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Here’s How Motorized Shades Are Redefining Luxury

high-end bathroom with motorized shades partially lowered above a large soaking tub

Automated Shading from Launch Systems Elevates Spaces, Adds Comfort

Shades and blinds aren’t usually top-of-mind when homeowners begin thinking of ways to customize their new home or embark on a remodeling project. Smart tech like voice control, home control, and even audio/video entertainment are frequently at the top of their minds, but not usually shades. That’s a shame because motorized shades should be closer to the top of the must-have list!

In Corona del Mar and throughout Orange County, Californians bask in sunshine an average of 265 days per year. And while we love the warming rays it brings, being able to manage its entry into your living spaces is key to comfortable living. Here, the quintessence of luxury is the harmonious blend of elegance with cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of this new wave of home luxury are automated window treatments, a symbol of how modern technology can enhance the living experience without overshadowing the inherent beauty of a space.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting smart home solution from Launch Systems!




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