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Get the Most Out of Your Technology with an Upgraded Network

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What Will a Smart Home Network Do for You and Your Smart Home?

Let’s take a second to appreciate the joys of modern technology! There is nothing quite like the convenience of controlling all your smart devices with the touch of a button through your smart device or the sound of your voice.

A smart home network is the backbone connecting all these technologies. It's what allows all your devices to talk to each other and work seamlessly together. And let's be honest, who wants to deal with the headache of having a bunch of separate systems that don't talk to each other? 

If you are in Irvine, CA, our technology integrators at Launch Systems can design and program your home network, tailoring it to you and your lifestyle for optimal, personalized performance. Read on to find out how we’d do it!

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Why Would I Want a Professionally Installed Network?


Launch Systems Offers Network Wiring Services in Orange County

Think about how many devices you have connected to your home network. The average American homeowner has ten devices, and that number increases with larger homes and larger families. From smart TVs to lighting control and automation systems, you want the best performance out of each technology you own. To do that, you need a robust internet connection supporting each device and triaging network traffic intelligently while keeping security in mind. Simply connecting a router to your ISP-provided modem will not suffice, though, if you want to maximize performance and security for several devices in your Laguna Beach home. Think of your Internet connection as a highway. The more devices, the more traffic and demand there is on your bandwidth. The experts at Launch Systems ensure every device stays in its appropriate lane safely, with faster-moving traffic in one lane and slower traffic in the other. Keep reading below to learn how professional network wiring services far exceed the do-it-yourself network setups many Californians settle for.

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Meets You Where You Are

Contacting a professional during a new home building project is the best forward-thinking approach to home networking. Before the drywall is installed, we can map out a technology and data plan that will support your devices now and for years to come. We’ll review architectural plans with builders and design a network that is customized to meet your needs. With the foresight to support future tech needs, you’ll experience superior connectivity for home automation, outdoor entertainment, and more. If the drywall is already installed, don’t worry. Our team can run data lines and wiring cleanly, respecting your home and valuables during the process. Wireless access points are placed in effective locations throughout your Laguna Beach-area property, expanding your network to the relevant places you need in order to stay connected when and where it matters most!  

More Than Networking

Our team does more than wiring services, and we can assist you with all of your smart home needs. Instead of having several disparate systems in your California home, approach your technology in a comprehensive way. We can streamline the network traffic in your home, so your automation system's needs don’t interrupt your remote work or entertainment. Imagine controlling your entire home – smart shades lower, the lighting dims, and Netflix cues up in seconds – with just a tap of your finger or with a voice command. Working with a networking wiring service professional like Launch Systems ensures your entire property stays connected with the latest technologies, with no buffering symbols or lag that bogs down your entire network.   If you’re planning to upgrade your network, call Launch Systems today. You can connect with us using our online form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser. We can’t wait to help you stay connected!

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