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Lighting Control & the Future of Smart Homes

A Lutron lighting control switch on a black and gold tiles wall.

Enhance Every Room in Your Smart Home with an Integrated Lighting Control System

Welcome to the future of smart homes, where technology makes our lives simpler, better, and more convenient than ever! And at the heart of it all, one crucial element stands out; an integrated lighting control system. Imagine effortlessly creating the perfect ambiance in any room at your home in Irvine, CA, with just a screen tap or voice command. Not bad, huh?

At Launch Systems, we understand the role that lighting control plays in every smart home, which is why we make it part of all our projects. But one statement can only do so much! Read on to learn more about smart, automated lights and the many benefits they can bring.

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Is Your Smart Home Security Up to Date?

Woman entering her home through the front door and in the process of removing the key from the lock.

Explore the Modern Features of Automated, Upgraded, Smart Security!

Does your Corona del Mar, CA, smart home security have the modern features necessary for seamless system access and effortless operations? Home automation technology is forever evolving, and homeowners must stay on top of new advancements, especially concerning security.

If you're ready for an upgrade or even a whole new system, Launch Systems can help. Keep reading to discover how updated features offer a higher level of security!

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Enjoy Crystal-Clear Music Throughout Your Home & Outdoor Spaces

A home with an open floor plan and in-ceiling speakers.

A Multi-Room Music System Delivers High-Fidelity Sound to Every Room

As Steve Martin said, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” And yet, here we are, discussing multi-room music. While words can't convey the auditory experience, we'll give it our best shot in hopes you can glimpse the miraculous world a whole-home audio system brings to your home in Anaheim Hills, CA.

Here’s one thing we know—after incorporating multi-room music, you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking sounds that fill your home and wonder how you ever lived without it. Let’s explore the makings of a distributed audio system.

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Get the Most Out of Your Technology with an Upgraded Network

A router in the foreground, and a man using a tablet in the background.

What Will a Smart Home Network Do for You and Your Smart Home?

Let’s take a second to appreciate the joys of modern technology! There is nothing quite like the convenience of controlling all your smart devices with the touch of a button through your smart device or the sound of your voice.

A smart home network is the backbone connecting all these technologies. It's what allows all your devices to talk to each other and work seamlessly together. And let's be honest, who wants to deal with the headache of having a bunch of separate systems that don't talk to each other? 

If you are in Irvine, CA, our technology integrators at Launch Systems can design and program your home network, tailoring it to you and your lifestyle for optimal, personalized performance. Read on to find out how we’d do it!

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Got Whole-Home Audio?

A living room and dining room featuring in-ceiling Sonance speakers.

Are You Ready for Audio that Seamlessly Follows You Anywhere in Your Smart Home? 

Do you ever wish you could have your favorite tunes playing throughout your home, whether you're in the media room, the backyard, or anywhere in between? Well, with a whole-home audio system, you can, and if you are in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Launch Systems is here to help!

In this article, we explore how distributed audio enhances every space in your smart home and why Launch Systems is your best bet at getting the most out of all your AV devices.

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How Launch Systems Helps You Achieve Your Dream Home Theater Design

A modern home theater design in a luxury smart home.

Enhance Home Entertainment with a Custom Theater Unique to Your Home and Lifestyle

A home theater is the epitome of home entertainment. It brings the magic of the cinemas to your Anaheim Hills, CA, home. However, no two home theaters are the same, and it’s crucial for your system to match your needs. At Launch Systems, we work closely with our clients to craft a home theater design that uniquely suits their homes, lifestyle, and preferences. Keep reading to learn more about our home theater process and discover how we can help you create the theater of your dreams.

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Experience the Best Home Entertainment with Hidden TVs

A Seura TV mirror above a modern fireplace in a living room.

Hidden Technology Lets You Retain Your Home’s Beauty & Design

When you walk into your living room, would you rather see a classic Monet or your rather large 4K HDR TV? Do you enjoy watching your favorite shows in your bedroom before drifting off to sleep but want the peace and tranquility of a room without technology front and center?

While the latest home audio-video advancements have resulted in incredible images and sound, most of our clients want to retain their home’s beauty while incorporating this awe-inspiring technology. That’s where hidden TVs come in. Let's explore the numerous options and how homeowners in Irvine, CA, enjoy the benefits of multiple impressive TVs without disturbing their home’s aesthetics.

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A backyard with a pool by the ocean. Glass walls reveal a softly lit living room and open-concept floor plan.


Lighting can transform any room in your home, taking it from a harsh and uninspired atmosphere to a warm and inviting retreat. It impacts the health and state of mind of those who live there, enhances productivity, and sets the mood for life’s varied activities.

LED lighting design offers these benefits and so much more. At Launch Systems, we partner with the industry leaders in LED lighting and home automation. Together, we create spaces of exceptional beauty with lighting that can be used like a painter’s palette and your home the canvas. 

Let’s explore the latest in this transformational lighting design and how it’s affecting homes and those that live there in Newport Beach, CA.

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The Importance of Outdoor Lighting

A backyard patio in the evening with an infinity pool and cove lighting.

Discover the Beauty and Security of Landscape Lighting

After spending so much time on your home’s landscaping and implementing outdoor entertainment solutions, you don’t want to be able to only use your backyard or patio during the day. Once the sun sets and your outdoor space is dark, enjoying your outdoor haven becomes harder and more dangerous. But not with outdoor lighting!

Landscape lighting illuminates as much of the exterior as you want. It can light up paths, driveways, patios, and yards to ensure it remains usable in the dark. Plus, outdoor lights make your home safer and more secure by eliminating the dark spaces around your home. Keep reading to learn more about landscape lights and how they brighten your Laguna Beach, CA, home.

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Control4 Lighting Illuminates Your Living Spaces with One Touch!

A hallway illuminated by Control4 lighting fixtures with a Control4 keypad interface on the wall in focus.

Make Brightening Your Home a Breeze with an Innovative Lighting System

A well-lit home provides a welcoming and cozy atmosphere for you, your family, and every guest that enters your living spaces. So, how can you effortlessly illuminate your Irvine, CA property with brightened fixtures to create just the right mood for any occasion? Bringing high-end lighting to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Control4 Lighting offers an easy, one-touch control experience for your entire household. Keep reading below to learn the benefits of bringing this innovative lighting setup to your smart home today.

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Extend Your Living Space with Outdoor Motorized Shades

An outdoor patio area with wood ceilings, fans, and outdoor motorized shades.

Create a Protected Outdoor Oasis with Convenience & UV Protection

Many of you have heard about the incredible benefits motorized shades offer. You no longer need to walk from room to room, pulling on cords to open or lower your window coverings. Instead, your smart home does it for you. With one tap on a user-friendly platform, you can raise or lower one or every shade in your home, all from the comfort of your couch. 

Today’s outdoor lifestyle, however, has created a whole new sector: outdoor motorized shades. Let’s explore the benefits and features and how it’s helping homeowners in Laguna Beach, CA, and beyond to extend their living spaces. 

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Transform Your Home with the Press of a Button

Looking over a pool into a home with floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful lighting.

Smart Lighting Design and Limitless Possibilities

Do you know one of the most important aspects of lighting design? Many people’s first thoughts are fixtures, placement, and providing enough light to perform daily tasks. After all, the right lighting in the kitchen ensures we don’t chop more than we intended, and a reading nook is only as good as the light that illuminates it. 

As a home automation integrator and lighting designer serving Irvine, CA, for over a decade, our team at Launch Systems has come to understand the one element that supersedes those essential components. Are you ready? The key to great lighting design lies in listening. 

It’s the personalization, the ability to set the lighting just right for whatever mood or activity you’re engaged in, that truly defines the best in illumination. And the only way to reach this level of personalization is to listen and get to know your lifestyle, needs, daily mundane tasks, and exciting once-in-awhile celebrations.

Let’s explore what happens when personalization takes precedence in lighting design.

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Improve Your Wellness with These Lighting Solutions

A dimly lit office in the evening can provide wellness benefits.

How Lighting Can Impact Your Daily Health

Homeowners may be intrigued to learn how to enhance their wellness using intelligent lighting control systems. Circadian lighting, in particular, is a great way to bring natural health benefits into your home. In addition, homeowners can use the programmable elements of smart lighting controls to add unique wellness-inspired features to their home's design. By utilizing this technology, homeowners and their families can positively impact their health and well-being.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of wellness lighting solutions like circadian lighting and how you can integrate them into your Huntington Beach, CA, home.

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3 Ways to Incorporate a Hi-Fi Audio Home System into Your Home

Discreet James Loudspeaker in-wall speakers.

Unlock Unrivaled Sound with These Premium Audio Solutions

When you’re listening to a song or a movie soundtrack, you want to hear the audio the way it was intended, not a distorted reproduction. That’s why high-fidelity speakers are so important. Hi-fi speakers preserve the audio they reproduce, delivering a satisfying, crystal-clear sound that is as close to the original as possible. 

You can enhance the audio in your Laguna Beach, CA, home with premium hi-fi speakers from brands like James Loudspeaker. James Loudspeaker creates many types of speakers with a variety of applications. Keep reading to see how you can incorporate a hi-fi home audio system into your house!

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A Day with Motorized Shades

Bedroom with dimmed lighting and motorized shades.

How Motorized Shades Enhance Your Daily Living

Imagine resting peacefully, snuggled under the covers of your comfy bed, dreaming happy dreams. In your visions, you're walking along the beautiful, sandy shoreline as the sun begins its ascent over the horizon. The colors awakened by the rising sun are fantastical; bright orange, pink, and purple hues. Finally, you take a deep breath of the salty ocean air and smile, ready to face the day ahead.

Back in the reality of your bedroom, your motorized shades have slowly begun to rise with the early morning sun. As the dim light of the morning hits your face, you open your eyes and smile—what an excellent way to start the day with dreams turning into reality. You are indeed ready for the beginning of another fantastic day.

Sounds lovely. Continue reading about a day with motorized shades in your Newport Beach, CA, home.

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3 Ways Ketra Luxury Lighting Design Elevates Your Home

A couple enjoying their Ketra luxury lighting.

Make the Most of Your Home Lighting With Ketra 

In today’s world, a home serves multiple purposes. It’s where you rest, eat, work, play, and entertain. Traditional lighting, with its limited settings, doesn’t suit all these needs. Luxury home lighting does more than illuminate a room—it transforms one into a welcoming, beautiful space that can adapt however you need. 

Ketra lighting has revolutionized home lighting with original technology designed to enhance home life with the power of light. Its beautiful array of colors and whites allows homeowners to adjust it however they need, plus it’s easy to control. Keep reading to see how luxury lighting design by Ketra supplements the beauty of your home in Irvine, CA.

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Four Problems Custom Window Treatments Can Solve

Man enjoys reading in a sunroom with motorized shades covering windows.

Motorized Shades Make Life Easier in Huntington Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add a “wow” factor to the interior of your home, then look no further than custom window treatments from Lutron. We love the wide variety of design options available—everything from roller shades to blinds and drapery systems. In addition, you’ll be impressed with the quiet sophistication and simplicity of automation.

Lutron motorized shades are an innovative home feature you never knew you needed. Continue reading to learn how you could benefit from custom window treatments in your Huntington Beach, CA, home.

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What a Control4 Dealer Can Bring to Your Home

A woman holding her Control4 touchscreen device.

Experience Elevated Living with a Control4 Automation System

The heart of any smart home is the automation platform. Smart home automation brings ease of control; by integrating all smart technology in your Laguna Beach, CA, home, it can be controlled from one central dashboard. For a truly seamless smart home experience, you’ll need to work with a professional automation company like Launch Systems. We are a certified Control4 dealer and integrate luxury automation technology into your home. Keep reading to learn how Control4 can elevate your lifestyle. 

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How Luxury Lighting Adds New Sophistication to Your Home

 A dimly lit living room features architectural lighting fixtures such as a chandelier and lamps.

Enjoy the Beauty of Architectural Lighting Fixtures

Adding an element of sophistication to your home doesn't have to include a complete remodel of your interior design. Instead, you can add details of sleek and modern interest to your home's style simply by introducing architectural lighting fixtures and layered lighting. With the right placement and finishes, luxury lighting solutions are an easy way to enhance your home's design and go from simplicity to sophistication.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of architectural lighting for your home in Newport Beach, CA.

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5 Benefits of Control4 Smart Home Systems

 A homeowners holding his Control4 universal remote.

Effortlessly Control Your California Home With Control4

Imagine being able to tune your lights to any color scheme you want. Or being able to see the status of your lights, shades, and locks with just a quick look. All of that and more is possible with Control4 smart home systems! Control4 offers various smart home technologies and can integrate tech from other brands into an easy-to-use system. With this seamless system, managing and checking the status of your home couldn’t be easier. Keep reading to discover some of the perks a Control4 system can bring to your home in Cote De Caza, CA.

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