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Learn How Security Camera Installations Can Keep You Safe


4 Camera Locations to Consider to Deter Thieves

Everyone in the country is spending less time doing typical activities such as going into the office, shopping, or taking the kids to school. Instead, Californians are spending more time in their homes working, cooking, and conducting e-learning with their kids. Likely, online shopping habits have picked up, along with home deliveries, which is a side effect of staying at home and avoiding crowded spaces. Since everyone in your home is busier than ever before for the sake of social distancing, it’s likely that you may not notice packages left on the doorstep before nefarious porch pirates see them or if a car is broken into. Smart home security will help you keep your Newport Beach, CA, property safe and secure while you’re at home on a video conference call or away on a vacation in the future. Read on to learn how a security camera installation by Launch Systems can bring you peace of mind.

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Doorbell Camera

We’ve mentioned before that security cameras installed on the first floor of your home are useful since over 80% of burglars enter homes through the first floor. A doorbell camera gives you a view not only on your front porch but usually into your front yard as well, depending on the orientation of your home and doorbell. Video doorbells give you an up-close and personal view of whomever – or whatever – steps on your front porch. From delivery person to the kids coming in from their afternoon walk, the footage is captured, and you’re able to watch, rewind, and replay footage as needed.

Interior Entryway

When you receive the notification and live video feed on your smart device of the delivery person with a package, you can communicate with them. If you’re enjoying music on the back porch with the family yet want to maintain social distance while keeping your package safe, you can remotely unlock your smart locks and ask the delivery person (through an intercom) to drop off the package inside the front door. This ensures the package is kept safe from potential thieves. Security cameras that are installed in the interior entryway of your home will capture this footage. Once the delivery person is done with their delivery, you can remotely lock the front door, then come indoors to safely retrieve the package when you are ready.

Perimeter Cameras

When school is out or people find themselves with more time on their hands than usual, crime rates increase. Installing security cameras on the perimeter of your Newport Beach-area home can do two things – deter potential thieves and provide footage if anyone tries to trespass. Any motion detected by these expertly installed cameras trigger your security system. You are then notified via text or push notification and can view the live footage immediately on your smart device. If the incident occurs at night, remote security monitoring services can notify law enforcement for you.

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A Smart Home Security System Helps Keep Your Home Safe & Secure


Learn How to Deter Burglary and Theft on Your California Property

Since the original burglar alarm was manufactured in the mid-1850s, home security has evolved leaps and bounds. Not only are there burglar alarms that make a siren sound upon unwanted entry, but systems now include motion detection, surveillance cameras, tracking devices and more to protect the modern American home. There are a few security measures you can take in order to keep your California property safer to deter burglary and theft. In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the ways you can use a smart home security system to protect your Newport Beach, CA home. Read on to learn more!

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Video Doorbells & Smart Locks

Online ordering and direct to consumer shipping have blown up seemingly overnight! This influx in package deliveries has resulted in an increase in porch pirates – the ne’er-do-wells who take advantage of your unattended packages on your porch. To avoid dealing with package thievery, invest in a video doorbell and smart locks. This combination of devices serves as an integral piece to your smart home security system. A video doorbell allows you to see and communicate with people that not only ring your doorbell but even those that trigger motion on your front porch. By adding smart locks, not only can you can view and speak with the delivery person that rings your doorbell,  you can also unlock your front door to allow them to place the package inside your doorway. Once the delivery person has completed this task, lock the smart lock remotely from your smart device. No more unattended packages left to entice thieves!

Cellular Backup

Many traditional security systems communicate with an alarm company via a conventional landline. While this works well in most instances, burglars have been known to cut the phone line to prevent the alarm signal from going through to the company. Other issues like bad weather or fire could also cause the landline to become damaged or otherwise unable to communicate. Thankfully, many smart security systems provide additional backup protection for this issue. A cellular backup assists you in receiving 24/7 continuous monitoring with no phone or internet connection. It operates wirelessly on a dedicated cellular network. Your smart home security system is left communicating with your monitoring system without a hitch.

Motion Detection

While surveillance cameras can be placed throughout your property to help you keep an eye out and deter potential thieves, you can also use them in conjunction with motion sensors. Motion sensors can trigger surveillance cameras to begin recording and send you a mobile alert of the action. From your smart device, you can view live footage of the incident and determine if further action should be taken – perhaps call the authorities – or if there’s no cause for alarm.   Launch Systems can design a smart home security system that’s perfect and unique to your family’s individual security needs. Call us today at (949) 515-7030, chat with us below, or fill out our online form to get started on your free personalized consultation. We can’t wait to help you make your California home safer.

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