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Using Your Voice to Control Your Smart Home


Why Josh.ai Is the Best Home Assistant Voice Control

Home automation has taken the world by storm. The global smart home market is currently projected to grow from 84.5 billion to 138.9 billion by 2026. Of course, a smart home is only as good as the devices that control it.  Ideally, managing your Huntington Beach-area smart home through voice control is one of the easiest and most enjoyable methods. But, until Josh.ai entered the market in 2016, controlling your California property through the spoken word proved frustrating and, at times, ineffective.  Let’s look at how the home assistant voice control market has changed since the invention of Josh.ai.

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Natural Language Processing

One of the best features of Josh.ai is his ability to understand natural language. So, for Josh to understand you, you don't have to talk to him like a robot in precise intonations. Instead, you can speak to him just like you'd speak to a friend. The only exception may be that you only have to ask him once.  This friend has a perfect memory. Josh even understands somewhat complicated requests, such as “When I get home tonight, start playing my relaxing playlist, turn on the patio lights to candlelight hue, and heat the spa.” Programming Josh is just like chatting with a person.  Here are a few examples of the commands Josh understands, "Set the lights on the first floor to 30%, play my Indie playlist in the backyard, and turn off the lights, music, fans, and TVs in the family room.” If you tell Josh you’re cold, he’ll know to raise the thermostat. If you tell him it’s too bright, he’ll dim the lights. 

AI Learning

Artificial intelligence refers to a natural language process and a machine's ability to learn. Josh.ai is one of the smartest voice assistants, learning the more you interact with him. This type of learning enables your smart home to become truly “smart.”  One example of Josh’s intelligence is his ability to control Lutron’s Ketralighting. With over 16.7 million colors, Josh can pinpoint the hue. For example, state, "Set the lights to Byzantium,” and watch as your lights change color to a dark, imperial purple. Josh can also remember previous requests. So, if you asked Josh to turn on the TV in the living room, he’ll know what you mean when you follow up with the request, “Make it louder.” 

Secure and Private

Josh.ai never uses your shared information for advertising or marketing purposes. This is an important distinction from Alexa, which sells products through Amazon, and Google’s Assistant, which uses your information to target advertisements. Equipped with a disconnect switch, the microphone on Josh’s Nano device can be disabled completely to create the ultimate privacy when needed. When in conversation mode, Josh can’t hear a thing, and everything you tell Josh is stored locally, not in the cloud. 

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Voice Assistants Deliver Ease of Living to Smart Homes


Controlling Your Smart Home With Josh.AI Is as Easy as Talking to a Friend

 If there is one thing most of us have in common in the 21st century, it’s that we’re multitaskers. Arms loaded with groceries, we talk on our smartphones, write down the task we forgot to do, and attempt to turn on the lights and our favorite playlist. Yet, somehow, we usually succeed in our multiple endeavors.   There is, however, an easier way. Home voice control lets you tell your home what to do, leaving your arms and hands free to make a delectable dinner or help your child with their homework. So let's see what voice control can do for your home in Newport Beach, CA.  

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Interactive Voice Assistants 

Voice recognition technology first entered the market in the 1960s. However, it wasn't until 2010-2016 that virtual assistants, like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant, made their entrance. These voice assistants can find information online, make appointments, access your calendar, and control your smart home.   “Hey Google, turn the lights on in the kitchen,” and “Hey Siri, set the alarm for 7 a.m.” are frequent voice assistant requests. 

Which Voice Assistant Is Right for You?

Josh. ai came on the scene in 2015. He’s different from Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant in that he was built specifically for home automation. Josh.ai connects with all of your internet devices, from motorized shades to door locks, smart TVs, and lighting. In addition, small wall-mounted devices placed throughout your home means you can always send a request Josh’s way.

Comprehensive Understanding

Unlike Alexa and Siri, Josh.ai understands natural language. So, homeowners don't have to speak like robots to be understood. You also don't have to say, "OK Josh," to activate him every time, and he also knows what room he’s in. So, instead of saying, "OK Josh, dim the lights and lower the blinds in the living room." You can state, "Dim the lights and close the shades.” Like you, Josh.ai is also a multitasker and plans ahead. If you’d like your home prepared when you arrive back from work, simply tell him. You might say something like, “At 5 p.m., heat the spa, turn on the welcome home playlist, and set the temperature to 70°F.” As his name implies, Josh.ai is a machine learning device, learning more about you as you make your requests. This enables him to fine-tune your daily preferences as he gets to know you better.

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