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A Robust Home Network is the First Step to a Smart Home System


Professional Installation Services from Launch Systems Keep You Connected

Smart home solutions such as lighting control systems, climate control, security systems and more have all become popular for the modern homeowner. Before you begin adding additional smart home devices to your Laguna Beach, CA home, make sure your home network can handle the influx of smart technology without lagging and causing you potential headaches. You will also want to ensure your network is encrypted and safe from potential cyberhacking.

 To be sure your network is robust and safe enough to handle a variety of smart home solutions, employ the services of a home network installation service provider like Launch Systems. We have decades of service, providing excellent customer service to Californians just like yourself.

Keep reading our blog to learn why you should consider a professionally installed home network before you begin building your smart home automation system.

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Works Seamlessly

Devices just work as they should! With adequate bandwidth and designated traffic channels, your smart home devices can work seamlessly and without a hitch. Everyone notices when the internet isn’t working well; they rarely notice when it’s lighting fast! With the upcoming string of holidays, help your visitors connect without notice. Any family and friends visiting your Laguna Beach home won’t notice a thing, but you’ll know your home network has lightning-fast and reliable service thanks to a network installation by Launch Systems.

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Expand Your Home Network to Improve Your Outdoor Areas


Home Network Installation Services Keep Your Entertainment Jamming All Year-Round

Other states can’t say the same, but in California, we tend to have great weather year-round. Lucky for us, we can bring our social gatherings or relaxing evenings to our outdoor entertainment spaces in our Huntington Beach, CA backyards. When you go outside, your devices and entertainment needs follow you outdoors, and by expanding your home network, you can ensure your audio/video needs are met without any interruption. Launch Systems provides home network installation services to Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas, offering full-service support of the reliable devices and setups we design and install. Keep reading to learn how an expanded home network can help improve your outdoor entertainment areas now or just in time for the warmer spring weather.

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Outdoor Wireless Access Points

To extend network coverage, adding additional wireless access points can improve Wi-Fi connections both inside and outdoors. A wireless access point is a device that connects to your home network and extends the signal further than it would reach otherwise. Launch Systems is a longtime professional network installer, and we work with the most reliable products on the market. We will assess your outdoor network needs to determine the best products that will withstand the California elements for years to come, plus ensure they are placed in strategic locations in your outdoor spaces to ensure maximum coverage. Everyone’s devices will connect without any dreaded lag, whether they’re using a smartphone to stream YouTube videos or listening to music on the latest Move speaker from Sonos.  

Control Your Home Effortlessly

From outdoor lighting to outdoor TVs to pool and spa control, your smart technologies will work seamlessly with a robust and expanded outdoor network. Home networks include a combination of wired and wireless connections, and Launch Systems ensures we design your entire home’s network and its connected devices to work as effectively as possible. Plus, with a home automation system you can control all your devices, inside and out, effortlessly with the tap of a button on your smart device or a keypad. Not only can you enjoy your audio/video entertainment outdoors, but you’ll be able to control it all easily.   Interested in learning more about the home network installation services that Launch Systems provides? Call our team at (949) 515-7030, reach out to us using our contact form or chat with us below. We can’t wait to work with you!

Improve Your Connectivity with Home Network Installation Services


Your Home’s Devices Can Run Like a Breeze with an Upgraded Network from Launch Systems

Many of us may find ourselves staying at home more than we’re used to, enjoying additional streaming services like Hulu or Netflix more often, working remotely, and participating in online learning activities with our children. While we’re comfortable and safe in our California homes, the additional loads on our home networks may be becoming uncomfortable. Have you noticed slowed down network speeds in recent weeks? Are your devices lagging and favorite shows buffering? If so, then consider home network installation services from Launch Systems as a solution to your network problems. Read on to learn more about how Launch Systems can help your family enjoy improved network speed and reliability in your Newport Beach, CA home.

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You’re downstairs in the home office on a conference call while the kids are upstairs playing their favorite online learning games. Your spouse is streaming a movie in the media room while they work. The demand on your network is intense, and if you have a subpar home network, then at any moment, your network could crash. Not only is your family actively using the network, but there’s likely an array of smart devices connected as well — tablets, phones, smart thermostats—even bathroom scales can connect to Wi-Fi these days. A well-designed home network is reliable because it can support all of your home’s devices, with the ability to grow as your device count grows. Wireless and wired networks work in tandem with one another. The wired network serves as the backbone to your entire network, offering top speeds, while your wireless network gives your family the flexibility it desires. The combination of modems, routers, wireless controllers, network switches, and wireless access points offer your Newport-area home the fastest, most reliable solution for increased network demands.  


You may initially think you don’t need security features on your home network, but that’s a dangerous idea. Cybercriminals can hack Wi-Fi networks if you aren’t taking measures to protect yourself. WPA2 password protection is the primary method of securing your network from those that have no business being there and prevents neighbors from hopping on your network and stealing your bandwidth. Additional security measures you can take to protect your network include network firewalls that protect your network from incoming malicious traffic and guest networks. Setting up a guest network is relatively simple and prevents your main network’s security from being compromised. Launch Systems can help you design a secure network that best suits your needs.   If you’re ready to advance the power of your home network, Launch Systems can help you stay connected with professional installation services in your California home. Contact us today at (949) 515-7030, complete our no-obligation consultation form, or chat with us below.




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