Home Theater & Media Rooms

Home Theater & Media Rooms

Enjoy the Ultimate Home Theater Experience.

Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater or media room. Never before has the
concept of a home theater in your Newport Coast-area house been so real and achievable. Why go to the
movies when you can have an even more thrilling home theater experience in the comfort of your
home. We will custom design a variety of theater packages for almost every budget so even
the entertainment enthusiasts can experience the adrenaline rush of a cutting-edge theater. Choose the right audio components for exhilarating sound and a theater projector or an
extra-large 8K TV for stunning video.

Theater Experience in Your Home

A great home theater is an experience, it’s a time machine and it’s your getaway. The difference
between watching a movie and being immersed in a truly great home theater experience may seem
minor, but the reality is far different. The end goal of any home theater installation should be to create
an environment where the sensory content is so realistic and rendered so accurately that it allows you
to suspend your disbelief for a few hours and accept what’s happening onscreen as reality. The ability to
truly immerse yourself in the experience — it could be a blockbuster movie, a big game, a TV series, or a
first-person shooter video game — is at the heart of a great home theater and audio installation.

Home Theater Experience

Custom Theater Design


We believe that a great home theater is more than just a giant screen, theater projector and spectacular
speakers and subwoofers. It is also an artful mix of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics that
creates an unmistakable environment. We design and install turn-key theaters in Laguna Beach, CA and
the surrounding areas. These home theaters embody the sights, sounds, and sensations found in the
highest quality movie venues. We feel the best seat in the house should be yours. We are committed to
providing the expertise necessary to design, build, and install the system of your dreams.


A home theater doesn’t have to be a dedicated area in your house. It can be a family room or even a
master bedroom. Imagine wholly immersive, high-fidelity audio with a theater screen descending from a
ceiling or a large 8K TV hidden behind a piece of framed artwork that reveals itself only when you need
it. All equipment can be tucked away in a closet and controlled easily.

Home Theater & Media Rooms

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