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The Health And Aesthetic Benefits of Professional Lighting by a Lutron Installer

The Health And Aesthetic Benefits of Professional Lighting by a Lutron Installer

Feel better and improve the functionality of your home with expert help from Launch Systems

Make your home stylish and comfortable with minimal effort when you hire a professional Lutron installer – and get the ultimate in lighting control that utilizes smart technology. Homeowners all over Huntington Beach, and the greater Orange County area, are discovering the magic and luxury of Lutron lighting. From installing light as a decorative accent, to helping you save money on utility bills, we at Launch Systems are committed to providing quality lighting that makes your life easier. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a Lutron installer for your home.

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Light For Aesthetics And Decor

Light can do so much more than just illuminate a room so we can read, work, or simply avoid tripping over stuff. The right lighting has a way of adding a touch of sophistication and style to your space, depending on the mood you want. Planning a romantic dinner for two? A movie night? A small gathering of friends to hang out? Having an outdoor grilling party that may last into the evening? Different events require different shades, colors, and brightness of light. You’ll want to keep people from tripping in the dark in the yard by illuminating a path from the patio back to the house. Or, highlight certain parts of the yard with a soft glow that shows off your hard landscaping work. Find the appropriate dimmed setting for dinner or a movie without having to mess with a switch. Or use fun colors to highlight your home for Christmas and other occasions. The possibilities are endless! Save all of these scenes on your smartphone app or tablet for easy access in the future.

Cut Down Utility Costs

A Lutron installer can help you minimize utility costs and live a greener lifestyle by incorporating energy-saving technology. Use LED lighting, which lasts longer than traditional bulbs but uses less energy, and motorized shades to seal in heat so you don’t have to touch the thermostat. Lutron uses smart technology in all products, which is both convenient and cost-effective in the long haul.

Reset Your Circadian Rhythms

We all need natural light to be healthy. Many lighting systems use harsh, too-bright bulbs that can cause eye strain and headaches. Unhealthy forms of light can also trick our bodies into thinking it’s still “go time,” even long after the sun has set and we should be preparing for sleep. But smart Lutron lighting is different: It effectively mimics the effects of natural sunlight, so it’s healthier on your eyes and body. You can set your lighting to gradually brighten in the morning and slowly fade at night, which is how our ancestors woke up and went to sleep long before industrial lighting. A Lutron installer can help you transform into a morning person, thus improving your overall productivity.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Whole Home Audio System

Brand new home cinema in a luxuriously designed day room

Create An Immersive Sound Experience In Your Home

When it comes to music and other audio files, a whole home audio system provides multiroom coverage, allowing you to enjoy your music from one room to another or even throw parties where the music flows from the living room to the dining area, providing a multisensory experience for your visitors. When utilized both indoors and outdoors, the system has a lot to offer. Take a look at some features and alternatives to consider before selecting your whole-home audio system if you want to use this technology in your Huntington Beach, CA house.



With whole-house audio systems, you can choose between wired and wireless technology, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wireless technology is easy to move and position in any section of the room, but you must verify that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology work in the area of your home and give sufficient coverage in every corner to avoid any disturbances. While wired systems require many cords throughout your home, they do deliver consistent audio quality, and there are no cold spots or disruptions compared to the wireless option.

Extent Of Coverage

Before investing in a whole-house audio system, consider which rooms in your home you'd like to link to it. Remember that you can always expand the coverage by adding more systems in different rooms to the central hub. Smartphones or touchpads can also control these multiple speaker systems, so be sure to talk to a professional about the scope of your audio preferences as they can guide you appropriately if you wish to start with a single room or area in your home.

Audio Connectivity And Quality

You can always complement your speaker system with subwoofers for added depth of field. Selecting the right number and type of speaker involves both the space available in your home and the audio quality you expect from your setup. There are multiple installation options as you can install floor standing speakers, in-ceiling, or wall-mounted speakers, depending on your design preferences. Speaker systems can also link to a variety of audio sources, including your phone, television, Blu-ray player, DVD player, and other devices, which is why you should double-check to ensure your entire home audio system supports your preferred technology. At Launch Systems, we are available to help you bring high-performance audio systems to your property! Chat with us below to get started or call us at (949) 515-7030. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How Motorized Shades Add Convenience And Style To Your Home

How Motorized Shades Add Convenience And Style To Your Home

Upgrade Your Drapes With A More Innovative Option

Window shades have a practical and aesthetic appeal as they can be used as a solution to keep dust and excessive light out of your house while ensuring your privacy. Manually operated curtains or blinds may appear to be the conventional option, but there are other choices available to allow us to get more utility from our window shades. Motorized shades operate similarly to curtains while also providing added convenience, making them an indispensable fixture in your Laguna Beach, CA home. If you want to have a unique decor when it comes to your window coverings, you can consider installing motorized shades that have both an aesthetic and functional allure for the modern abode. If you're still on the fence about opting for automated shades, read on to find about their advantages, especially when it comes to user convenience and design appeal.


The Perks Of Remote Control

Despite the beauty and charm of classic curtains, it is highly inconvenient that they must be controlled manually, which can become irritating if you're already seated on your sofa across the room or snuggled up in bed.  Motorized shades might be the solution you're looking for if you find it tedious to draw and open curtains during different times of the day. The automatic shades combine sophisticated technology with the elegance of curtains to create a convenient system that can be operated by using a smartphone or touchscreen device and can even link with your home automation system.  This innovative method allows you to open and close your shades electronically at any time of the day since the shades are equipped with a wireless receiver and are powered by long-lasting batteries that do not need to be charged or with an AC power source to guarantee you get the most light in your house while maintaining your privacy. The motorized shades may also be linked to your alarm clock or a timer to open and close according to your schedule, allowing you to keep a routine while still saving electricity.

An Elegant Solution

Motorized shades can be just as stylish as traditional curtains as they are available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors to mix in with your existing décor while still being highly useful and effective at protecting your privacy and controlling the amount of light that enters through your windows. Before you install these shades, you have the option of choosing colors, fabrics, and designs that aligns with your room's color scheme. At Launch Systems, we have extensive experience working with motorized window treatments, which we can set up in your Laguna Beach, CA home. Feel free to call us today at (949) 515-7030, fill out our online contact form, or chat with us using the “Let's Talk” button at the bottom of your screen if you have any further questions. We can't wait to hear from you.

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