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Stay Connected & Enjoy Wi-Fi Throughout Your Whole Home!


Launch Systems Keeps Orange County Homeowners Connected When – And Where – It Matters Most

Keeping your technology connected can be difficult if you don’t have a proper whole-home Wi-Fi system designed to support all of your connected devices. Everything seems to be “smart” these days, from fitness watches to refrigerators, so you need a home network that’s built to triage device traffic intelligently.

Keep scrolling below to learn how a properly designed Wi-Fi network in your Huntington Beach, CA home can make your life easier.

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Wi-Fi Keeps Us Connected

Wired and wireless solutions are essential for the modern California home. With previous iterations of the Wi-Fi networking standard, there was a significant difference between the security and speed of wired and wireless connections. The new Wi-Fi 6 standard has revolutionized this, though, and the two seemingly go head-to-head in performance these days.

For greater flexibility, a robust Wi-Fi connection lets you roam the house without wires. A wired connection ensures limited interference and low latency for stationary networking needs like your desktop computer, streaming services in your home theater, or online gaming in the media room.

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