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Leveraging Your Home Network in Your Entertainment Spaces

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Launch Systems Offers Network Wiring Services That Support Your Entire Home

A reliable and secure home network makes your Newport Beach, CA home run smoothly. There’s no lag, no buffering symbols, no dreaded dead spots where your Wi-Fi doesn’t connect – it just works. Unfortunately, homeowners usually only think about their networks when it isn’t working properly. To avoid the headache of a poorly designed home network, working with a network wiring services expert is crucial. Partnering with a professional like Launch Systems when you move into your home ensures all of your smart devices work seamlessly and without any hiccups from the moment you step into your home. In this blog, we’ll explain how a properly wired network can support your California home's entertainment systems. Keep reading to learn more.

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Home Theater and Media Rooms

Gone are the days of only watching your favorite TV shows and films on cable, DVDs or Blu-rays. While those are still viable options, and many homeowners use these daily, it’s no longer the only option for tech-savvy entertainment fiends. Many smart TVs have an inherent streaming capability, but most TV shows and movies are streamed through a TV or projector using an additional device like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Many satellite and cable providers have also introduced smart apps that let you screencast exclusive content straight to your TV. There’s nothing like reaching the climax of a storyline, only for the stream to skip ahead or freeze suddenly – this always leads to a loud exclamation or groan from every viewer in the room! A wired home network connection allows you to stream directly to your connected smart TV and a Wi-Fi connection would allow you to screencast directly from your tablet or smartphone. Whichever way you end up streaming your entertainment for the next movie night, a professional network wiring service makes it happen.

Your Backyard

Your entertainment – and network – don’t need to end at your back door. With the addition of expertly placed wireless access points, your entire backyard becomes a haven for smart technologies. You can stream your favorite music stations on your outdoor speaker system using your smartphone, sit next to the firepit scrolling through your favorite social media channels, or watch your favorite shows and sports on your weatherproof outdoor TV. With wired and wireless access points placed in key locations, no one will deal with lag or get kicked off your home network.   Contact Launch Systems today to get started on a new or upgraded network for your Newport Beach-area home. We can’t wait to help you stay connected – indoors and out!

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Improve Your Connectivity with Home Network Installation Services


Your Home’s Devices Can Run Like a Breeze with an Upgraded Network from Launch Systems

Many of us may find ourselves staying at home more than we’re used to, enjoying additional streaming services like Hulu or Netflix more often, working remotely, and participating in online learning activities with our children. While we’re comfortable and safe in our California homes, the additional loads on our home networks may be becoming uncomfortable. Have you noticed slowed down network speeds in recent weeks? Are your devices lagging and favorite shows buffering? If so, then consider home network installation services from Launch Systems as a solution to your network problems. Read on to learn more about how Launch Systems can help your family enjoy improved network speed and reliability in your Newport Beach, CA home.

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You’re downstairs in the home office on a conference call while the kids are upstairs playing their favorite online learning games. Your spouse is streaming a movie in the media room while they work. The demand on your network is intense, and if you have a subpar home network, then at any moment, your network could crash. Not only is your family actively using the network, but there’s likely an array of smart devices connected as well — tablets, phones, smart thermostats—even bathroom scales can connect to Wi-Fi these days. A well-designed home network is reliable because it can support all of your home’s devices, with the ability to grow as your device count grows. Wireless and wired networks work in tandem with one another. The wired network serves as the backbone to your entire network, offering top speeds, while your wireless network gives your family the flexibility it desires. The combination of modems, routers, wireless controllers, network switches, and wireless access points offer your Newport-area home the fastest, most reliable solution for increased network demands.  


You may initially think you don’t need security features on your home network, but that’s a dangerous idea. Cybercriminals can hack Wi-Fi networks if you aren’t taking measures to protect yourself. WPA2 password protection is the primary method of securing your network from those that have no business being there and prevents neighbors from hopping on your network and stealing your bandwidth. Additional security measures you can take to protect your network include network firewalls that protect your network from incoming malicious traffic and guest networks. Setting up a guest network is relatively simple and prevents your main network’s security from being compromised. Launch Systems can help you design a secure network that best suits your needs.   If you’re ready to advance the power of your home network, Launch Systems can help you stay connected with professional installation services in your California home. Contact us today at (949) 515-7030, complete our no-obligation consultation form, or chat with us below.

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