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Lighting Control & the Future of Smart Homes

A Lutron lighting control switch on a black and gold tiles wall.

Enhance Every Room in Your Smart Home with an Integrated Lighting Control System

Welcome to the future of smart homes, where technology makes our lives simpler, better, and more convenient than ever! And at the heart of it all, one crucial element stands out; an integrated lighting control system. Imagine effortlessly creating the perfect ambiance in any room at your home in Irvine, CA, with just a screen tap or voice command. Not bad, huh?

At Launch Systems, we understand the role that lighting control plays in every smart home, which is why we make it part of all our projects. But one statement can only do so much! Read on to learn more about smart, automated lights and the many benefits they can bring.

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Is Your Smart Home Security Up to Date?

Woman entering her home through the front door and in the process of removing the key from the lock.

Explore the Modern Features of Automated, Upgraded, Smart Security!

Does your Corona del Mar, CA, smart home security have the modern features necessary for seamless system access and effortless operations? Home automation technology is forever evolving, and homeowners must stay on top of new advancements, especially concerning security.

If you're ready for an upgrade or even a whole new system, Launch Systems can help. Keep reading to discover how updated features offer a higher level of security!

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Enjoy Crystal-Clear Music Throughout Your Home & Outdoor Spaces

A home with an open floor plan and in-ceiling speakers.

A Multi-Room Music System Delivers High-Fidelity Sound to Every Room

As Steve Martin said, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” And yet, here we are, discussing multi-room music. While words can't convey the auditory experience, we'll give it our best shot in hopes you can glimpse the miraculous world a whole-home audio system brings to your home in Anaheim Hills, CA.

Here’s one thing we know—after incorporating multi-room music, you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking sounds that fill your home and wonder how you ever lived without it. Let’s explore the makings of a distributed audio system.

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Get the Most Out of Your Technology with an Upgraded Network

A router in the foreground, and a man using a tablet in the background.

What Will a Smart Home Network Do for You and Your Smart Home?

Let’s take a second to appreciate the joys of modern technology! There is nothing quite like the convenience of controlling all your smart devices with the touch of a button through your smart device or the sound of your voice.

A smart home network is the backbone connecting all these technologies. It's what allows all your devices to talk to each other and work seamlessly together. And let's be honest, who wants to deal with the headache of having a bunch of separate systems that don't talk to each other? 

If you are in Irvine, CA, our technology integrators at Launch Systems can design and program your home network, tailoring it to you and your lifestyle for optimal, personalized performance. Read on to find out how we’d do it!

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