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3 Reasons You Need Professional Network Wiring Services

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Stay Connected With A Strong Home Network 

We rely on the internet for huge parts of our daily lives. Everything from phones to TVs needs to be online so we can connect with family and friends, work, do school, and stream our favorite entertainment. Many homes now incorporate smart technology. Without a strong home network, none of your devices will work. 

You should trust a networking professional to construct your home network. Companies like Launch Systems will help ensure you have a secure and strong network across your entire house. 

Keep reading to see what professional network wiring services can provide to your San Juan Capistrano, CA or Orange County home.

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1. Bandwidth For All Devices

Most family members will have a phone, maybe a laptop or tablet, plus all your TVs, gaming consoles, and smart technology. All of these devices require internet connectivity and will eat away at your internet’s bandwidth, potentially overpowering a weak network. You might think getting a router from an internet provider and plugging it in is enough, but you'll need something more in a home with so many devices.

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A Professional Wi-Fi Installation Creates a Secure, Robust Home Network

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Today’s Smart Homes Require Reliable Home Networks

In today’s world of digital devices and smart automation, almost every home in the U.S. has a home network and internet connection. These networks, however, are not all created equal.  Some offer robust connectivity with no downtime; others lead to dropped connections and streaming content that freezes on your smart TV. Low signal strength and diminished audio and video quality are just a few other technical glitches experienced in homes with an inefficient network.  Fortunately, a robust Wi-Fi installation in your Newport Beach, CA home can change all of that. Let’s look at what’s involved in this type of installation and what it can do for your home in Orange County. 

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What Is Wi-Fi Installation? 

A home network connects your devices, such as computers, smart home electronics, and game systems, to the internet and each other. Today’s home networks usually consist of wired and wireless solutions. A wired home connects devices to the internet using Ethernet cables. A wireless home network, also called Wi-Fi, uses radio frequency signals to connect your devices to the internet and each other. This type of connection offers homeowners greater flexibility.  When installed correctly, you can access the internet from anywhere in your home, including your outdoor area. You can also download movies and books, stream music, and binge-watch Netflix without experiencing slow speeds and lost connections. 

The Best Wireless Home Network

At Launch Systems, we partner with top industry brands to provide our clients with the best home automation services on the market. One of these brands is Ruckus.  Ruckus smart Wi-Fi technology is changing the face of the wireless infrastructure market. Smart wireless access points offer larger coverage areas and stronger signals than other wireless technologies, increasing reliability, flexibility, and performance.  The company achieves this through its BeamFlex technology that ensures efficient coverage distribution by seeking out the path of least resistance and mitigating interference.  Their indoor and outdoor wireless access points can shift their focus to devices, reinforcing signal paths and keeping track of where each device is in relation to the access point. In addition, their APs and switches include powerful patented technologies that produce blazing-fast Wi-Fi performance and increased coverage despite challenging dense building materials. 

Securing Your Wi-Fi Network

In today’s world of high-tech cybercriminals, it's essential to protect your Wi-Fi network’s access and keep it from unauthorized users. We use the best practices for your home’s cyber security, helping guard against viruses and intrusion.  A few of these best practices include giving routers unusual names, creating unique, complex passwords and multi-factor authentication, and using the highest level of encryption. In addition, for large estates, setting up multiple network segments, such as an office network and smart home network, can add additional security and limit breaches, should one occur. In addition, we install a guest Wi-Fi network to allow your guests access while still protecting your network. We’ll analyze your home network and create a customized approach to ensure a robust solution. At Launch Systems, we create home networks that deliver unsurpassed speed and connectivity. So wherever you are, in your home or yard, you’ll experience full Wi-Fi coverage on a secure network. To learn more about home networks or schedule a complimentary consultation, chat with us at the bottom of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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3 Aspects of Home Audio You Don’t Want to Overlook

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Don’t Forget These Small Yet Important Details When Designing Your High-End Audio System

A music playlist can change the feel of any situation. Relaxing, cool jazz sets the mood for a romantic dinner for two, while fast-paced metal beats keep your blood pumping during a cardio session in your home gym. To experience life with a stellar soundtrack in your Huntington Beach, CA, home, high-end speakers and an expertly designed home audio system are required. High-performance amplifiers, speakers, and cabling are all necessary to enjoy the best possible audio experience in your Orange County home, but there are three often-overlooked components of home audio that you shouldn’t ignore. Read on below to learn three small details you can incorporate into your whole-home audio system for a more enjoyable listening experience.

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Room Correction

Sound waves can reflect off of surfaces or absorb into fabrics. Taking the room's physical makeup into consideration when designing your home audio system ensures music, TV, movies, podcasts, and your other favorite audio entertainment sounds clear with no distortion. To further combat possible echoes and audio issues, digital room correction technology can improve the listening experience. Many high-end speaker systems incorporate digital room correction functions that includes internal software and microphones. When a sound is emitted, the software then measures the response time for the sound to return. A digital filter is then placed over the audio waves to combat distortion and improve sound quality. If you were to change your room's layout, you would need to rerun digital room correction to combat sound absorption and reflection in the room adequately.  

Surge Protection

In California, homeowners are no stranger to electrical outages and planned power grid failures, especially during wildfire season. Even though some outages are planned, those that aren't can have catastrophic consequences on the electronics in your home. To protect your high-end equipment, you need surge protection. During an outage or power surge, a surge protector reroutes extra energy so that it does not harm your devices. Over time, multiple surges can wear down your equipment. Robust protection is required to protect your technology investments for years to come.  

Home Network

With the rise in audio and video streaming’s popularity, your home’s internet connection is increasingly important. Slow music downloads and buffering icons during movies are just two mild annoyances that can stem from a poorly designed or underpowered home network. The experts at Launch Systems can create a system that triages your internet traffic, dedicating bandwidth where and when it matters most. Your music and movies won’t lag when you’ve addressed your home network!   Home audio is more than high-end speakers, and it requires an attention to detail that only the professionals at Launch Systems can provide. Connect with us using this online form so we can help get you started!    

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Could You Benefit from Home Network Wiring Services?


How to Stay ‘Smart’ & Connected in Your Huntington Beach Home

There’s no question that wireless networks are convenient. We love connecting our phones, laptops, and other devices to Wi-Fi so we can move them freely about the house. But sometimes, wireless networks can only take our technology so far. If you’re finding that your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach every area of the house, or if you’re expanding with a home automation system, you may benefit from a wired system, too.  Network wiring services can provide you the stable connection you need in your Huntington Beach, CA home, used in combination with an existing Wi-Fi system. Read on to discover the benefits and challenges in both wired and wireless systems, and how they can help your technology thrive.

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The Benefits of Wireless

Wireless networks are undoubtedly convenient and flexible. You may use several types of wireless connections in your home: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or wireless platforms like Z-Wave for smart home control. These wireless systems are generally simpler to assemble than wired, and you can easily add a new device at any time.  

Wireless Challenges

The downside? Wireless systems can be unpredictable, and connections are much slower the further away you are from the router. So, if your home office needs the internet just as much as the living room, they’re both competing for that connection from across the house. Houses built with metal, concrete, brick, or glass may find Wi-Fi can’t reach certain areas of the house. Wireless speeds are generally slower than wired ones, and wireless networks are often less secure and easier to hack into.  

The Benefits of Wired Systems

You can expect faster upload and download speeds in a wired network, plus you’re safe from potential cyber threats. Your connection won’t drop as it does with Wi-Fi, and you can enjoy a home automation system with all your devices wired into one group. If you use smart security devices, multi-room audio, or intelligent thermostats, you can rest assured knowing they’re connected and working together.  

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Improve Your Connectivity with Home Network Installation Services


Your Home’s Devices Can Run Like a Breeze with an Upgraded Network from Launch Systems

Many of us may find ourselves staying at home more than we’re used to, enjoying additional streaming services like Hulu or Netflix more often, working remotely, and participating in online learning activities with our children. While we’re comfortable and safe in our California homes, the additional loads on our home networks may be becoming uncomfortable. Have you noticed slowed down network speeds in recent weeks? Are your devices lagging and favorite shows buffering? If so, then consider home network installation services from Launch Systems as a solution to your network problems. Read on to learn more about how Launch Systems can help your family enjoy improved network speed and reliability in your Newport Beach, CA home.

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You’re downstairs in the home office on a conference call while the kids are upstairs playing their favorite online learning games. Your spouse is streaming a movie in the media room while they work. The demand on your network is intense, and if you have a subpar home network, then at any moment, your network could crash. Not only is your family actively using the network, but there’s likely an array of smart devices connected as well — tablets, phones, smart thermostats—even bathroom scales can connect to Wi-Fi these days. A well-designed home network is reliable because it can support all of your home’s devices, with the ability to grow as your device count grows. Wireless and wired networks work in tandem with one another. The wired network serves as the backbone to your entire network, offering top speeds, while your wireless network gives your family the flexibility it desires. The combination of modems, routers, wireless controllers, network switches, and wireless access points offer your Newport-area home the fastest, most reliable solution for increased network demands.  


You may initially think you don’t need security features on your home network, but that’s a dangerous idea. Cybercriminals can hack Wi-Fi networks if you aren’t taking measures to protect yourself. WPA2 password protection is the primary method of securing your network from those that have no business being there and prevents neighbors from hopping on your network and stealing your bandwidth. Additional security measures you can take to protect your network include network firewalls that protect your network from incoming malicious traffic and guest networks. Setting up a guest network is relatively simple and prevents your main network’s security from being compromised. Launch Systems can help you design a secure network that best suits your needs.   If you’re ready to advance the power of your home network, Launch Systems can help you stay connected with professional installation services in your California home. Contact us today at (949) 515-7030, complete our no-obligation consultation form, or chat with us below.

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