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What a Control4 Dealer Can Bring to Your Home

A woman holding her Control4 touchscreen device.

Experience Elevated Living with a Control4 Automation System

The heart of any smart home is the automation platform. Smart home automation brings ease of control; by integrating all smart technology in your Laguna Beach, CA, home, it can be controlled from one central dashboard. For a truly seamless smart home experience, you’ll need to work with a professional automation company like Launch Systems. We are a certified Control4 dealer and integrate luxury automation technology into your home. Keep reading to learn how Control4 can elevate your lifestyle. 

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Incorporate Control4 Smart Automation into Your Home Theater


Your Movie and TV Experience Just Got a Lot More Exciting!

As a professional Control4 dealer in Portland, OR, we expertly design and install smart systems every day. With smart lighting, shading, and more, incredible comfort and convenience are a mere button press away. We’ve written several blogs about our love for Control4 home automation solutions, and we will continue to do so because the brand continually offers innovative home control technology for every room of the house – from the kitchen to the media room to your outdoor spaces. Besides the staple high-performance audio and video components required for the ultimate personal home theater experience, there are two other aspects of smart home control you should consider. Scroll below to learn how effortless control and smart lighting can change the way you enjoy movies, TV shows, gaming, and sports!

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Effortless Control

For just a moment, imagine what it would be like if you walked into your home theater and pressed the ‘Movie Night’ button on a sleek, aluminum-bodied remote with a touch screen. In mere seconds, automated shades lower to block out glare from the outdoors, smart lighting dims to illuminate pathways in and out of the room, your AV system cues up your Blu-ray player or Netflix, and your surround sound system prepares to immerse the family into the action of any TV show or film. It’s possible with a Control4 system powered by the Neeo remote. You could also initiate this same smart scene using voice control or your smart device of choice. Talk about a high-quality entertainment experience!  

Smart Lighting

Now consider lighting. Though we all enjoy watching movies and TV shows in the dark, the room still needs lighting incorporated to see what’s going on in the space once the credits roll. Lighting is integral, and a Control4 dealer can expertly integrate various lighting styles to make a stellar entertainment experience. Overhead lighting that dims or brightens at the press of a button makes it easy to transition from a tough day on the job into peak relaxation mode in the evening. Floor lighting can illuminate the path from comfortable recliners to the room’s exit so that it’s safe to acquire popcorn mid-movie without tripping.   If you’re ready to bring customized smart control to your Portland-area home theater or media room, chat with us at the bottom of your browser or call (949) 515-7030 to get started. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation and more when you contact Launch Systems today – we’re your local Control4 dealer. We look forward to working with you!

Why You Should Have Control4 Automation in Your Home


Launch Systems is the Control4 Dealer in the Newport Beach area

Smart home automation is becoming a reality for millions of homes across the globe, with the market estimated to grow to a value of more than $53 billion by 2022. One of the main benefits of home automation is the convenience, allowing homeowners to control a variety of functions within their home—lighting, security, thermostats, and more—with the tap of a button or a voice command. Instead of using ten different apps to control your 10+ devices, comprehensive home automation systems manage all of your devices in one integrated, easy-to-control interface. One popular and well-respected brand of home automation control systems is Control4. Control4 dealers consult with homeowners on their automation needs, considering current use cases as well as potential future use case scenarios. Once designed, dealers work alongside home builders and architects or alone to install a system into your home. After installation, a Control4 dealer can provide further service and maintenance as you need. Keep reading to learn why consulting with a Control4 dealer for integrated home control is the best decision for your Newport Beach, CA home.

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Easy to Manage

Amazon Alexa is one of the first gateway smart devices users add to their homes. Seventy percent of smart home technology consumers said that once they bought their first internet-connected device, they were more likely to buy another. As you add smart devices to your home, an integrated Control4 system helps you maintain control easily, without your system becoming too unwieldy. With voice control or the tap of a button on your smartphone, remote control, or installed touch panel, you can control your smart lighting, dim tunable LED lights in the evenings and raise your motorized window treatments in the morning to let in the sunshine.

Home Entertainment

Your home theater or media room may have a variety of remotes—one goes to the Blu-ray player, one to the TV display, and one you can’t quite figure out or remember what it controls. Control4 offers a simple smart remote that anyone in your family can intuitively operate. Want to watch TV? Tap on the Watch TV button. It’s as simple as that. Play music from your personal music collection or stream directly from your favorite Spotify stations from anywhere in your home. You can manage the tunes in the dining room to play relaxing music while the outdoor area is streaming a fun pop riff while the kids are playing in the pool. Speakers and sound systems are all operable with a Control4 system. A dealer ensures your surround sound is fully immersive while your wired and wireless network connections are running at the fastest speeds with virtually no interference.

Comfort and Convenience

You can also automate your climate control system, ensuring the AC isn’t running at full capacity in the middle of the day while everyone is away at work or school. Temperatures can be set to adjust during specific times of the day or as the seasons change. In conjunction with climate control, you can operate your smart lighting control and motorized window treatments automatically or with the tap of a button on your smart device. If you forgot to turn the lights off as you left for the day, use your smartphone to turn off the lights automatically. If you’d prefer to lower the roller shades while you’re watching a movie, tap a button on your smart device instead of losing your comfortable seat on the couch. Comfort and convenience go hand in hand when you have smart home control automated with Control4.   Launch Systems has a stellar reputation of making complicated household functions effortless as the Control4 dealer in Newport Beach, CA and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to see a Control4 system in action or want to know what we can do for your home, call us today at (949) 515-7030 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why You Should Work With A Control4 Diamond Dealer

Woman holding a tablet with Control4 interface

Enjoy a Seamless Smart Home Installation With a Trusted Professional

When you are about to start a home automation project, many questions arise. A professional can quickly answer these questions to help you make the right choice. Would you get on a plane where the pilot has no experience? Neither would we! That's why trusting an experienced professional will assure that your home automation project for your San Juan Capistrano, CA home is in good hands. Read on to learn more about us as Control4 Dealers and how we'll help you best fulfill your project.

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As Control4 technology professionals, we know the ins and outs of smart home technology so you can make the best decision. We know in depth all the available devices and if they are compatible with other systems already integrated into your home. In addition, we have a certified showroom to help you get an idea of what smart home automation can do for you. 

Our extensive experience in the field has positioned us as Diamond Dealers, which means security and confidence when you come to us for your home automation projects.


By working with a Control4 diamond dealer, you will have the guidance to choose the devices that best fit your system. As part of guiding you along the way, we will first sit down with you to find out what you want. This includes where in your home you want smart technology and what type (lighting, security, audio, video, shading, etc.). We want to ensure you’re only installing what you need rather than setting for a cookie cutter solution. 

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