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Learn Why Launch Systems is Your Wi-Fi 6 Expert

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Staying Connected Throughout Your Whole Home Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

Can you imagine your Orange County home without internet connectivity? Not only would that mean no remote learning or work-from-home functionality, but it would leave your house practically in the Stone Age. A smart home’s foundation is the network – both wireless and wired connections.

With an expertly installed whole-home Wi-Fi network on your Newport Beach-area property, your entire family can stay connected for entertainment, work, and school. Plus, your California home will be safer when you’re not left worrying about poor connections and dropped signals.

Keep reading below to learn how Launch Systems can ensure you’ve got the latest Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, so you can stay connected for years to come instead of being left behind in the past.

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The Importance of Wi-Fi 6

A new generation of Wi-Fi is here: Wi-Fi 6. Not only are faster speeds possible on individual devices with this new iteration of wireless internet, but with its low latency it is the perfect solution for homes with multiple connected devices. The average home has nine connected devices, whereas when the previous generation of Wi-Fi made its debut in 1999, the average was five. That average will undoubtedly continue climbing.

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Stay Connected & Enjoy Wi-Fi Throughout Your Whole Home!


Launch Systems Keeps Orange County Homeowners Connected When – And Where – It Matters Most

Keeping your technology connected can be difficult if you don’t have a proper whole-home Wi-Fi system designed to support all of your connected devices. Everything seems to be “smart” these days, from fitness watches to refrigerators, so you need a home network that’s built to triage device traffic intelligently.

Keep scrolling below to learn how a properly designed Wi-Fi network in your Huntington Beach, CA home can make your life easier.

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Wi-Fi Keeps Us Connected

Wired and wireless solutions are essential for the modern California home. With previous iterations of the Wi-Fi networking standard, there was a significant difference between the security and speed of wired and wireless connections. The new Wi-Fi 6 standard has revolutionized this, though, and the two seemingly go head-to-head in performance these days.

For greater flexibility, a robust Wi-Fi connection lets you roam the house without wires. A wired connection ensures limited interference and low latency for stationary networking needs like your desktop computer, streaming services in your home theater, or online gaming in the media room.

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Leveraging Your Home Network in Your Entertainment Spaces

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Launch Systems Offers Network Wiring Services That Support Your Entire Home

A reliable and secure home network makes your Newport Beach, CA home run smoothly. There’s no lag, no buffering symbols, no dreaded dead spots where your Wi-Fi doesn’t connect – it just works. Unfortunately, homeowners usually only think about their networks when it isn’t working properly. To avoid the headache of a poorly designed home network, working with a network wiring services expert is crucial. Partnering with a professional like Launch Systems when you move into your home ensures all of your smart devices work seamlessly and without any hiccups from the moment you step into your home. In this blog, we’ll explain how a properly wired network can support your California home's entertainment systems. Keep reading to learn more.

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Home Theater and Media Rooms

Gone are the days of only watching your favorite TV shows and films on cable, DVDs or Blu-rays. While those are still viable options, and many homeowners use these daily, it’s no longer the only option for tech-savvy entertainment fiends. Many smart TVs have an inherent streaming capability, but most TV shows and movies are streamed through a TV or projector using an additional device like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Many satellite and cable providers have also introduced smart apps that let you screencast exclusive content straight to your TV. There’s nothing like reaching the climax of a storyline, only for the stream to skip ahead or freeze suddenly – this always leads to a loud exclamation or groan from every viewer in the room! A wired home network connection allows you to stream directly to your connected smart TV and a Wi-Fi connection would allow you to screencast directly from your tablet or smartphone. Whichever way you end up streaming your entertainment for the next movie night, a professional network wiring service makes it happen.

Your Backyard

Your entertainment – and network – don’t need to end at your back door. With the addition of expertly placed wireless access points, your entire backyard becomes a haven for smart technologies. You can stream your favorite music stations on your outdoor speaker system using your smartphone, sit next to the firepit scrolling through your favorite social media channels, or watch your favorite shows and sports on your weatherproof outdoor TV. With wired and wireless access points placed in key locations, no one will deal with lag or get kicked off your home network.   Contact Launch Systems today to get started on a new or upgraded network for your Newport Beach-area home. We can’t wait to help you stay connected – indoors and out!

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