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6 Reasons Your Home Needs Custom Window Treatments

Luxury bathroom with shades and tv.

Get more control and options with custom window treatments

Windows play a huge role in the aesthetics and efficiency of a home, even more so than most homeowners realize. While you can get window treatments from regular stores, custom treatments allow you to have more room to experiment with different styles and have a more functional home. Read on to find 6 reasons we recommend custom window treatments for your Laguna Beach, CA, home.

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1.      Variety of Design Options

With custom window treatments, you get to have more options to choose from. You don't have to deal with limited options, and you can get precisely the kind of shades you want, from the fabric selection to exact color matches. You can match your home's style and improve its aesthetic appeal.

2.      Automation

If you opt for automated window treatments, you can close or open the window shades from one place. Even if the windows are hard to reach, you can open the shades with a tap of your fingers. The automated features can be controlled via voice recognition or through smartphones.

3.      Safer Options for Kids and Pets

Window shades with cords pose a significant hazard for small children and pets. There's always the risk of choking and strangling. But with custom window treatments, you can opt for automatic cordless shades that can be opened and closed through remote control.

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