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Enjoy Crystal-Clear Music Throughout Your Home & Outdoor Spaces

A home with an open floor plan and in-ceiling speakers.

A Multi-Room Music System Delivers High-Fidelity Sound to Every Room

As Steve Martin said, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” And yet, here we are, discussing multi-room music. While words can't convey the auditory experience, we'll give it our best shot in hopes you can glimpse the miraculous world a whole-home audio system brings to your home in Anaheim Hills, CA.

Here’s one thing we know—after incorporating multi-room music, you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking sounds that fill your home and wonder how you ever lived without it. Let’s explore the makings of a distributed audio system.

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Architectural High-End Speakers Offer Invisible High-Fidelity Sound

A living area with Sonance Invisible Series speakers and a view of the pool.

Bring High-Performance Audio to Every Room in Your Home

For some music lovers, the mention of high-end speakers brings a dedicated listening room to mind. They hear the sound field—the guitar riffs off to the right, the vocalist in the center of the stage, and every note of the piano. They imagine sitting in upholstered seating, acoustic treatments dampening the sound reflection, and high-fidelity speakers taking them to the front seat of a live concert. 

Many of our clients, however, want something a bit different. They want to incorporate high-end audio into their daily lives, when walking into their homes, sitting on the patio, or watching their favorite movie. Unfortunately, high-performance tower loudspeakers don’t always work well in these settings, detracting from a home’s design and marring its aesthetics.

The good news is that today’s manufacturers heard the call for high-end architectural speakers and answered. Today, you can experience the immersive sound field throughout your home, in your home theater, the living room, and even out into your yard in Huntington Beach, CA, and Orange County. Let's find out how. 

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The Ultimate Home Theater

Many of you have probably heard of James Loudspeaker. Founded in 1999 in San Francisco, where the company started in the tower loudspeaker arena, they quickly established themselves as innovators and made several "firsts" in architectural speaker design and use. In 2019, they were acquired by Sonance, the inventor of the architectural and invisible speaker category. 

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Incorporate High-End Speakers in These 3 Areas of Your Home


Your Laguna Beach Home Has Never Sounded This Good

Sound makes the world go ‘round. It can change the mood of any situation, whether it’s provoking memories of days gone by, pulling on your heartstrings, or encouraging party festivities along into the wee hours of the morning. You can bring the powerful influence of music into your Laguna Beach, CA home with the help of high-end speakers. From the patio to the listening room, high-performance speakers and components provide a truly lifelike music experience. You can immerse yourself into your favorite lawn concert performance or the roaring car chase of your favorite film with a high-end audio system. Read on to learn which three areas of your home you probably hadn’t considered for a new speaker system.

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Listening Room

Everyone loves to listen to music, but are they listening to music as the original artist intended? That’s the beauty of a dedicated listening room outfitted with high-end speakers – you can enjoy the optimum listening experience while focusing solely on the music itself. Large tower speakers are perfect for visual appeal and high-fidelity audio from your favorite source – be it a streaming music app on your smartphone, an old favorite CD, or a turntable. Custom finishes and exemplary engineering can match or blend into your interior décor, too. For example, one of our favorite brands, James Loudspeaker, comes in a variety of options from freestanding loudspeakers that make a statement to in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that practically disappear.

Game Room

A media or gaming room brings the high-performance sound many are accustomed to in a home theater into a multipurpose space of your California home. If you or the kids love to play Xbox with friends, then speakers can take you deep into the action of your favorite video game. If you have limited space or simply want a one-speaker solution for media, then a soundbar would be a nice addition to your game room. Sonos recently released the premium Arc designed for TV, gaming, music, and movies; It can deliver crisp dialogue and booming bass without the need for a complex setup or heavy space allocations.

Outdoor Patio

Many people don’t consider their outdoor entertainment as an extension of their inside entertainment system, but it is! You can make it simple by taking your Sonos Move outside to enjoy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability to stream your favorite songs, or you can enjoy a comprehensive outdoor speaker system incorporated into your landscaping with bullet speakers, in-ground subwoofers, and more.   Listening flexibility is the best part of incorporating high-end speakers into every room of your home, and not just those rooms listed above. Contact Launch Systems today to get started on your new or upgraded speaker system. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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The Beauty of Multi-Room Music in Your Clients’ Homes


Music to Every Room of the House with a Simple Tap of a Button

When you’re designing a home for your Newport Beach-area clients, you may often need to persuade them to incorporate specific features and technologies into their homes. Not only are you helping your clients future-proof their homes for years to come,  you also want your clients to enjoy their comfortable and inviting California homes, too. One technology you can bring to your clients’ homes is multi-room music. Let them fill the entire house with virtually any music in the world with a quick finger tap on a smart device, remote or in-wall touch screen. Read on to learn how multi-room music technology can improve your Newport Beach, CA clients’ homes.

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Room Zones

The entire home can be divided into smaller zones of home audio. If the kids want to listen to their favorite music in the upstairs media room while the parents want to listen to relaxing music as they prepare dinner together in the kitchen, the same system can easily control both zones separately. If the homeowners throw a large party, then every zone of the home can be enlisted to provide an entertaining playlist. From the outdoor entertainment spaces to the living room to the dining room, party music can play from every speaker zone in their home. What homeowner wouldn’t love that?

Easy to Control

A multi-room music system is simple to control with a tap. You can assess your client’s preferences for control during the build process so you can adequately wire the home or simply use wireless options. On-wall touch screens, remotes and smart devices can all be used to control the system, too. Homeowners can even use their favorite voice control assistant to adjust volume, skip to the next song and more.

Integrates with The Rest of The Home

When integrated with a Control4 home automation system, multi-room music is just the beginning. An automation system can incorporate lighting control, home theater systems, the HVAC and more into one easy to control operation system. Scenes can also be created, offering the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Imagine saying, “Alexa, good morning” or tapping a Good Morning button on a brushed metal keypad that matches the interior décor perfectly. This could initiate a sequence of soft, relaxing music playing in the bedroom and motorized shades raising to allow natural sunlight into the room. What a great way to start the day! If you’re ready to learn more about multi-room music for your Newport Beach, CA clients, call us today at (949) 515-7030 or use our online contact form. We can’t wait to help you better serve your clients.

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Enjoy Music Everywhere with New Products from Sonos


Enjoy Multi-Room Music or Take Your Audio on an Adventure

Sonos has been on the music scene since its inception in 2002. The company is known for its partnerships with music companies, from Spotify to Tidal and Deezer to iHeartRadio. Sonos’ dedication to music partnerships shows how seriously they take music, and the brand can be seen in many homes in the area and beyond, providing high-quality, multi-room music for Californians.

In this blog, we’ll cover three new products released by the audio brand: The Sonos Move, the Sonos One SL and the Sonos Port. Each comes with a variety of innovative features you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Keep reading to learn how Sonos can provide you with multi-room music throughout your Huntington Beach, CA, home.

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