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Create a More Luxurious Space for Clients With a Lutron Lighting System

Lutron lighting system installed in a luxury bathroom with a modern bathtub

Add more value to your home construction project with lighting automation

Are you designing a luxury home for a client? While there are many essential elements to add, lighting remains one of the most crucial parts of any home design. A Lutron lighting system adds life to any home, going beyond lighting fixtures to deliver lighting automation that transforms your client’s lifestyle. Beyond aesthetics, how the system is controlled and its convenience to homeowners matters the most. Lutron is one of the top lighting control brands in the world when it comes to both commercial and residential applications.  Read on to discover how their solutions can add value to your home project in San Juan Capistrano or Orange County, CA.

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State-of-the-Art Lighting Solution

The best time to integrate a lighting control system is during the construction phase, before walls are put up. This will allow the greatest flexibility in design and application without significantly extending project timelines or budgets. A lutron lighting system will not only highlight architectural features of your project indoor and out, but the hassle free controls allow homeowners to set the perfect lighting for any application at the press of a button. Lutron also offers premium keypads that blend seamlessly into any space.They are available in multiple button configurations and finishes to match your unique design goals.

Complete Customization

As a builder, your goal is to match your client’s vision. Whether you’re working on an architect’s plan or striving to meet a homeowner’s requirements, you can achieve any extent of customization with Lutron lighting control. You can create custom scenes from individual rooms to the entire space to adjust the home’s lighting with a  single button press. It is possible to dim the lights or change their colors as needed. Of course, for added convenience, homeowners can choose various control options including on-wall keypads, touchpads, mobile apps and voice control.

Improved Wellness

More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of lighting on wellness. Lutron offers lighting solutions that improve wellness by adjusting the light’s hues and correlated color temperatures. During the day, cool white light makes your body feel energized, while in the evening, the warm tones help the body rest. It is the perfect lighting solution desired by many homeowners. As a luxury home contractor, you can considerably improve the project’s value by adding Lutron lighting. So, are you ready to add a Lutron lighting system in your next San Juan Capistrano project? Launch Systems is a certified Lutron dealer and offers the best lighting control solutions for residential spaces. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (949) 515-7030 or reach out using the live chat option.




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