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Why Make the Switch from Manual to Motorized Window Treatments?


Make Life Simpler with These Smart Solutions Installed in Your Newport Beach-Area Home

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing window treatments or have a blank slate of windows in a new-build home, you’ve likely been window shopping for window treatments!

From roller shades to Roman blinds, motorized styles to manual styles, the options seem endless and overwhelming. Motorized window treatments bring safety and convenience to your Newport Beach-area home and come in both wired and wireless options to suit your installation needs.

Keep reading the blog to learn the benefits of motorized window treatments over manual blinds.

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While you’re away from home, you may find yourself kicking yourself for forgetting to close the blinds before you left. Thieves could potentially peer through your windows to case your home for a burglary. Managing your motorized window treatments while you’re away is simple!

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Motorized Window Treatments Bring Style & Convenience


Choose from a Wide Variety of Options from One of Our Favorite Brands: Lutron

If you’re looking for a way to improve the interior décor of your California home while also protecting your interior furnishings from damaging UV light, then you should consider motorized window treatments. The options are nearly endless with Lutron because they have a variety of styles and fabric options from which to choose. We’ve previously explained the benefits of switching from manual to motorized window treatments. In this blog, we’ll review a few ways that motorized window treatments can bring convenience and style to your Huntington Beach, CA home. Keep reading to learn more.

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Saving Energy

Lutron shading solutions take advantage of the natural light of the sun to warm your home in the winter and can protect your home from solar heat gain in the summers. All of this translates to valuable energy savings for you! When your home is warmed naturally by the sun in winter, your HVAC doesn’t need to run as often to keep your interiors warm. During the summer months, motorized window treatments can insulate and prevent the hot sun from warming your home, which means your AC doesn’t need to work as hard at keeping your family cool.  


A whole-home motorized shading solution can protect your home from peeping eyes. While you’re away from home, a predetermined Away scene can lower all of your shades simultaneously. All you need to do is select this button on your custom-etched wall keypad, a smart device, or a remote – it’s simple. Because Lutron window treatments come in a variety of fabric options, you can control not only the amount of light that enters your Huntington Beach-area home, but your privacy as well. For example, horizontal sheer blinds allow soft light to filter into your home while also giving you the ability to control the angle of the vane’s tilt.  

Colors, Style & Fabrics

Beyond choosing the style of the perfect motorized window treatments for your home, you can also select fabrics and colors that complement your California home’s décor. Lutron continuously evaluates trends, so there are always fresh options to choose from, along with longtime favorites. From seven varieties of Jacquard to 16 colors of basswoods for wooden blinds, you are sure to find the perfect match.   If you’re ready to bring the style and comfort and motorized window treatments to your property in Huntington Beach, CA, call us today at (949) 515-7030 or use our online contact form to reach us. We can’t wait to bring Lutron shading solutions to your home.

Elevate Your Interior Décor with Motorized Window Treatments


Your Clients’ Homes Are Showcased in the Best Lighting Possible

On our blog, we’ve often discussed the benefits of motorized window treatments, from making the switch to motorized shades to enjoying additional privacy and energy savings. California homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their homes in a variety of ways. If your Corona del Mar, CA clients are looking for new and exciting ways to elevate their interior décor, then motorized window treatments are one way to offer them the opportunity to showcase homes in their best light. Keep reading to learn three ways shading and blinds can further advance the look and feel of a California home.

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Interior Protection

The look and feel of a room dramatically shift with the addition of window dressings. Blackout shades can set the mood for the perfect movie night with no light intrusion, while sheers offer sparkling sunlight without the harsh glare. With a variety of color, fabric, and style options available, any homeowner can select window treatments that can protect their home, too. The luxurious fabrics and styles selected for a home do more than simply look great, though.  They serve to protect the interior furnishings, technology, and artwork in a home from harmful UV rays, reduce annoying glare, and can help absorb heat from the sun. The degree to which this is done is dependent upon the fabric’s opacity and the style of the shade. Imagine shades raising in the morning to let the soft morning light in, then with a tap of a button, lowering to reduce the harmful UV rays hitting favorite art pieces.

Set the Scene

Pre-programmed scenes allow for the operation of smart technologies automatically. Typically, a homeowner can operate electric shades and blinds with the tap of a button on a smart device, remote, or on-wall keypad. With scenes, the operation occurs with no direct action required from the homeowner, plus additional smart home technologies like lighting control or security systems can be programmed to work simultaneously at specified times. An “Evening In” scene can initiate the shades to lower in every room of the home and allows for increased privacy at night. Simultaneously, smart lighting can brighten to a warm glow in the living room, dim in the media room, and custom-designed spotlighting can showcase artwork in the den, all while creating a relaxed mood.   Call us at (949) 515-7030 today or reach us online to begin exploring the opportunities available from custom motorized window treatments.

Enjoy Natural Sunlight in Your Home with Just a Tap!


Orange County Living Just Got a Little More Convenient with Motorized Window Treatments

California living is easy, but did you know that the expert team of technology professionals at Launch Systems can help you make it even easier? We strive to bring innovative smart home solutions to our Newport Beach clients, from outdoor audio/video to smart lighting and beyond. With a voice command or a gentle tap of your finger, your home will respond to meet your needs in mere seconds.

We've realized that there's one smart solution many of our clients in Orange County overlook, and that is motorized window treatments. At first, shades and blinds aren’t thought to be as “techy” as other smart solutions, but by automating them, you’d be surprised at how forward-thinking and nearly futuristic these stylish window coverings can be. You can save time, save money, and make your home look better, too.

Keep scrolling below to learn more!

SEE ALSO: Why Make the Switch from Manual to Motorized Window Treatments?


If you have a large expanse of windows, multiple floors, or hard-to-reach windows, then you know how long it takes to simply open every window treatment in your home to let natural sunlight into your spaces. Sure, you could leave blinds or drapes open at all times, but then you lose valuable privacy from nosy neighbors and potential thieves.

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