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Did You Know? Lutron Motorized Shades Can Do All of This!


Let Launch Systems Bring These Benefits to Your Orange County Home

Making your home look nice and feel comfortable doesn’t need to be a hassle. Walking throughout your expansive Laguna Beach-area home to open and close shades takes up valuable time that you could spend doing other things. Plus, being able to adjust your shades when the sun shines too brightly – as it often does in California – helps reduce unwanted glare and heat gain in your living areas.

Keep reading below to find out three other things Lutron motorized shades can do for your Orange County home!

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UV Protection

Uncontrolled daylight in your home can wreak havoc on the longevity of your interior furnishings not only during the hot summer months but year-round. Your delicately curated artwork, flooring, and furniture upholstery will slowly fade over time as the sun’s natural UV rays cause a damaging bleaching effect. With smart shading from Lutron, you can adjust the shades automatically according to the time of day or with a gentle tap of your finger. Fabric selections offer varying degrees of sun filtering, so you’re sure to find a style that complements your décor and design preferences.

Additional Savings

Motorized shading, LED lighting, and smart HVAC systems are all innovative, energy-saving technologies that have been eligible for tax incentives, rebates, and refunds from local utility companies and the federal government in the past. Be sure to check with your utility providers for any additional savings opportunities.

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