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A Smart Home Security Camera Offers 24/7 Monitoring

Bedroom with a video image and security icons on TV.

Integrate Your Security System with Smart Home Automation for Total Peace of Mind

As home automation integrators for over a decade serving the Orange County area, Launch Systems has been fortunate to be a part of the growing landscape of smart homes. These are homes that prepare themselves for us in advance, lighting our way in the dark, unlocking the door before we arrive, and streaming our “Relaxing” playlist as we walk in the door. It’s been a truly remarkable experience sharing this technology with our many lifelong clients. 

Not surprisingly, a smart security camera installation is one of the first systems our new clients want to learn about. While controlling your entertainment, lighting, climate, and more with one tap is life-changing, knowing your loved ones are safe brings unparalleled peace of mind. Like all things “smart,” these systems integrate with the rest of your smart home devices, creating an ease of use that defines smart living. Let’s explore the possibilities and if a smart security system at your Laguna Beach, CA home might be right for you. 

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At Home Miles Away

Many people enjoy the benefits of interior and exterior security cameras. This enables them to check in on their homes and family members no matter where they are in the world. Integrating the system with your Control4 home automation system lets you view live or recorded security camera feeds on your designated touchscreen, laptop, or smartphone. In addition, our certified technicians can set up the system to automatically pull up your security cameras on every TV should the system detect something or someone out of the ordinary.

You can receive a notification if your children get home before you do. Check in on them via the touchscreens in any room and make sure the new caretaker is doing their job—caring for your kids.

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When It Comes to Security Solutions, One Size Does Not Fit All


Modern Security Cameras Require an Expert System Design & Installation Team

Several aspects of homeownership require an eye for detail: gardening and landscaping, interior design, maintenance…the list could go on! Another component of owning a home you should never overlook is having a security system.

Installing cameras that you found at your local big-box retailer will provide some protection, but a comprehensive security camera installation on your Newport Beach, CA property – one that includes a well-designed system that incorporates an alarm, video analytics, motion sensors, and more – will keep your home and your family protected. So whether you’re all at home sleeping in bed or are away for a vacation weekend, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your Orange County home.

Keep reading below to learn what features are included in a customized security and surveillance system from Launch Systems!

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Futuristic Features

A security system that recognizes the difference between a neighbor walking their dog past your yard and a suspicious idling car near your driveway may seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but it’s not. Modern security cameras have several innovative functions, and having a professional team like Launch Systems handle the system design and installation ensures every feature is maximized to its utmost potential.

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3 Ways to Use Your Security System That You Hadn’t Thought of Yet


Launch Systems Is Your Local Security Camera Installation Company

Being able to monitor your Huntington Beach, CA, property, whether you’re at home or far away, brings a renewed peace of mind. As your local security camera installation company, Launch Systems provides that peace of mind with state-of-the-art security components that keep you and your family safe. We know every homeowner has different desires when it comes to keeping an eye on things. From alarm systems to video doorbells to motion sensors and more, we assess your needs before ever offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Keep reading below to learn a few exciting ways you can use a security system that you probably hadn’t thought of yet.

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Knock-Knock. Who’s There?

Did someone ring the doorbell? Instead of fumbling for the remote to pause your favorite show, you can create a smart home scene that lets you see, hear, and speak to whomever is at the door in a snap. We can program your front porch security camera to rotate toward the front door, pause your TV show, and brighten the outdoor patio light to illuminate whoever rang your doorbell. You can even have your video doorbell footage pop up on your TV screen for easy viewing. There’s no need to interrupt your evening for a solicitor knocking at your door.  

Devices Work in Sync

If your alarm system activates due to a breach, you can create a security scene that turns your entire home’s lighting to 100% brightness. A dark home immediately transforms into an illuminated home, and the ringing alarm will frighten burglars and deter them from staying in your home for very long. You can even incorporate your whole-home audio system to begin playing loud music and set your motorized shades to rise automatically. While your home is well lit and blaring, your neighbors will come out of their homes to see potential thieves running away from your home. The more witnesses, the better!  

Go on Vacation

Going on vacation may not seem like an innovative way to use your alarm system or security cameras, but it can be. While you’re away from your home, you can always view security footage from the convenience of your smart device and utilize remote monitoring services to keep an eye on your California home for you. But you can also incorporate smart locks and security cameras to your advantage. You can lounge by the beach, pull out your smartphone, and grant access to your house sitter, dog walker, or delivery people by issuing a temporary user code that is active only for a specified amount of time. You can program access to your dog sitter for limited times of day or days of the week, and you can grant immediate access to a delivery driver dropping off an important package.   All of the above and more are possible when you contact Launch Systems, your local security camera installation company. Connect with us now to get started on a new or upgraded security system.

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Choose Local for Your Security Camera Installation Company


Support the Community While Receiving Best-In-Class Service from Launch Systems

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Shop Local.” This phrase encourages people to buy locally produced goods and services instead of those originating outside of the community. Supporting local businesses helps boost the economy and reduces carbon emissions when we avoid shopping online. The mentality is often showcased with acts such as purchasing food from local farmers and shopping at local retail stores. But the “Shop Local” concept can apply to hiring local security companies, as well. There are several national security companies out there, but how do they compare to your local security expert? Keep reading to learn why hiring a local security camera installation company is the best decision you can make for your Irvine, CA property.

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One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work

While national brand names are easy to recall due to large marketing budgets and commercials, these companies aren’t able to look out for your best interest. Big businesses serve customers nationwide, meaning their solutions are not custom-designed and installed specially for your needs in the Irvine area. Individual preferences you have for your property are overlooked for the sake of providing homeowners with a one-size-fits-all go-to security solution.

Customized Solutions

A local company will provide you a custom security and surveillance installation experience. During the initial personal consultation, Launch Systems will review your wants and compare them to products available on the market. A local company stays abreast of the latest industry trends and takes the time to provide you with the newest and greatest technology solutions. A local company has more to lose than a national chain, so they’ll do their best to support your home. This means you will have the latest high-definition surveillance cameras and software upgrades available to you. The national chain may offer a great deal on a camera bundle package nationwide, but if you have an expansive property, that blanket solution simply will not work for you.

Support Your Community

By supporting local small businesses, you are supporting the community where you live. Local companies create local jobs, hire, and help their neighbors. Shopping locally also reduces your personal carbon footprint, because you don’t have to commute very far to enter their front door.   If you’re ready to make your Irvine, CA home safer and more secure, shop local with Launch Systems. Chat with us below, call (949) 515-7030, or connect with us using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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