specific temperature is reached, then your HVAC will respond accordingly, or you can override the automation by adjusting the temperature yourself. You can pair your climate control with motorized shading, too. If the room becomes too cool during the day, then your blinds will open automatically to let warm, natural sunlight stream into your living spaces.  


A Lutron RadioRA 2 system is scalable, so don't opt out of smart lighting because it seems too daunting for your home project. You can first install the system in your most-used spaces, perhaps the home theater and bedrooms. From there, you can add the kitchen and outdoor entertainment areas when you're ready.  

Integrates with Other Products

You aren’t limited to only using Lutron devices in a RadioRA 2 system, either. You can incorporate your Control4 automation system or use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and voice control. There doesn’t seem to be any other brand nearly as versatile as Lutron. And the brand is continually innovating, something it’s been doing for over 70 years, so your system is built to last as you add more smart products to your home over time.     To enjoy the simple and convenient lifestyle Lutron RadioRA 2 can bring to your Orange County home, connect with us now using this form or chat with us below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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A Day in the Life With Tunable LED Lighting


Smart Lighting Supports You from Sunup to Sundown

We’re lucky to have great weather for most of the year in California, but with the winter months here, many of us are spending more time indoors than we are accustomed to. The decreased time spent in natural lighting may start to drag a bit on our moods. To combat the winter doldrums, consider tunable LED lighting. Tunable LED lighting puts you in control of simulated natural lighting. From sunrise to sundown, your natural circadian rhythm is supported with variable color temperature lighting. Keep reading below to learn more about this innovative lighting solution, and we’ll walk you through what a typical day in your Huntington Beach, CA, home would look like.

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Good Morning

Clocks fell back last month, and with the time change, early mornings are darker than they’ve been all year. That means it may be a bit more difficult to wake up feeling rejuvenated without any natural sunlight streaming through your windows. This is where tunable LED lighting shines, literally and figuratively. You can program your smart lighting to sync with a timer, turning on every day at the same time in sync with your alarm clock. Bluish white light with a color temperature around 7000K imitates daylight, so your lighting can support you more naturally as you get started on your day.  

Good Afternoon

Many of us tend to hit a productivity slump midday and find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks we need to complete. A bright, cool white light will keep you awake and alert so that you can focus more easily. This bluer tinged white light has a color temperature between 4000K-6000K. Throughout your day, tunable lighting will transition through the color temperature spectrum to support your needs. In the morning and early afternoon, lighting supports your productivity and alertness. As the afternoon turns to evening, lighting helps you and your entire family wind down.  

Good Evening

Studies have shown that different durations, intensities, and wavelengths of light affect the human body. The circadian rhythm, or natural biological clock, can be interrupted by bright, artificial lighting and potentially cause health issues. This disruption can also affect our sleeping patterns, causing insomnia and restless sleep. A warmer, white light will support your circadian rhythm, signaling to your brain that it’s time for tranquility and relaxation. This warm white light has an orange or yellow hue and a color temperature in the range of 2000K-3000K. You can program your lighting to transition automatically, or you can press a button on your wall keypad or smart device to change the lighting at your discretion. Once you’re ready for bed, simply press another button on your smart device or use a voice command to turn off all of your lighting. The tunable LED lighting cycle can start again in the morning, supporting you and your family throughout another day.   Your Huntington Beach, CA home deserves to be highlighted in beautiful LED lighting, and you deserve the wellness support that this innovative lighting offers. To setup a consultation, fill out our online form or call us today. We look forward to working with you!

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Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Smart Lighting Technology Makes Life Easy


3 Reasons Why Lutron Should Be Your Top Pick for Lighting Control

We often talk about the luxury and convenience that a lighting control system can bring to our California clients’ homes. Smart bulbs and motorized window treatments can work in tandem to create the perfect ambiance in your Huntington Beach home with just a few taps of your finger or with a voice command. Behind the scenes, the system that makes it all possible is just as important as the dimming capabilities, fabrics, and styles you select for your system. Lutron RadioRA 2 technology is the brains behind the functionality that you enjoy using daily in your home. Read on below to learn three reasons why the RadioRA 2 system should be your top pick for lighting control.

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Easy to Control

There’s no need to walk throughout your home to flip on light switches or raise and lower shading in order to get the perfect atmosphere. With Lutron RadioRA 2, you have a variety of control options at your fingertips. Pico wireless remotes on desktop pedestals control lights, blinds, and audio from anywhere in your home with just a tap. You can also replace your boring outlet wall plates with smart switches in finishes and colors that complement your interior décor. The RadioRA 2 main repeater makes it possible to use the Lutron App to control your smart devices, but it enables systems integration with other brands as well. Managing your smart technology in Orange County has never been simpler.  

Personalized Scenes

Your custom-etched Pico keypads are customizable to match your needs, too. Besides on/off or open/closed settings, window shades can be partially drawn, and lights may be dimmed on demand or according to pre-programmed scenes. Once initiated, the ‘Dinner’ scene will begin a sequence of smart device responses: lights dimmed to the perfect setting, motorized shades lowered to provide privacy, and your audio system tuned to your favorite streaming station for the perfect evening dinner with your partner.  

A Scalable Smart Home Solution

With the Lutron Connect Bridge, you can link pair RadioRA 2 with your favorite apps using the cloud! You can then pair your keypads and remotes to work in partnership with your wireless thermostats, voice control, audio control and home automation. A truly smart home is achievable thanks to Lutron!   If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of automation made possible with Lutron RadioRA 2, contact us here today or chat with us at the bottom of your browser. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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3 of the Top Benefits to Tunable LED Lighting


Is Tunable LED Lighting Worth It? We Dive Into the Answer Below.

At Launch Systems, we’ve always strived to offer our clients state-of-the-art smart technologies that serve them well at installation but will also serve their needs for years to come. That’s why we work with cutting-edge brand partners that build components that will withstand the test of time – with functionality, design, and style. We’ve written before about the exciting benefits of tunable LED lighting from Lutron. Not only can you reduce your energy costs with these innovative bulbs, but you can also support your natural circadian rhythms. Read on below to learn more about how incorporating this new technology into your Irvine, CA, home can elevate your lifestyle with new consideration for comfort and convenience.

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Protect Your Home

Tunable LED lighting allows you to showcase your smart home in its best light. You likely spent arduous hours working with an interior designer to make your Irvine-area home look perfect, so why would you want to layer your stunning furniture, fabrics, and art collections in drab lighting? Traditional fluorescent lighting and ample sunlight will fade and distort rich and bold color selections. With LED lighting, you can select the perfect warm or cool white light to amplify your art, design, and home architecture without giving off too much UV radiation or heat.

Shown in Your Best Light

With more of us making the transition to working from home or going out less often, it’s important to utilize our smart homes to support our wellness. Lighting is essential. All day, every day, your lighting can respond to a variety of cues to help support your family in feeling their best. You can adjust lights with a tap of your finger or voice command, program your lighting to respond to the time of day, or hack your lighting to support your circadian rhythms.

Wind Down on Your Terms

Imagine utilizing your tunable lighting to help you wind down in the evenings. You can leave the stresses of a busy workday behind you with natural, dim light as you read your favorite book before bed. This warm, soft glow not only supports your body’s internal biological clock but also eases eye strain after a long day. You can also use a cool, bright light to shift yourself into a highly productive mode during the midday slump without the aid of caffeine.   If you’re ready to explore the exciting features tunable LED lighting can bring to your California home, contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Shine Light on New Design Possibilities with LED Lighting


Tunable LED Lighting Completely Transforms Your California Home

Early LED lighting technology was initially inadequate due to limited blue LEDs and yellow phosphors, but modern LEDs have new phosphor compounds that yield higher color tuning capabilities. So, what does that mean for your Newport Beach, CA home? It means that tunable LED light lets you adjust the color temperature and intensity of an LED bulb with a color temperature range between 1,600K to 6,500K, depending on the product. Lutron lighting provides a range that covers both warm and cool temperatures, which can lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle in your home. LED lighting is known to be 80% more efficient than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. LEDs convert 95% of their energy into light with little heat loss, which means incorporating LED bulbs into your home can help you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy costs. Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities of tunable LED lighting when incorporated into your home.

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Warm and Cool Colors

In their simplest form, tunable white LEDs have two sets of phosphor-coated LEDs, with a warm-white around 2700K and a cool-white around 5000K. By tuning these LEDs, a homeowner can raise or lower the output, thus changing the color of the white light. These different white outputs can have a psychological effect, too. Cool-colored light can make people feel cool on a hot summer day, and blue-white hues in the morning can encourage productivity. Interestingly, you can support the human circadian system with tunable LED lighting, too! The circadian system is the body’s internal biological clock. The intensity and color of lighting can suppress or stimulate the secretion of hormones and melatonin, which effects our moods, alertness, and overall wellness.

Energy Efficiency

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, LED lighting helps you reduce your energy costs. LED lighting costs have also dropped drastically in recent years thanks to innovative lighting manufacturers like Lutron. Pair this lower product cost with the lower energy costs associated with lighting solutions, and your home transforms into a green and efficient powerhouse. Incorporating dimmers, occupancy sensors, and motorized shades in your home can further increase your efficiency.   This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tunable LED lighting. For a free personal consultation for incorporating this innovative solution into your Newport Beach-area home, call us today at (949) 515-7030 or connect with us online. We can’t wait to shine light on the possibilities together!

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The Lutron Lighting System Mini Guide


Tutorial Videos to Ensure You’re Making the Most of Your Lighting System

Lighting systems are great ways to manage the lights within your home intelligently. Lutron lighting systems provide solutions for any size home on any budget, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a system that works for your Laguna Beach, CA home. Keep reading our blog to see some of our favorite Lutron lighting system features. Plus check out the corresponding tutorials to learn how to use these features in your own home!

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Lutron Scenes

Whether you’re trying to boost your home’s security, conserve energy, or brighten up your holiday parties, scenes can help you control multiple lights on your property at once. With the tap of a button on a smart device or Lutron’s Pico remote, you can turn Lutron shades and lights to a predetermined setting. Program a “Good morning” scene to turn on the bedroom lighting, raise the motorized shades, and light your walking path into the kitchen so you can quickly get started on making breakfast. You can incorporate Lutron lighting scenes into your existing Control4 automation system, too, so you can even program the “Good morning” scene to play your favorite music or news channel with a tap. Watch this video to learn how to program scenes:    


Dimmers, Switches & Fans

You can control individual dimmers, light switches, and fans in your home using an app on your smart device. Each smart light in your Lutron lighting system is adjustable with the tap of a button. As you wind down for the evening and head to your entertainment room, you may want to dim the lights as you catch up on your favorite TV shows. Simply open the app, tap, and adjust the lighting to meet your needs. You can even use the Lutron app to adjust the speed on your ceiling fans. Take a look at this video to learn how to do that:    

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