Lighting Control That's Absolutely Brilliant

Make your life more dazzling, safe, and energy efficient. Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home. Turn on or dim any light in the room or even the entire house with a single touch. Automate your lighting to respond to your schedule without any touch at all. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

Setting the Scene

Lighting paints your home like a canvas to match the mood. Imagine pressing a “Home” button to set all the lights just the way you want them on an everyday basis. An “Entertain” button dims the lights and lowers the shades for a dinner party with friends. Press “Goodnight” to turn every light in the house off. It’s that simple.

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Easy, No Mess Lighting Control

Easy, No Mess Lighting Control

It is easy to get started with smart lighting. There are no wires to pull and no holes to cut. Get started with the magic of smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house. Perfect for those undertaking a remodel or just upgrading an existing home.

Automated Exterior Lighting

Shouldn’t your house know when the sun goes down? With smart lighting there’s no more timers to deal with. Exterior lighting can turn on-and-off with the sunrise and sunset. For added security, set exterior lights to flash if the alarm system is triggered, drawing attention to unusual activity.

Automated Exterior Lighting
Automated Window Shades

Automated Window Shades

Automated window treatments create the perfect light for any room. Choose a sheer to maintain view while diffusing UV rays that may damage furnishings. Dim-out shade fabrics provide privacy while blackout fabrics are 100% opaque to eliminate all daylight. One button press lowers or raises the shades or they can be programmed to track with the sun and change with the season! Some or all shades can raise or lower at a pre-determined time or with the sunrise or sunset.

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