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3 Ways Network Wiring Services Can Improve Your Home’s Network


Whether a New Installation or an Upgrade, Launch Systems Can Set Your Network Up for Success

A strong network helps you stay connected to work, entertainment, friends, and family. It’s the backbone of any modern California home and supports all of your high-tech gadgets and innovative smart technologies. The network wiring process looks a bit different between building a brand-new home and upgrading an existing home. New buildings’ networks can be designed from the ground up before the drywall is installed. Existing homes’ networks need a bit more finesse, working with existing walls and fixtures. Luckily, professional network wiring services are one of the many solutions Launch Systems provides for Irvine-area residents — we can do both! Read on to learn why network wiring services are such an integral piece of supporting your modern home.

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Connectivity Where You Need It

Ensuring proper wired connections and adding wireless access points in critical locations of your property is imperative. A home’s construction materials or interior furnishings can significantly influence the efficacy of a network. Too much metal, such as around stairwells or utility boxes, hinder signal while wood, plaster, and glass materials interfere less. The most important steps in any network wiring service are pre- and post-installation site surveys and consultations. A site survey allows the technician to not only evaluate a homeowner’s network needs but will enable them to walk your property and determine potential interference spots as well as locations to house wiring, modems, and routers. Beyond the site survey, technicians will select the products best suited for your network to provide the utmost efficiency and reliability. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions; each service is custom-created for you.  

Works Behind the Scenes

A proper network setup will work in the background of your Irvine-area home without you realizing it’s there — it will simply work as you need it to! Wiring can be hidden away with enclosure cables and cable troughs to rack accessories and cabling cabinets that protect your components from dust and dirt. The best network and cabling services leave your home running smoothly, so all of your devices can connect without a hitch.  

Support When You Need It

Network wiring services from Launch Systems include troubleshooting existing wiring and supporting any installations we’ve done in your California home. If something just isn’t working for you, we’re happy to make the requested tweaks as you need and provide support for any questions or issues that arise after installation.   Call Launch Systems today at (949) 515-7030 or connect using this form to improve your home network today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Leveraging Your Home Network in Your Entertainment Spaces

Private cinema at modern and luxury house

Launch Systems Offers Network Wiring Services That Support Your Entire Home

A reliable and secure home network makes your Newport Beach, CA home run smoothly. There’s no lag, no buffering symbols, no dreaded dead spots where your Wi-Fi doesn’t connect – it just works. Unfortunately, homeowners usually only think about their networks when it isn’t working properly. To avoid the headache of a poorly designed home network, working with a network wiring services expert is crucial. Partnering with a professional like Launch Systems when you move into your home ensures all of your smart devices work seamlessly and without any hiccups from the moment you step into your home. In this blog, we’ll explain how a properly wired network can support your California home's entertainment systems. Keep reading to learn more.

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Home Theater and Media Rooms

Gone are the days of only watching your favorite TV shows and films on cable, DVDs or Blu-rays. While those are still viable options, and many homeowners use these daily, it’s no longer the only option for tech-savvy entertainment fiends. Many smart TVs have an inherent streaming capability, but most TV shows and movies are streamed through a TV or projector using an additional device like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Many satellite and cable providers have also introduced smart apps that let you screencast exclusive content straight to your TV. There’s nothing like reaching the climax of a storyline, only for the stream to skip ahead or freeze suddenly – this always leads to a loud exclamation or groan from every viewer in the room! A wired home network connection allows you to stream directly to your connected smart TV and a Wi-Fi connection would allow you to screencast directly from your tablet or smartphone. Whichever way you end up streaming your entertainment for the next movie night, a professional network wiring service makes it happen.

Your Backyard

Your entertainment – and network – don’t need to end at your back door. With the addition of expertly placed wireless access points, your entire backyard becomes a haven for smart technologies. You can stream your favorite music stations on your outdoor speaker system using your smartphone, sit next to the firepit scrolling through your favorite social media channels, or watch your favorite shows and sports on your weatherproof outdoor TV. With wired and wireless access points placed in key locations, no one will deal with lag or get kicked off your home network.   Contact Launch Systems today to get started on a new or upgraded network for your Newport Beach-area home. We can’t wait to help you stay connected – indoors and out!

Could You Benefit from Home Network Wiring Services?


How to Stay ‘Smart’ & Connected in Your Huntington Beach Home

There’s no question that wireless networks are convenient. We love connecting our phones, laptops, and other devices to Wi-Fi so we can move them freely about the house. But sometimes, wireless networks can only take our technology so far. If you’re finding that your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach every area of the house, or if you’re expanding with a home automation system, you may benefit from a wired system, too.  Network wiring services can provide you the stable connection you need in your Huntington Beach, CA home, used in combination with an existing Wi-Fi system. Read on to discover the benefits and challenges in both wired and wireless systems, and how they can help your technology thrive.

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The Benefits of Wireless

Wireless networks are undoubtedly convenient and flexible. You may use several types of wireless connections in your home: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or wireless platforms like Z-Wave for smart home control. These wireless systems are generally simpler to assemble than wired, and you can easily add a new device at any time.  

Wireless Challenges

The downside? Wireless systems can be unpredictable, and connections are much slower the further away you are from the router. So, if your home office needs the internet just as much as the living room, they’re both competing for that connection from across the house. Houses built with metal, concrete, brick, or glass may find Wi-Fi can’t reach certain areas of the house. Wireless speeds are generally slower than wired ones, and wireless networks are often less secure and easier to hack into.  

The Benefits of Wired Systems

You can expect faster upload and download speeds in a wired network, plus you’re safe from potential cyber threats. Your connection won’t drop as it does with Wi-Fi, and you can enjoy a home automation system with all your devices wired into one group. If you use smart security devices, multi-room audio, or intelligent thermostats, you can rest assured knowing they’re connected and working together.  

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Why Would I Want a Professionally Installed Network?


Launch Systems Offers Network Wiring Services in Orange County

Think about how many devices you have connected to your home network. The average American homeowner has ten devices, and that number increases with larger homes and larger families. From smart TVs to lighting control and automation systems, you want the best performance out of each technology you own. To do that, you need a robust internet connection supporting each device and triaging network traffic intelligently while keeping security in mind. Simply connecting a router to your ISP-provided modem will not suffice, though, if you want to maximize performance and security for several devices in your Laguna Beach home. Think of your Internet connection as a highway. The more devices, the more traffic and demand there is on your bandwidth. The experts at Launch Systems ensure every device stays in its appropriate lane safely, with faster-moving traffic in one lane and slower traffic in the other. Keep reading below to learn how professional network wiring services far exceed the do-it-yourself network setups many Californians settle for.

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Meets You Where You Are

Contacting a professional during a new home building project is the best forward-thinking approach to home networking. Before the drywall is installed, we can map out a technology and data plan that will support your devices now and for years to come. We’ll review architectural plans with builders and design a network that is customized to meet your needs. With the foresight to support future tech needs, you’ll experience superior connectivity for home automation, outdoor entertainment, and more. If the drywall is already installed, don’t worry. Our team can run data lines and wiring cleanly, respecting your home and valuables during the process. Wireless access points are placed in effective locations throughout your Laguna Beach-area property, expanding your network to the relevant places you need in order to stay connected when and where it matters most!  

More Than Networking

Our team does more than wiring services, and we can assist you with all of your smart home needs. Instead of having several disparate systems in your California home, approach your technology in a comprehensive way. We can streamline the network traffic in your home, so your automation system's needs don’t interrupt your remote work or entertainment. Imagine controlling your entire home – smart shades lower, the lighting dims, and Netflix cues up in seconds – with just a tap of your finger or with a voice command. Working with a networking wiring service professional like Launch Systems ensures your entire property stays connected with the latest technologies, with no buffering symbols or lag that bogs down your entire network.   If you’re planning to upgrade your network, call Launch Systems today. You can connect with us using our online form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser. We can’t wait to help you stay connected!

3 Reasons You Need Professional Network Wiring Services

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Stay Connected With A Strong Home Network 

We rely on the internet for huge parts of our daily lives. Everything from phones to TVs needs to be online so we can connect with family and friends, work, do school, and stream our favorite entertainment. Many homes now incorporate smart technology. Without a strong home network, none of your devices will work. 

You should trust a networking professional to construct your home network. Companies like Launch Systems will help ensure you have a secure and strong network across your entire house. 

Keep reading to see what professional network wiring services can provide to your San Juan Capistrano, CA or Orange County home.

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1. Bandwidth For All Devices

Most family members will have a phone, maybe a laptop or tablet, plus all your TVs, gaming consoles, and smart technology. All of these devices require internet connectivity and will eat away at your internet’s bandwidth, potentially overpowering a weak network. You might think getting a router from an internet provider and plugging it in is enough, but you'll need something more in a home with so many devices.

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