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Avoid These Common DIY Disasters


Partner With a Home Automation Company From the Start

Smart home technology has developed dramatically over the last few decades, with intelligent systems and devices becoming prevalent in many homes. These devices can make a home more comfortable and convenient, something every homeowner can enjoy. Unfortunately, many Oregonians fall victim to the pitfalls of DIY when they first embark on their smart home journey. Several visit the local big-box retailer to buy a “smart ____.” Fill in the blank with your choice of device; it likely exists, but it’s not nearly as smart as it lets on. Read below to learn three reasons why going the do-it-yourself route can become a nuisance and why you should instead work with Launch Systems, your local Portland-area home automation company.

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DIY Mistake #1: Incompatible Systems

Disparate devices do not communicate with one another. Each speaks a different language, so synchronizing them all together is a feat, if not impossible. That means you need to juggle multiple apps and cables in order to use every smart device you would find at a big-box retailer. Instead, Launch Systems can design a customized Control4 home automation system that incorporates every smart device in your entire Portland home. Control4 works with the leading technology companies – like Sonos, Amazon, Lutron and Sony, to name a few – plus the brand offers its own family of smart devices, too. These seemingly incongruent products are programmed to work together in unison with just a tap of your finger or with designated smart scenes.  

DIY Mistake #2: Not Scalable

The average U.S. household has 45 light bulbs. Think about your own home for a moment. If you have a larger home, then you could easily double that number. Now think of the other tech devices you have. DIY home automation cannot control all of the smart devices inside and outside of an expansive home. Even with a robust home network triaging device traffic for you, a poorly designed residential control system simply can’t support every motorized shade, audio/video component and tunable LED bulb. A professionally designed system with expert installation will not only incorporate every single device you currently have, but it will have room to grow when you add additional devices that demand extra power and bandwidth.  

DIY Mistake #3: An Eyesore

Though some homeowners may not care about this particular mistake, we consider it one of the most dreadful issues we encounter when coming in to fix DIY disasters. At the local retailer, color and finish options are skim. Color options are typically white or black, and finishes come in matte or glossy. Luckily, you don’t have to live with these drab options in your home. Custom-etched wall plates are available in satin, metallics, matte, or glossy finishes are available, so operating your smart home can be a stylish activity. Clunky black boxes don’t need to mar your interior design. We work alongside homeowners to find custom finishes and fabrics that complement your décor and meet your technology needs.   For more insight on what it takes to incorporate smart home technology into your Oregon or California home, be sure to follow us on Facebook. And if you’re ready to explore the possibilities of home automation, connect with us using our online form. We can’t wait to hear from you!




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