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Could You Benefit from Home Network Wiring Services?


How to Stay ‘Smart’ & Connected in Your Huntington Beach Home

There’s no question that wireless networks are convenient. We love connecting our phones, laptops, and other devices to Wi-Fi so we can move them freely about the house. But sometimes, wireless networks can only take our technology so far. If you’re finding that your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach every area of the house, or if you’re expanding with a home automation system, you may benefit from a wired system, too.  Network wiring services can provide you the stable connection you need in your Huntington Beach, CA home, used in combination with an existing Wi-Fi system. Read on to discover the benefits and challenges in both wired and wireless systems, and how they can help your technology thrive.

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The Benefits of Wireless

Wireless networks are undoubtedly convenient and flexible. You may use several types of wireless connections in your home: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or wireless platforms like Z-Wave for smart home control. These wireless systems are generally simpler to assemble than wired, and you can easily add a new device at any time.  

Wireless Challenges

The downside? Wireless systems can be unpredictable, and connections are much slower the further away you are from the router. So, if your home office needs the internet just as much as the living room, they’re both competing for that connection from across the house. Houses built with metal, concrete, brick, or glass may find Wi-Fi can’t reach certain areas of the house. Wireless speeds are generally slower than wired ones, and wireless networks are often less secure and easier to hack into.  

The Benefits of Wired Systems

You can expect faster upload and download speeds in a wired network, plus you’re safe from potential cyber threats. Your connection won’t drop as it does with Wi-Fi, and you can enjoy a home automation system with all your devices wired into one group. If you use smart security devices, multi-room audio, or intelligent thermostats, you can rest assured knowing they’re connected and working together.  

Wired Challenges

Wired systems are more of an investment and require interior design planning. Unless you’re fine with wires running alongside the floor, wires look best when they aren’t seen, hidden inside the walls. It’s a wise choice to hire a technology integrator to help during a build or renovation. Another challenge is permanence. If you wire a camera at the top left corner of your house, that’s where it will stay.  

Combine the Two for the Best of Both Worlds

Why not both? We already used hybrid systems in our homes— our laptops, battery-powered clocks, and docked landline phones, for instance. So why not make use of a wired and wireless infrastructure? In a large property, a hybrid wireless and wired system is the best choice. You’ll want a strong wired backbone, like Control4, with a central cable linking several access points. You’ll enjoy a sturdy, consistent signal throughout the house for all your technology while maintaining your design aesthetics.   Are you interested in network services for your Orange County smart home? Launch Systems is here to help. Contact us at (949) 515-7030 or fill out our service form to discuss your home’s needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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