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Why You Should Work With A Control4 Diamond Dealer

Woman holding a tablet with Control4 interface

Enjoy a Seamless Smart Home Installation With a Trusted Professional

When you are about to start a home automation project, many questions arise. A professional can quickly answer these questions to help you make the right choice. Would you get on a plane where the pilot has no experience? Neither would we! That's why trusting an experienced professional will assure that your home automation project for your San Juan Capistrano, CA home is in good hands. Read on to learn more about us as Control4 Dealers and how we'll help you best fulfill your project.

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As Control4 technology professionals, we know the ins and outs of smart home technology so you can make the best decision. We know in depth all the available devices and if they are compatible with other systems already integrated into your home. In addition, we have a certified showroom to help you get an idea of what smart home automation can do for you. 

Our extensive experience in the field has positioned us as Diamond Dealers, which means security and confidence when you come to us for your home automation projects.


By working with a Control4 diamond dealer, you will have the guidance to choose the devices that best fit your system. As part of guiding you along the way, we will first sit down with you to find out what you want. This includes where in your home you want smart technology and what type (lighting, security, audio, video, shading, etc.). We want to ensure you’re only installing what you need rather than setting for a cookie cutter solution. 

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Using Your Voice to Control Your Smart Home


Why Is the Best Home Assistant Voice Control

Home automation has taken the world by storm. The global smart home market is currently projected to grow from 84.5 billion to 138.9 billion by 2026. Of course, a smart home is only as good as the devices that control it.  Ideally, managing your Huntington Beach-area smart home through voice control is one of the easiest and most enjoyable methods. But, until entered the market in 2016, controlling your California property through the spoken word proved frustrating and, at times, ineffective.  Let’s look at how the home assistant voice control market has changed since the invention of

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Natural Language Processing

One of the best features of is his ability to understand natural language. So, for Josh to understand you, you don't have to talk to him like a robot in precise intonations. Instead, you can speak to him just like you'd speak to a friend. The only exception may be that you only have to ask him once.  This friend has a perfect memory. Josh even understands somewhat complicated requests, such as “When I get home tonight, start playing my relaxing playlist, turn on the patio lights to candlelight hue, and heat the spa.” Programming Josh is just like chatting with a person.  Here are a few examples of the commands Josh understands, "Set the lights on the first floor to 30%, play my Indie playlist in the backyard, and turn off the lights, music, fans, and TVs in the family room.” If you tell Josh you’re cold, he’ll know to raise the thermostat. If you tell him it’s too bright, he’ll dim the lights. 

AI Learning

Artificial intelligence refers to a natural language process and a machine's ability to learn. is one of the smartest voice assistants, learning the more you interact with him. This type of learning enables your smart home to become truly “smart.”  One example of Josh’s intelligence is his ability to control Lutron’s Ketralighting. With over 16.7 million colors, Josh can pinpoint the hue. For example, state, "Set the lights to Byzantium,” and watch as your lights change color to a dark, imperial purple. Josh can also remember previous requests. So, if you asked Josh to turn on the TV in the living room, he’ll know what you mean when you follow up with the request, “Make it louder.” 

Secure and Private never uses your shared information for advertising or marketing purposes. This is an important distinction from Alexa, which sells products through Amazon, and Google’s Assistant, which uses your information to target advertisements. Equipped with a disconnect switch, the microphone on Josh’s Nano device can be disabled completely to create the ultimate privacy when needed. When in conversation mode, Josh can’t hear a thing, and everything you tell Josh is stored locally, not in the cloud. 

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#C4Yourself: Discover Smart Tech in Our Control4 Showroom


Don’t Miss Our Control4 Showroom Events September & October 2021

Imagine pressing a button that instantly lowers your window shades and shifts the lighting to a cozy nighttime hue. Or with a quick voice command, turning on your home theater system and queueing up HBO. With a smart home system, your wishes are your commands, and your house responds in seconds.  

But to fully grasp what smart home living is like, you need to see it to believe it. And you can’t find a Control4 system at your local Target or Best Buy. Such sophisticated smart home solutions can only be found in a Control4 dealer’s showroom. In Orange County, Launch Systems is your local smart home expert.

Our state-of-the-art Control4 showroom lets you demonstrate the magic of home automation up close and personal. And in part of Control4’s annual #C4Yourself celebration, we’ll be hosting events throughout September and October with tours and demos. Discover what’s in our Newport Beach, CA showroom below and schedule your visit here!

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Incorporate Control4 Smart Automation into Your Home Theater


Your Movie and TV Experience Just Got a Lot More Exciting!

As a professional Control4 dealer in Portland, OR, we expertly design and install smart systems every day. With smart lighting, shading, and more, incredible comfort and convenience are a mere button press away. We’ve written several blogs about our love for Control4 home automation solutions, and we will continue to do so because the brand continually offers innovative home control technology for every room of the house – from the kitchen to the media room to your outdoor spaces. Besides the staple high-performance audio and video components required for the ultimate personal home theater experience, there are two other aspects of smart home control you should consider. Scroll below to learn how effortless control and smart lighting can change the way you enjoy movies, TV shows, gaming, and sports!

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Effortless Control

For just a moment, imagine what it would be like if you walked into your home theater and pressed the ‘Movie Night’ button on a sleek, aluminum-bodied remote with a touch screen. In mere seconds, automated shades lower to block out glare from the outdoors, smart lighting dims to illuminate pathways in and out of the room, your AV system cues up your Blu-ray player or Netflix, and your surround sound system prepares to immerse the family into the action of any TV show or film. It’s possible with a Control4 system powered by the Neeo remote. You could also initiate this same smart scene using voice control or your smart device of choice. Talk about a high-quality entertainment experience!  

Smart Lighting

Now consider lighting. Though we all enjoy watching movies and TV shows in the dark, the room still needs lighting incorporated to see what’s going on in the space once the credits roll. Lighting is integral, and a Control4 dealer can expertly integrate various lighting styles to make a stellar entertainment experience. Overhead lighting that dims or brightens at the press of a button makes it easy to transition from a tough day on the job into peak relaxation mode in the evening. Floor lighting can illuminate the path from comfortable recliners to the room’s exit so that it’s safe to acquire popcorn mid-movie without tripping.   If you’re ready to bring customized smart control to your Portland-area home theater or media room, chat with us at the bottom of your browser or call (949) 515-7030 to get started. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation and more when you contact Launch Systems today – we’re your local Control4 dealer. We look forward to working with you!

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Avoid These Common DIY Disasters


Partner With a Home Automation Company From the Start

Smart home technology has developed dramatically over the last few decades, with intelligent systems and devices becoming prevalent in many homes. These devices can make a home more comfortable and convenient, something every homeowner can enjoy. Unfortunately, many Oregonians fall victim to the pitfalls of DIY when they first embark on their smart home journey. Several visit the local big-box retailer to buy a “smart ____.” Fill in the blank with your choice of device; it likely exists, but it’s not nearly as smart as it lets on. Read below to learn three reasons why going the do-it-yourself route can become a nuisance and why you should instead work with Launch Systems, your local Portland-area home automation company.

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DIY Mistake #1: Incompatible Systems

Disparate devices do not communicate with one another. Each speaks a different language, so synchronizing them all together is a feat, if not impossible. That means you need to juggle multiple apps and cables in order to use every smart device you would find at a big-box retailer. Instead, Launch Systems can design a customized Control4 home automation system that incorporates every smart device in your entire Portland home. Control4 works with the leading technology companies – like Sonos, Amazon, Lutron and Sony, to name a few – plus the brand offers its own family of smart devices, too. These seemingly incongruent products are programmed to work together in unison with just a tap of your finger or with designated smart scenes.  

DIY Mistake #2: Not Scalable

The average U.S. household has 45 light bulbs. Think about your own home for a moment. If you have a larger home, then you could easily double that number. Now think of the other tech devices you have. DIY home automation cannot control all of the smart devices inside and outside of an expansive home. Even with a robust home network triaging device traffic for you, a poorly designed residential control system simply can’t support every motorized shade, audio/video component and tunable LED bulb. A professionally designed system with expert installation will not only incorporate every single device you currently have, but it will have room to grow when you add additional devices that demand extra power and bandwidth.  

DIY Mistake #3: An Eyesore

Though some homeowners may not care about this particular mistake, we consider it one of the most dreadful issues we encounter when coming in to fix DIY disasters. At the local retailer, color and finish options are skim. Color options are typically white or black, and finishes come in matte or glossy. Luckily, you don’t have to live with these drab options in your home. Custom-etched wall plates are available in satin, metallics, matte, or glossy finishes are available, so operating your smart home can be a stylish activity. Clunky black boxes don’t need to mar your interior design. We work alongside homeowners to find custom finishes and fabrics that complement your décor and meet your technology needs.   For more insight on what it takes to incorporate smart home technology into your Oregon or California home, be sure to follow us on Facebook. And if you’re ready to explore the possibilities of home automation, connect with us using our online form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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3 Reasons Why We Love Control4


Learn Why This Home Automation Brand Is Our Favorite for Portlanders

Can you imagine walking into your Portland-area home and having it respond to your every need? Nothing is nicer than stepping into the foyer after a long day at work and pressing a button to initiate a sequence of smart device responses that help you wind down and ease into a relaxed state of mind. What we just described isn’t fiction – it’s possible with Control4 home automation! Your entire Oregon home is at your fingertips or operable with a simple voice command. Read on below to learn three reasons why Control4 is our favorite home control brand.

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1.      Control4 is Simple to Control.

We’re not exaggerating when we say using a Control4 system is as easy as pressing a button. Custom-etched wall keypads that match your décor, sleek touchscreens mounted on the wall or on table stands, remotes in stylish finishes, and even your smartphone are all possible devices to use to control your home. The app’s user interface is intuitive and customizable, so you can program your favorite settings and customize scenes with just a few swipes.

2.      Control4 Improves Energy Efficiency.

Your window treatments communicate with temperature sensors via your Control4 system, automatically lowering in response to the room's temperature rising to prevent heat gain in your living spaces. A temperature rise will trigger your HVAC system to turn off or on depending on the time of year and your preferences. A smart home with climate control will save you money because it can learn your habits and adjust accordingly to reduce energy waste.

3.      Control4 Transforms Your Home.

With home automation, you can change the ambiance in mere seconds. Select the ‘Relax’ scene to dim tunable LED lighting, lower the shades, and start streaming your favorite jazz station on Spotify to help you wind down at the end of the day. Raise the blinds with a voice command to let natural sunlight shine brightly into your home at the beginning of the day. Dim the lights in the home theater whenever you queue up your AV system. It’s all possible with a home powered by Control4!   If you’re ready to explore the simple pleasures of a Control4 system in your Portland-area home, fill out our online form to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Should Motorized Roller Shades Be Your Next DIY Project?


Professional Installation Will Save You in the Long Run

Motorized shades are the first step to bringing luxurious comfort and convenience into your day-to-day life, so you’ve decided to install them in your Irvine, CA home. Now you’re debating whether you can do the installation on your own to save money or if you should hire a professional. Unless you have experience installing motorized roller shades, we recommend bringing in the experts. Without prior knowledge or experience, how can you know that you’re choosing the right shades for your home or know what mistakes to avoid during the installation? Keep on reading to learn the advantages of working with a professional that you would miss out on if you were to install automated shades yourself.

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Save Time and Money

There are many advantages to working with a professional for your motorized roller shades installation. The most popular reason homeowners choose a DIY installation is because they think it will save them time and money. At Launch Systems, our trained technicians know exactly what they’re doing and will take measurements correctly the first time around. There won’t be any extra holes in your walls or windows due to a DIY snafu because our experts use the right tools for the job. Remember, we do this every single day—it’s our job to know the ins and outs of the installation process.  

Guaranteed Quality Products

You might save on the initial costs of hiring a professional when you turn your motorized roller shades installation into a DIY, but you aren’t guaranteed the high-quality installation or products that you would receive from an expert. When working with a professional installer, you can count on a seamless experience from the initial consultation to post-installation support. We stand behind our work because our reputation is on the line, and we want you to have the smart home of your dreams. Besides superior products and a seamless window treatment installation experience, the best part about working with a professional is the warranty that covers any technical mishaps that might occur—though, you’re much less likely to experience them when you choose to work with a professional!  

How Launch Systems Can Help

Are you ready to bring the value of motorized roller shades to your home without the messy DIY experience? Launch Systems is the partner to choose for your installation, whether you’re in Irvine, CA or another location in Orange County. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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Could You Benefit from Home Network Wiring Services?


How to Stay ‘Smart’ & Connected in Your Huntington Beach Home

There’s no question that wireless networks are convenient. We love connecting our phones, laptops, and other devices to Wi-Fi so we can move them freely about the house. But sometimes, wireless networks can only take our technology so far. If you’re finding that your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach every area of the house, or if you’re expanding with a home automation system, you may benefit from a wired system, too.  Network wiring services can provide you the stable connection you need in your Huntington Beach, CA home, used in combination with an existing Wi-Fi system. Read on to discover the benefits and challenges in both wired and wireless systems, and how they can help your technology thrive.

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The Benefits of Wireless

Wireless networks are undoubtedly convenient and flexible. You may use several types of wireless connections in your home: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or wireless platforms like Z-Wave for smart home control. These wireless systems are generally simpler to assemble than wired, and you can easily add a new device at any time.  

Wireless Challenges

The downside? Wireless systems can be unpredictable, and connections are much slower the further away you are from the router. So, if your home office needs the internet just as much as the living room, they’re both competing for that connection from across the house. Houses built with metal, concrete, brick, or glass may find Wi-Fi can’t reach certain areas of the house. Wireless speeds are generally slower than wired ones, and wireless networks are often less secure and easier to hack into.  

The Benefits of Wired Systems

You can expect faster upload and download speeds in a wired network, plus you’re safe from potential cyber threats. Your connection won’t drop as it does with Wi-Fi, and you can enjoy a home automation system with all your devices wired into one group. If you use smart security devices, multi-room audio, or intelligent thermostats, you can rest assured knowing they’re connected and working together.  

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Step Up Your Energy Efficiency with a Lutron Lighting System


How We’re Living Green in Newport Beach with Smart Lighting

Many folks in Orange County are passionate about helping the environment. Maybe you also recycle diligently and bring reusable bags to the store. But what if a local technology installer could make your house more sustainable, saving substantial amounts of electricity each year? Smart lighting systems by Lutron incorporate automated dimming, motion sensors, timers, and motorized shades to reduce the amount of electricity you rely on. Not only will you help the environment, but you’ll save significantly on energy bills each year, too. How does it work? Read on to see why households in Newport Beach, CA, have already adopted Lutron lighting systems into their eco-friendly lifestyles.

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Save 20% Energy with Dimming

When you integrate smart LED bulbs into one Lutron system, you can fine-tune the brightness level right from the Lutron app or wall switches. Set all your lights to be slightly dimmer than the highest setting—and you’ll find that will be more comfortable and livable, too. LED light bulbs are roughly 80% more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights, consuming less energy, especially while dimmed. “Dimming your lights even 20% saves nearly 20% in energy,” says Dr. Ian Rowbottom, Lutron’s principal application engineer. “Dimming them more saves even more.” One of Lutron’s biggest clients, The New York Times, implemented light level ‘tuning’ and occupancy sensors in their downtown Manhattan building. The result? The New York Times Building saved 70% of its lighting electricity, saving $600,000 annually. That’s the equivalent of 3,300 tons of carbon emissions each year!  

Daylight Harvesting

You can always enjoy ample light in each room of your house with smart ‘daylight harvesting’ scenes. If the sun is beaming into your home office, for example, sensors will signal to your lights to turn off or dim. As the sun moves and the room grows darker, only then will lights gradually start to brighten again. Lights will only be on while you need them, and your shades will play with lights to ensure you’re making the most of the day.  

Occupancy Sensors

We all make the mistake of leaving lights on in empty rooms. If you walk to the kitchen for a mug of coffee, occupancy sensors can instantly brighten the room to a comfortable atmosphere. You’ll leave the room, and a few minutes later, lights will turn off. If everyone steps outside for a night at the beach, your empty house’s lights will turn off. But once someone walks inside, your LEDs will automatically turn on, so you won’t have to endure a pitch-black house. Coupled with lighting control on your phone, you’ll always be a step ahead.  

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Incorporate Control4 OS 3 into Your California Home


Watch These Tutorial Videos to Get the Most Out of Your System

Our favorite home automation company, Control4, introduced the latest upgrade to its operating system last year: OS 3. Control4 OS 3 introduced a wealth of new features previously unavailable in the first two iterations of the operating system, with a new focus placed on user personalization.   Personalization has become an essential desire of homeowners with automation in their homes, so features like active media bars, a Favorites option, and broad support of third-party devices was imperative in the new operating system.   In this blog, we’ll cover three ways you can manage the Control4 OS 3 system in your Laguna Beach, CA home, plus include helpful videos to help you navigate the process.

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Control4 Security

You can enjoy improved peace of mind with security alarms, smart locks and surveillance cameras. Imagine managing and arming every component of your system remotely with your smartphone or tablet, or while you’re at home from an in-wall touch panel. Take a look at this video to learn how to do that, plus, how to monitor the different security zones of your home individually:  

Media Sessions

You can control every music zone of your Laguna Beach home with a few simple taps. After you’ve selected what tunes to stream on Spotify while you prepare dinner in the kitchen, expand the listening landscape by taking the music to the dining room as well. Once dinner is ready, move the music to the outdoor entertainment area to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can also manage what’s playing in your home theater with ease. Click play to learn more:  

Customizing Pages

For each room of your home, you can customize your screen to show your favorite smart technologies. Simply tap and rearrange each technology feature you’d like to operate, then manage your Control4 system as you need. If you often dim the lighting, open and close the motorized shades, watch your TV, and listen to surround sound, then you can select those functions to show on your Favorites screen for your media room. Check out the following video to learn just how simple it will be to customize the interface of your Control4 OS 3 screen:
Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek at how simple Control4 OS 3 can be, let us show you a system in action. Call us today at (949) 515-7030, chat with us below, or fill out our contact form to get started. We can’t wait to help you bring comfort and convenience to your California home with Control4.

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Making the Most of Your Smart Home Security System


Deter the Dreaded Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with festive activities with family and friends, and shopping opportunities for that special someone – or someones – in your life. Online shopping and store deliveries have become very popular in recent years, and it’s not uncommon to see packages lying on the porches of your Irvine, CA, neighbors, or even on your own front porch. Unfortunately, a new term exists for individuals that take advantage of this burgeoning trend of home deliveries: porch pirates. These individuals take advantage of a convenient service to many. From video doorbells to surveillance cameras, keep reading to learn how you can leverage your smart home security system to your advantage this holiday season.  

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Video Doorbell

Control4’s door stations offer your home a video and audio intercom experience. Full-motion video and high-quality audio capabilities allow you to communicate with, and see, whoever has rung your doorbell, plus notify you of any detected motion. Packages sitting on your porch or not, this is a beneficial system to incorporate into your Irvine, CA home. If a potential thief approaches your door, you will be notified via text or push notification of the detected motion; then, you can tap the screen to view live video footage. Your audio will automatically be muted, but if you see a thief nearing your front door, you can turn on the audio function, communicating to the pirate that you will call the authorities and that you have them on camera in the act. Hopefully, this never happens, as the security cameras serve as a deterrent in and of themselves, but you can rest easy knowing you have a course of action to take.

More than a Doorbell

Control4’s video doorbells are more than just a doorbell. Extend the video and audio capabilities inside your home using Intercom Anywhere. Intercom Anywhere allows you to greet guests at the front door, communicate with specific rooms of your home, and call people outside of your home with a Control4 touch screen or from the Control4 app. The same functionality that allows you to deter porch pirates keeps your family connected!

A Piece of the Puzzle

Smart home automation from Control4 allows for easy control for the solutions mentioned above, plus grants you the ability to manage your motorized shades, lighting control system, home theater, security system and more. Not only can you deter porch thieves, but you can keep your Irvine, CA home safe with security systems and surveillance cameras, too. It’s all operable with Control4 automation!   If you’re ready to deter porch pirates this holiday season, plus keep your family communicating, contact us today at (949) 515-7030 or use our online contact form to reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Why Make the Switch from Manual to Motorized Window Treatments?


Make Life Simpler with These Smart Solutions Installed in Your Newport Beach-Area Home

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing window treatments or have a blank slate of windows in a new-build home, you’ve likely been window shopping for window treatments!

From roller shades to Roman blinds, motorized styles to manual styles, the options seem endless and overwhelming. Motorized window treatments bring safety and convenience to your Newport Beach-area home and come in both wired and wireless options to suit your installation needs.

Keep reading the blog to learn the benefits of motorized window treatments over manual blinds.

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While you’re away from home, you may find yourself kicking yourself for forgetting to close the blinds before you left. Thieves could potentially peer through your windows to case your home for a burglary. Managing your motorized window treatments while you’re away is simple!

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Consider a Lutron Lighting System for Your California Home


We Tell You How Lutron Sets the Bar High in Automated Lighting

A 2017 Harris Poll asked 1,553 homeowners about their lighting preferences, and 91% cited reducing energy use was important. Despite that staggering statistic, 21% had no idea they could reduce their energy consumption by installing lighting controls in their homes. As a result of homeowners’ preferences, lighting control is taking the home automation industry by storm. You want the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in your home not only to save on energy, but also to complete specific tasks comfortably — the more control of when and where you can use light, the better. Keep reading to learn how Lutron has set the bar high for lighting control systems and why you should consider a system for your Newport Beach, CA home.

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Manage Daylight

You can manage daylight by regulating the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Use shades in conjunction with dimmers to not only create an inviting environment, but also to save energy. Your motorized shade fabrics not only compliment your design aesthetic but can filter the amount of daylight entering a room. You could always set an Away scene to make sure your shades are drawn and the thermostat isn’t running while you’re away. Talk about maximum energy savings. Daylight photosensors prevent outdoor lighting from operating during the daylight hours – you want your porch light on overnight, but there’s no need to keep it on during the day. You can adjust shades automatically with the time of day, too, raising to let light in and setting interior fixtures to dim. Occupancy sensors ensure lights aren’t left on when a room isn’t in use.

Comfort & Elegance

Lighting affects the mood of a room, so take charge of how your home feels. You can choose warm dimming for a cozy feeling; opt for bright, cool whites to keep you alert and awake for specific tasks. There’s no need to walk throughout your home, turning off the lights behind you as you prepare to head upstairs for bed. Simply tap a button on your smart device to switch the front porch light on and the downstairs lights off while you’re lying in bed! Instead of typical boring, white switches, you have a myriad of keypad plate finishes to choose from. We can even match your light switch plates to your existing interior design scheme. Not only is your Newport Beach-area home more convenient, it will exude elegance.

Voice Control

Lutron lighting can also integrate with your voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. There’s no need to tap a button on your wall keypad or find your smartphone. Simply say, “Hey Google, dim the living room” to dim the lights in your living room. You can also say, “Alexa, good morning” to raise your motorized shades, turn on the bedroom light, and start playing your favorite news station. Not everything needs to be operated by voice control, though, and preprogrammed scenes can always be controlled with your wall keypad or via a smartphone app.

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