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Why You Should Install Circadian Lighting in Your Home

A woman winding down by reading in dim, warm lights.

Soak in the Benefits of Natural Light in Your Own Home

One of the benefits of having a smart home is the ability to customize it so that it works around your schedule and makes daily life easier. But did you know that your smart home can also get in sync with your biological clock, leading to a better daily routine and overall health? Circadian lighting is one example of this technology, and installing it in your Orange County or Coto de Caza, CA, home can greatly improve your lifestyle! Keep reading to find out more about circadian light systems and why you need one in your home.

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What is Circadian Lighting?

The human body has a natural 24-hour clock. It drives a person’s wake-and-sleep cycle, which affects wakefulness and sleep. Light is extremely important in this cycle because it helps influence a person’s circadian rhythm. For instance, a brightly lit room with bluish tones encourages productivity. However, a dimly lit room with warm lighting makes a person feel sleepy. That’s why most people feel more tired at night than during the day. The lack of light communicates to your body that it is time for rest and sleep.

Many people love lots of natural light in their homes. But natural light isn't always available, such as on cloudy days or in interior rooms. That’s where a circadian lighting system comes in. It adjusts the light in your home to the hue of the sun’s light outside (based on the time of day). 

Benefits of Circadian Lighting

Installing circadian lights in your home helps your routine by promoting a better sleep-wake cycle. For instance, you’ll wake up more refreshed, be more productive during the day, and enjoy a restful evening as you prepare for a peaceful slumber. Standard lights are essentially one color. Even if some lights are tunable, most don’t automatically change throughout the day. Circadian lighting is an intuitive system that is designed specifically with your well-being in mind. 

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3 Reasons Why Smart Shades Are The Perfect Integration For Your Home

outdoor bathtub with TV and smart shades

Smart shades add more than elegance and convenience to your Newport Beach, CA, residence.

Smart shades are one of the smart home features that add more than just luxury and style to your spaces. These shades come to your home to enhance your life with a wide variety of fabrics and shade styles to complement your home's design. At Launch Systems, we can customize them to suit your needs. Below are three benefits smart shades bring to your Newport Beach, CA home.

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When smart shades are connected to your lighting system, they work together and make the most of natural light. By combining the lighting system and smart shades, the lights only operate when the smart shades are fully closed. When they are open, your lighting system will sense that prolonged operation is unnecessary, so they will dim or turn off completely to let natural sunlight do its job.

You can program your smart shades to adapt to your daily routines, so they automatically rise when you get out of bed or close as night falls. During the summer, you can use the shades to your benefit, saving energy as the shades will close to keep the house cool to avoid constant use of the air conditioning system.


Smart shades give you full control over them without getting out of bed. With keypads, remote controls or even your smartphone, you can control every action of your shades. For example, with the touch of a button, you can lower or raise the shades without physically going to every shade in every room to use that annoying chain hanging on the side of the shades.

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Create a More Luxurious Space for Clients With a Lutron Lighting System

Lutron lighting system installed in a luxury bathroom with a modern bathtub

Add more value to your home construction project with lighting automation

Are you designing a luxury home for a client? While there are many essential elements to add, lighting remains one of the most crucial parts of any home design. A Lutron lighting system adds life to any home, going beyond lighting fixtures to deliver lighting automation that transforms your client’s lifestyle. Beyond aesthetics, how the system is controlled and its convenience to homeowners matters the most. Lutron is one of the top lighting control brands in the world when it comes to both commercial and residential applications.  Read on to discover how their solutions can add value to your home project in San Juan Capistrano or Orange County, CA.

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State-of-the-Art Lighting Solution

The best time to integrate a lighting control system is during the construction phase, before walls are put up. This will allow the greatest flexibility in design and application without significantly extending project timelines or budgets. A lutron lighting system will not only highlight architectural features of your project indoor and out, but the hassle free controls allow homeowners to set the perfect lighting for any application at the press of a button. Lutron also offers premium keypads that blend seamlessly into any space.They are available in multiple button configurations and finishes to match your unique design goals.

Complete Customization

As a builder, your goal is to match your client’s vision. Whether you’re working on an architect’s plan or striving to meet a homeowner’s requirements, you can achieve any extent of customization with Lutron lighting control. You can create custom scenes from individual rooms to the entire space to adjust the home’s lighting with a  single button press. It is possible to dim the lights or change their colors as needed. Of course, for added convenience, homeowners can choose various control options including on-wall keypads, touchpads, mobile apps and voice control.

Improved Wellness

More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of lighting on wellness. Lutron offers lighting solutions that improve wellness by adjusting the light’s hues and correlated color temperatures. During the day, cool white light makes your body feel energized, while in the evening, the warm tones help the body rest. It is the perfect lighting solution desired by many homeowners. As a luxury home contractor, you can considerably improve the project’s value by adding Lutron lighting. So, are you ready to add a Lutron lighting system in your next San Juan Capistrano project? Launch Systems is a certified Lutron dealer and offers the best lighting control solutions for residential spaces. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (949) 515-7030 or reach out using the live chat option.

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Control Your Lighting Without A Second Thought


Lighting Control Systems Automate Your Daily Tasks and Make Life Easier

Lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. If the lights are too bright in the home theater, you’re left squinting through the glare to decipher what’s happening on the screen. If you’re trying to have a romantic dinner with your partner and the lights are too dim, you won’t be able to stare lovingly into their eyes or see what’s on your plate. Outdoors, if the landscape lighting is off, a thief may take advantage of the situation and try to break into your home!

With an expertly installed lighting control system in your Huntington Beach, CA home, you can control every fixture individually or an entire room with a simple tap of your finger. Keep reading below to learn how Launch Systems can change the way you experience your property.

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Set It and Forget It

The days are getting shorter, and Daylight Saving Time ends next month. That means it will get dark earlier, leaving your Orange County home swathed in darkness if you’re not prepared. With a lighting control system, you’ll have the power of illumination at your fingertips! Without a second thought, you’ll be able to synchronize your landscape lighting to turn on automatically at dusk and off at sunrise. Your home will be safer and more secure in the evenings, plus you won’t be using excess energy to keep the lights on during the day when the sun is out and shining.

Support Your Natural Rhythms

Like natural sunlight, tunable white lighting can shift color temperature automatically throughout the day to support your daily mood and energy levels. In the morning, bright, cool tones of light energize you and put some pep in your step for the day ahead. In the evening, warmer, orangey tones mimic that of a beautiful sunset outside while signaling to your brain that it’s time to wind down and relax. These shifts in color temperature support your natural biological rhythms, or circadian cycle, so you can rest easier in the evenings and feel productive during the daytime, which leads to a better, more fulfilled lifestyle!

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Step Up Your Energy Efficiency with a Lutron Lighting System


How We’re Living Green in Newport Beach with Smart Lighting

Many folks in Orange County are passionate about helping the environment. Maybe you also recycle diligently and bring reusable bags to the store. But what if a local technology installer could make your house more sustainable, saving substantial amounts of electricity each year? Smart lighting systems by Lutron incorporate automated dimming, motion sensors, timers, and motorized shades to reduce the amount of electricity you rely on. Not only will you help the environment, but you’ll save significantly on energy bills each year, too. How does it work? Read on to see why households in Newport Beach, CA, have already adopted Lutron lighting systems into their eco-friendly lifestyles.

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Save 20% Energy with Dimming

When you integrate smart LED bulbs into one Lutron system, you can fine-tune the brightness level right from the Lutron app or wall switches. Set all your lights to be slightly dimmer than the highest setting—and you’ll find that will be more comfortable and livable, too. LED light bulbs are roughly 80% more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights, consuming less energy, especially while dimmed. “Dimming your lights even 20% saves nearly 20% in energy,” says Dr. Ian Rowbottom, Lutron’s principal application engineer. “Dimming them more saves even more.” One of Lutron’s biggest clients, The New York Times, implemented light level ‘tuning’ and occupancy sensors in their downtown Manhattan building. The result? The New York Times Building saved 70% of its lighting electricity, saving $600,000 annually. That’s the equivalent of 3,300 tons of carbon emissions each year!  

Daylight Harvesting

You can always enjoy ample light in each room of your house with smart ‘daylight harvesting’ scenes. If the sun is beaming into your home office, for example, sensors will signal to your lights to turn off or dim. As the sun moves and the room grows darker, only then will lights gradually start to brighten again. Lights will only be on while you need them, and your shades will play with lights to ensure you’re making the most of the day.  

Occupancy Sensors

We all make the mistake of leaving lights on in empty rooms. If you walk to the kitchen for a mug of coffee, occupancy sensors can instantly brighten the room to a comfortable atmosphere. You’ll leave the room, and a few minutes later, lights will turn off. If everyone steps outside for a night at the beach, your empty house’s lights will turn off. But once someone walks inside, your LEDs will automatically turn on, so you won’t have to endure a pitch-black house. Coupled with lighting control on your phone, you’ll always be a step ahead.  

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