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Discover Two Exceptional Outdoor Speaker Brands for Your Sanctuary



You can take your home entertainment to an entirely new level when you invest in home audio solutions. High-end speakers are a must-have for your audio system and setup, with the ability to completely transform your San Juan Capistrano, CA, home’s soundscape!

Want to learn more about the top benefits and features of high-fidelity speakers and how they can impact your home audio? Keep reading below.

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Boost the Fun in Your Backyard with an Outdoor Audio System

An outdoor entertainment space with TVs , lunges, a grill, and a fireplace

Make your home more enjoyable by adding an outdoor sound system to your outdoor space

Are you planning to give your backyard a summer makeover? An outdoor sound system is what you need! No entertainment space can ever be complete without music. If you want to add outdoor entertainment solutions to your backyard, consider adding landscape speakers that provide high performance outdoor audio. Read on to discover how an outdoor audio system can make your home in Laguna Beach or Orange County, CA, more entertaining.

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Seamless Integration with the Landscaping Design

While there are many different speaker types you can add to your outdoor space, including in-wall, floor-standing, and in-ceiling, landscape speakers offer the best functionality. They produce high-quality sound and blend perfectly with your landscaping design. The speakers can be added to the flowerbeds or with the plants. Regardless of where you choose to add them, their concealed design makes them the perfect addition to your backyard. The best part is that they are weatherproof. So, rain, snow, heat, wind, or even insects won’t hinder the functionality of your speakers. Moreover, they cut through any outside noise so that you can hear clear and crisp audio. It allows you to make the most out of your landscaping design. You can hold amazing parties and play your favorite music all the time.

Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Home Theater

Do you love to watch movies? While a home theater is an ideal solution, you can take the entertainment to the next level by creating an outdoor home theater. It is the perfect way to elevate outdoor entertainment. Pair your outdoor TV with a expertly placed landscape or under-eave speakers, and your outdoor cinema will be ready to use. It allows you to spend more time in the open space with friends and family. Plus, you can hold social gatherings that will become the talk of the town. Instead of only watching movies in the outdoor theater, you can also host screenings of games and even marathons for your favorite TV shows.

Hassle-Free Control for Luxury Homes

Using hassle-free control options, you can control your landscape speakers through a mobile app, weatherproof remote or touchpad. Use the same system to adjust volume, turn on landscape lighting or let someone in at the front door while you’re out back. Are you ready to add an outdoor audio system to your Laguna Beach, CA, residence? Launch Systems offers the best outdoor entertainment solution in Orange County. Get in touch today by calling (949) 515-7030 or using the live chat option.

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Boost Your Home’s Entertainment with an Outdoor TV Installation

A family watching sports on an Outdoor TV installed in an open space on top of a fireplace

Transform your backyard into a more enjoyable space by adding an outdoor TV

Do you love spending time outside? Instead of only relaxing in the open breeze, you can add outdoor entertainment features in your backyard to make it more enjoyable. Entertainment solutions can be added to any space, whether on your patio, pool, or landscape. There’s always a way to make your home more fun. And what could be a more enjoyable solution than an outdoor TV? Imagine relaxing outdoors and watching the latest release from your favorite actors. The best part is watching your favorite movies in high-resolution visuals with zero interruptions. Read on to discover how an outdoor TV installation can benefit your home in Anaheim Hills or Orange County, CA.

Complete Entertainment in any Weather

The best part about having an outdoor TV is that you can use it all year long regardless of the weather conditions. All outdoor TVs are weatherproof and fully capable of withstanding weather elements, including rain, snow, wind, dust, etc. Depending on your requirement, you can get a TV for an open space or a shaded area. Outdoor TVs can withstand sun exposure and are much brighter than indoor TVs. They produce high-quality visuals without getting affected by the sun’s harsh glare. The brightness levels are measured in nits. The total nits of full sun TV models are higher than those for shaded areas—however, both produce a brighter picture than regular TVs.

Outdoor Home Theater

Do you want to enjoy a true cinema experience under the stars? An outdoor home theater allows you to enjoy your favorite movies in a whole new environment. You can also pair your outdoor TV with a high-performance outdoor sound system to truly immersive yourself in the action. The dynamic visuals produced by the TVs will allow you to experience lifelike images even in the brightest parts of the day. It is possible to see every scene with more clarity, and you don’t miss out on any moments of your favorite movies. You can enjoy all the entertainment in an open space, elevating the fun to another level. Integrate your outdoor TV installation with your home automation system for easy control. From your device of choice, you’ll be able to pull up the media you want, adjust the volume, and even turn on landscape lighting when it gets dark.   Are you ready for outdoor TV installation in your Anaheim Hill, CA, residence? Launch Systems offers the best outdoor entertainment solutions in Orange County. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (949) 515-7030 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.

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Introduce High-End Audio and Video to Your Backyard


Learn How a New or Upgraded AV System Installation Can Change the Way You Spend Time in Orange County

Summer isn’t over yet, but even as the season passes, Californians can revel in having great weather practically year-round. Fall is right around the corner, too, so there are more than ample opportunities to enjoy your outdoor patio and pool area this year.

But what do you plan on doing out there? With a high-end audio and video upgrade, you’ll have a variety of entertainment options at the press of a button – immersive audio, HD video and more! Scroll below to read more about the perks of bringing high-end AV to your Newport Beach, CA property.

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Why High-End AV?

You may be wondering what exactly it takes to classify audio/video as high-end. Imagine listening to a song with every breath, guitar stroke, and drum beat precisely as the original artist intended for them to be heard. And imagine a movie experience just as perfect as the director meticulously planned for, with brilliant colors and immersive audio that places you in the middle of all the action.

High-end audio and video make it possible to recreate those sounds and images as true-to-form as the original creators crafted them. You can have that high-end lifestyle in your very own backyard spaces with the right equipment, a strategic design, and an expert installation from Launch Systems.

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Your Backyard Just Became the Destination Spot this Summer


Orange County Homes Need an Outdoor Entertainment Overhaul – Learn Why in Our Blog!

Imagine taking all of your favorite things to do indoors, outside. Watching the latest Netflix series premiere, listening to your favorite tunes, or simply relaxing while reading a book or talking to a friend are all activities you can bring to your Orange County patio spaces!

With an outdoor entertainment overhaul, you can create the perfect ambiance by extending your living spaces to the great outdoors. Keep reading below to learn how you can relax in style and luxury in your Newport Beach, CA backyard.

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Set the Ambiance

Twinkling string lights among the trees, pool lights that automatically turn on at dusk, and landscape lighting expertly placed around flowerbeds are all ways to light your California home. There’s no need for harsh floodlights next to the firepit or by the spa that ruin the mood when you’re spending time outdoors. Having the perfect aesthetic while enjoying your outdoor entertainment is crucial no matter the time of the year.

Audio & Video Entertainment

Your dedicated listening room and media spaces are the perfect places to hear the strum of your favorite artist’s guitar or immerse yourself into a car chase scene in an action film, but you can take that experience outdoors, too. Weatherized outdoor TVs built to withstand the sun’s rays will bring stunning 4K image quality to the patio while friends or family playing in the yard can hear every word or music note thanks to satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers installed in strategic locations.

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Music, TV, and Relaxation Are on the Agenda This Summer – Are You Ready?


Outdoor Entertainment Has Never Been This Fun Before Now

From Irvine to Newport Beach and beyond, Californians know how to have fun. Sailing, surfing, boardwalk shopping, and the social scene are all things to enjoy when you’re not at work. Some days, though, it’s nice to return home in the evenings to take the opportunity to relax and wind down on the patio or in the pool.

The beach is always a short walk or drive away, but your Orange County backyard is even closer! Keep reading below to learn how you can upgrade your outdoor entertainment not just for summer but year-round fun, too.

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High-Performance Audio/Video

You can take the booming bass notes and crystal-clear dialogue you’ve come to know and love in your indoor media areas to your entertainment spaces outside! At Launch Systems, we work with several high-performance outdoor audio brands like James Loudspeaker, Triad, and Sonance to bring you and your family your favorite streaming stations, CDs, movie audio, podcasts and more!

In-ground subwoofers, expertly placed satellite speakers, and camouflaged rock and under-eave speakers can blanket your yard or outdoor kitchen with every note of a favorite song or leave you hanging on every word of an audiobook chapter while you garden. Our expert audio technicians will find the perfect audio setup that will leave you and your guests bathed in audio without blaring sound onto your neighbors’ properties.

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Expand Your Home Network to Improve Your Outdoor Areas


Home Network Installation Services Keep Your Entertainment Jamming All Year-Round

Other states can’t say the same, but in California, we tend to have great weather year-round. Lucky for us, we can bring our social gatherings or relaxing evenings to our outdoor entertainment spaces in our Huntington Beach, CA backyards. When you go outside, your devices and entertainment needs follow you outdoors, and by expanding your home network, you can ensure your audio/video needs are met without any interruption. Launch Systems provides home network installation services to Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas, offering full-service support of the reliable devices and setups we design and install. Keep reading to learn how an expanded home network can help improve your outdoor entertainment areas now or just in time for the warmer spring weather.

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Outdoor Wireless Access Points

To extend network coverage, adding additional wireless access points can improve Wi-Fi connections both inside and outdoors. A wireless access point is a device that connects to your home network and extends the signal further than it would reach otherwise. Launch Systems is a longtime professional network installer, and we work with the most reliable products on the market. We will assess your outdoor network needs to determine the best products that will withstand the California elements for years to come, plus ensure they are placed in strategic locations in your outdoor spaces to ensure maximum coverage. Everyone’s devices will connect without any dreaded lag, whether they’re using a smartphone to stream YouTube videos or listening to music on the latest Move speaker from Sonos.  

Control Your Home Effortlessly

From outdoor lighting to outdoor TVs to pool and spa control, your smart technologies will work seamlessly with a robust and expanded outdoor network. Home networks include a combination of wired and wireless connections, and Launch Systems ensures we design your entire home’s network and its connected devices to work as effectively as possible. Plus, with a home automation system you can control all your devices, inside and out, effortlessly with the tap of a button on your smart device or a keypad. Not only can you enjoy your audio/video entertainment outdoors, but you’ll be able to control it all easily.   Interested in learning more about the home network installation services that Launch Systems provides? Call our team at (949) 515-7030, reach out to us using our contact form or chat with us below. We can’t wait to work with you!

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