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3 Ways to Use Your Security System That You Hadn’t Thought of Yet


Launch Systems Is Your Local Security Camera Installation Company

Being able to monitor your Huntington Beach, CA, property, whether you’re at home or far away, brings a renewed peace of mind. As your local security camera installation company, Launch Systems provides that peace of mind with state-of-the-art security components that keep you and your family safe. We know every homeowner has different desires when it comes to keeping an eye on things. From alarm systems to video doorbells to motion sensors and more, we assess your needs before ever offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Keep reading below to learn a few exciting ways you can use a security system that you probably hadn’t thought of yet.

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Knock-Knock. Who’s There?

Did someone ring the doorbell? Instead of fumbling for the remote to pause your favorite show, you can create a smart home scene that lets you see, hear, and speak to whomever is at the door in a snap. We can program your front porch security camera to rotate toward the front door, pause your TV show, and brighten the outdoor patio light to illuminate whoever rang your doorbell. You can even have your video doorbell footage pop up on your TV screen for easy viewing. There’s no need to interrupt your evening for a solicitor knocking at your door.  

Devices Work in Sync

If your alarm system activates due to a breach, you can create a security scene that turns your entire home’s lighting to 100% brightness. A dark home immediately transforms into an illuminated home, and the ringing alarm will frighten burglars and deter them from staying in your home for very long. You can even incorporate your whole-home audio system to begin playing loud music and set your motorized shades to rise automatically. While your home is well lit and blaring, your neighbors will come out of their homes to see potential thieves running away from your home. The more witnesses, the better!  

Go on Vacation

Going on vacation may not seem like an innovative way to use your alarm system or security cameras, but it can be. While you’re away from your home, you can always view security footage from the convenience of your smart device and utilize remote monitoring services to keep an eye on your California home for you. But you can also incorporate smart locks and security cameras to your advantage. You can lounge by the beach, pull out your smartphone, and grant access to your house sitter, dog walker, or delivery people by issuing a temporary user code that is active only for a specified amount of time. You can program access to your dog sitter for limited times of day or days of the week, and you can grant immediate access to a delivery driver dropping off an important package.   All of the above and more are possible when you contact Launch Systems, your local security camera installation company. Connect with us now to get started on a new or upgraded security system.

Should I Install a Home Security Camera System?

CCTV Camera with house and village in background

Here’s How Smart Surveillance Can Help Your Orange County Home

There are many reasons homeowners decide to invest in security cameras. Some folks can’t bear to leave their dogs home alone during the day. Others travel often and want to keep an eye on their property. If you’re deciding on a home surveillance system, there are many benefits and technology features to consider. We’re a security camera installation company based in Newport Beach, CA, and have installed systems across Orange County for the past decade. Read on to discover the many ways smart security will grant you peace of mind.

SEE ALSO: 3 Ways to Use Your Security System That You Hadn’t Thought of Yet  

How You’ll Use Security Cameras

You may be surprised by the numerous ways to use your surveillance cameras, including:

  • Video Baby Monitor: Check on your child’s safety anytime from your phone or tablet, whether you’re in the backyard or on a date night, making sure everything goes smoothly with the sitter.
  • Pet Cam: Going on a weekend trip and leaving the cat at home? Worried about the dogs while you’re at work? Two-way audio and video let you take a peek at your pets and communicate back to them.
  • Wildlife Watch: If your cameras catch motion in the front or backyard, use your system to stay alert on any animals on the property.
  • Smart Home Trigger: Sync your surveillance cameras smart lighting to activate lights on the front steps when cameras detect activity.
  • Virtual Doorbell: Use your security cameras as a doorbell intercom to let mail carriers know they can drop packages off. Remotely unlock the door for the pet sitter or ask a stranger how you can help them.
  • Keep an Eye on the Kids: Give your tweens and teenagers more freedom knowing security cameras have your back. Whether they walk home from school alone or spend afternoons with friends over, you know they’re safe.
  • See Who’s Coming and Going: If many people pass through your home, including landscapers, babysitters, or house cleaners, you’ll know who’s entering and exiting.
  • Deter Criminals: Of course, one of the most common reasons we install cameras is to prevent break-ins. Burglars are less likely to target homes with visible security cameras and will likely choose a more vulnerable house in the neighborhood.
  • Recover Crime Footage: If something happens on your property, HD cameras will provide clear footage of the criminal’s face or license plate.


Camera Features to Look Out For

As you’re getting started, consider these points for the optimal camera system:

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