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Top 4 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Audio System

Inviting interior of covered patio area  in Tacoma Lawn Tennis Club. Stone fireplace, wicker furniture with beige cushions and bright blue pillows. Northwest, USA

Create a fun space with outdoor audio systems

When spring and summer come knocking, homeowners get excited and consider investing in backyard makeovers. But no outdoor makeover would ever be complete without an audio system. It’s time to get ahead of the next season by investing in outdoor entertainment, and we’ll show you why. Instead of dragging around your indoor audio system outdoors, you can simply get yourself a proper outdoor audio system that will play all your favorite songs in high-performance audio. If that’s not enough to convince you, we’ve got four more reasons that will make you want to get an outdoor audio system for your home.


1.      Designed to Be Outdoors

The one that homeowners are most concerned about is if their audio systems can withstand the harsh environmental elements when placed outdoors. Of course, your indoor audio systems are not designed to be used outside. But with outdoor audio systems, you don’t have to worry about them not being able to withstand rain, extreme temperatures, wind, dust, etc. Outdoor audio systems are designed to be used in outdoor spaces and are quite durable. Moreover, their sound cuts through the wind, so you get perfect sound regardless of the weather conditions.

2.      Outdoor Entertainment

With outdoor audio systems, you can create a fun outdoor entertainment unit. Throw in an outdoor TV, and you’ll have the perfect outdoor cinema. You can have a space where your family can enjoy some quality time or place to entertain guests. Moreover, if you throw a party in your backyard, it will instantly become a hit with high-performance audio. After all, music is the life of any party.

3.      Non-Intrusive Addition

If you want music outside but don’t want to take away attention from your landscape, an outdoor audio system is a perfect solution for you. Outdoor audio systems are non-intrusive, so you don’t have a huge speaker standing in the middle of your backyard. The subtle installation does not compromise the quality of the sound one bit. We have under-eave, partially buried, and even rock-shaped equipment to choose from.

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Top Benefits of Lutron Lighting Control System

Luxurious home interior with large sliding doors

Make your home more functional and energy-efficient with a Lutron lighting control system

Smart homes are becoming increasingly common, and every smart home owner should consider automated lighting. While there are many lighting systems, the Lutron lighting control system, in particular, stands out the most. Lutron provides homeowners with many benefits that make their homes a convenient and comfortable space to live in. Read on to find all the top benefits of the Lutron lighting control system.

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You can create a comfortable environment at any moment with the Lutron lighting control system. You can dim the lights to match your mood for a relaxing night, or brighten them for a more stimulating environment – in one button press. They’re perfect for staying comfortable throughout the day. Need festive lights for a dinner party? That’s also possible! Lutron keeps comfort a priority and offers homeowners added functionality for their smart homes. You can create the perfect atmosphere for movie nights in your home theater and enhance your movie-watching experience with lighting control.

Energy Saving

When combined with automated shades, Lutron lighting control saves a lot of energy. By utilizing natural light through motorized shades, the lights inside your home are used less, saving a lot of energy. On average, approximately 10 billion kWh worth of energy is saved annually by Lutron lighting control systems. The lighting control system ensures that your lights are only used when needed and in just the right amount. When your lights are dimmed with the help of Lutron dimmers, they consume less energy. Simply put, your home will become a more energy-efficient space.


When you save energy, you automatically save money on power bills. You will start seeing your bills lowering when you consume less energy. Moreover, if you ever forget to switch off the lights and are away, you’ll have remote access to your home’s lighting system, which will save energy from being wasted needlessly. In the long run, you can save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on electricity bills.

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6 Reasons Your Home Needs Custom Window Treatments

Luxury bathroom with shades and tv.

Get more control and options with custom window treatments

Windows play a huge role in the aesthetics and efficiency of a home, even more so than most homeowners realize. While you can get window treatments from regular stores, custom treatments allow you to have more room to experiment with different styles and have a more functional home. Read on to find 6 reasons we recommend custom window treatments for your Laguna Beach, CA, home.

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1.      Variety of Design Options

With custom window treatments, you get to have more options to choose from. You don't have to deal with limited options, and you can get precisely the kind of shades you want, from the fabric selection to exact color matches. You can match your home's style and improve its aesthetic appeal.

2.      Automation

If you opt for automated window treatments, you can close or open the window shades from one place. Even if the windows are hard to reach, you can open the shades with a tap of your fingers. The automated features can be controlled via voice recognition or through smartphones.

3.      Safer Options for Kids and Pets

Window shades with cords pose a significant hazard for small children and pets. There's always the risk of choking and strangling. But with custom window treatments, you can opt for automatic cordless shades that can be opened and closed through remote control.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Whole Home Audio System

Brand new home cinema in a luxuriously designed day room

Create An Immersive Sound Experience In Your Home

When it comes to music and other audio files, a whole home audio system provides multiroom coverage, allowing you to enjoy your music from one room to another or even throw parties where the music flows from the living room to the dining area, providing a multisensory experience for your visitors. When utilized both indoors and outdoors, the system has a lot to offer. Take a look at some features and alternatives to consider before selecting your whole-home audio system if you want to use this technology in your Huntington Beach, CA house.



With whole-house audio systems, you can choose between wired and wireless technology, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wireless technology is easy to move and position in any section of the room, but you must verify that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology work in the area of your home and give sufficient coverage in every corner to avoid any disturbances. While wired systems require many cords throughout your home, they do deliver consistent audio quality, and there are no cold spots or disruptions compared to the wireless option.

Extent Of Coverage

Before investing in a whole-house audio system, consider which rooms in your home you'd like to link to it. Remember that you can always expand the coverage by adding more systems in different rooms to the central hub. Smartphones or touchpads can also control these multiple speaker systems, so be sure to talk to a professional about the scope of your audio preferences as they can guide you appropriately if you wish to start with a single room or area in your home.

Audio Connectivity And Quality

You can always complement your speaker system with subwoofers for added depth of field. Selecting the right number and type of speaker involves both the space available in your home and the audio quality you expect from your setup. There are multiple installation options as you can install floor standing speakers, in-ceiling, or wall-mounted speakers, depending on your design preferences. Speaker systems can also link to a variety of audio sources, including your phone, television, Blu-ray player, DVD player, and other devices, which is why you should double-check to ensure your entire home audio system supports your preferred technology. At Launch Systems, we are available to help you bring high-performance audio systems to your property! Chat with us below to get started or call us at (949) 515-7030. We look forward to hearing from you.

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