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Experience Smart



Automate your
entire house and
control it from anywhere

Get Comfortable

Your Control4 automated smart home adjusts the temperature to match your lifestyle, opens and closes the shades at just the right time and reduces your energy bill. Living comfortably in Newport Beach has never been more convenient.

Simply Entertain

Press one button to start the game, dim the lights and kick in the surround sound. Pandora is streaming on the patio for others to enjoy. Entertaining has never been easier than with Control4 home automation.

Light Your Life

It is sunset and your house knows it. Your Control4 home lights up for the way you live and adjusts to the season. Ready for bed? Simply tap "Goodnight" and a house full of lights goes to sleep too.

Outdoor Living

Let easy comfort draw you outside. Heat the spa on the way home so it is ready when you arrive. Tap "Relax" to start the fountains and play the perfect soundtrack for hanging out poolside in Newport Beach.


Smarter Security

As you arrive, the garage door triggers the alarm system to disarm, the door unlocks and the lights illuminate a safe pathway. Cameras monitor security events whether you're home or away. All of this is possible with Control4 home automation. Smarter security means peace of mind.


Launch Systems works with over 8,000 products from hundreds of trusted manufacturers—ensuring that your favorites will always work with your system.

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