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Why You Need A Wi-Fi Installation For This Summer Break

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Get rid of choppy audio and video and "buffering" messages for good!

With summer days approaching, having a few weeks of vacation means having time to watch those unfinished movies and series. A home network is essential in our smart home, connecting us to entertainment, enabling smart home features, and providing us essential ccnnectivity for work and school. Furthermore, a home network is an essential backbone of a smart home automation system. For today’s high-resolution audio and video streaming, a robust Wi-Fi installation enables all your entertianment without annoying buffering or pixelated images. Read on to learn how a professional, commercial-quality Wi-Fi installation in your Huntington Beach, CA, residence will allow you to get more out of your smart home this summer.

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The way we consume entertainment has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. In the past, for a high-quality experience you might go to the cinema to watch a movie or buy or rent DVDs that made home entertainment more convenient. In the last few years, streaming content has become the dominant form or entertainment consumption and thanks to high-speed internet connections. With this increasing demand for internet connectivity for all our devices at home, fast and robust Wi-Fi is an essential part of any modern homes.

While we are a long way from the slow connections of only 15 years ago, you still need a system that can keep up with today’s demands. Today, your spouse wants to watch Netflix in the media room while your kids play online games on the Xbox, and you listen to Apple Music on the outdoor sound system. You need a Wi-Fi installation that can keep up. 


Streaming services, such as Amazon and Netflix, online gaming, and meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, require a minimum bandwidth (expressed in megabits per second) to deliver high-quality content. On average, they need 10 to 20 Mbps. Although this may seem like very little bandwidth usage, when you multiple this across various simultaneously connected devices, it becomes significant. The average home has over 30 devices connected, and the Wi-Fi router capacity and throughput can be an important factor in device performance.

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