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A Smart Home Security Camera Offers 24/7 Monitoring

Bedroom with a video image and security icons on TV.

Integrate Your Security System with Smart Home Automation for Total Peace of Mind

As home automation integrators for over a decade serving the Orange County area, Launch Systems has been fortunate to be a part of the growing landscape of smart homes. These are homes that prepare themselves for us in advance, lighting our way in the dark, unlocking the door before we arrive, and streaming our “Relaxing” playlist as we walk in the door. It’s been a truly remarkable experience sharing this technology with our many lifelong clients. 

Not surprisingly, a smart security camera installation is one of the first systems our new clients want to learn about. While controlling your entertainment, lighting, climate, and more with one tap is life-changing, knowing your loved ones are safe brings unparalleled peace of mind. Like all things “smart,” these systems integrate with the rest of your smart home devices, creating an ease of use that defines smart living. Let’s explore the possibilities and if a smart security system at your Laguna Beach, CA home might be right for you. 

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At Home Miles Away

Many people enjoy the benefits of interior and exterior security cameras. This enables them to check in on their homes and family members no matter where they are in the world. Integrating the system with your Control4 home automation system lets you view live or recorded security camera feeds on your designated touchscreen, laptop, or smartphone. In addition, our certified technicians can set up the system to automatically pull up your security cameras on every TV should the system detect something or someone out of the ordinary.

You can receive a notification if your children get home before you do. Check in on them via the touchscreens in any room and make sure the new caretaker is doing their job—caring for your kids.

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3 Reasons Why Smart Shades Are The Perfect Integration For Your Home

outdoor bathtub with TV and smart shades

Smart shades add more than elegance and convenience to your Newport Beach, CA, residence.

Smart shades are one of the smart home features that add more than just luxury and style to your spaces. These shades come to your home to enhance your life with a wide variety of fabrics and shade styles to complement your home's design. At Launch Systems, we can customize them to suit your needs. Below are three benefits smart shades bring to your Newport Beach, CA home.

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When smart shades are connected to your lighting system, they work together and make the most of natural light. By combining the lighting system and smart shades, the lights only operate when the smart shades are fully closed. When they are open, your lighting system will sense that prolonged operation is unnecessary, so they will dim or turn off completely to let natural sunlight do its job.

You can program your smart shades to adapt to your daily routines, so they automatically rise when you get out of bed or close as night falls. During the summer, you can use the shades to your benefit, saving energy as the shades will close to keep the house cool to avoid constant use of the air conditioning system.


Smart shades give you full control over them without getting out of bed. With keypads, remote controls or even your smartphone, you can control every action of your shades. For example, with the touch of a button, you can lower or raise the shades without physically going to every shade in every room to use that annoying chain hanging on the side of the shades.

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A Dedicated Home Theater Brings The Movie Experience To You

Utah wedding and portrait photography


Movies have a transformative power that few art forms can create. The medium produces storylines and characters that engage all of the senses, twisting and turning your emotions from tears to cheers and laughter, often all in the exact moment. The renowned director Francis Ford Coppola puts it in succinct terms, stating, “Movies are the most like a man's imagination.” If you’re a fan of films, a dedicated home theater puts you right in the middle of the action, generating extraordinary visuals and stunning sound that is unmatched by the finest movie houses. Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your Orange County, and Newport Beach, CA smart home? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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It has been over 125 years since American entrepreneurs reinvented the process and presentation of moving pictures. First opened in 1896, cinemas were built to reflect the grandeur and anticipation of the new way of storytelling, with fantastic themes, rich drapery, and gilded impressions. When building a private theater, you want to recreate the excitement and ambiance of a movie house with superior technology and immersive moments. We work with your architect and interior designer to create the perfect complement of your experiential and aesthetic values.

Sound and Vision

A home cinema creates a more intimate experience and is the perfect environment for viewing movies in the cinematic 4K DCI format director and cinematographer intended. Rather than lose details, you watch with the widescreen dimensions intact. Sitting your custom seating with the lights low, you thrill to the expansive vistas, true-to-life colors, and jaw-dropping depth of field that draw you into the scenes.  The legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock once stated that a great film expresses the story being told without sound. While this element of movie craft may be true, the multidimensional sound makes it immersive. A professionally installed system provides clear and crisp audio that enhances your sense of connection, adds to the suspense, and creates skin-tingling moments.

Beyond Your Expectations

A dedicated home theater makes movies experiential, whether you are watching classics from the golden age of Hollywood or the latest chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Are you ready to exceed your expectations?   Questions? Click on the 'Live Chat' pop-up available on the lower left of the webpage. We look forward to working with you!

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4 Fun Things to Include in Your Home Theater Design


Launch Systems is the Orange County Leader in Home Entertainment

The local cineplex just doesn’t have the same appeal as it used to, especially with the many social and economic changes we’ve experienced since early 2020. Instead of dealing with chatty strangers that pull out their phones and don’t respect the “No Talking” rules, bring the entertainment to your Newport Beach, CA home!

With a customized home theater design and installation from the professionals at Launch Systems, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite streaming and cable TV shows along with the latest feature films and, of course, the classics, too! Keep reading to discover four fun additions you can consider for your very own personal cinema experience in Orange County!

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Our home theater design team assesses your entertainment space to determine the best AV and seating locations. Perfectly placed seating in luxurious fabrics ensures viewers are not only comfortable, but they can see and hear the action on the screen in stunning clarity and detail without squinting or being overloaded with the sound and picture. Too shiny fabrics would reflect too much light, while dense, matte materials would be better suited for the space.

Acoustic Treatment

Sound is made up of waves, and as sound waves exit speakers, they are known to bounce around the room and cause sound distortion. That’s why seating fabric is important, like we mentioned above, but it’s also important to consider digital room correction software and acoustic panels for your home entertainment areas. Acoustic panel materials vary in the amount of sound they absorb, and every space is different, so it’s essential to work with a professional instead of simply tacking them to your wall wherever you’d like.

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Wait, I Can Add Motorized Shades Where?


Add This Elegant Smart Home Solution to These Four Areas of Your Home

Many of our clients in the Newport Beach area want to incorporate innovative home solutions but are concerned that adding smart devices into their living spaces will detract from the sophisticated aesthetic they’ve curated.

Style, elegance, and convenience are just a few of the features that motorized shades can bring to your Orange County home. Designer fabrics not only visually complement your interior furnishings but are crafted to provide energy savings with scientific attributes built right into the design!

If you want to add modern, automated magic to your lifestyle without sacrificing your beautiful coastal views, scroll below to learn more! We’ll cover four areas of your home that you can improve with automated shades and drapes.

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Adding automated blackout shades to the sleeping areas of your California home ensures the best sleep possible for everyone in the family! Densely woven fabrics prevent ambient light from entering the room, allowing for a more restful and rejuvenating sleep experience at the tap of a button.

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Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Smart Lighting Technology Makes Life Easy


3 Reasons Why Lutron Should Be Your Top Pick for Lighting Control

We often talk about the luxury and convenience that a lighting control system can bring to our California clients’ homes. Smart bulbs and motorized window treatments can work in tandem to create the perfect ambiance in your Huntington Beach home with just a few taps of your finger or with a voice command. Behind the scenes, the system that makes it all possible is just as important as the dimming capabilities, fabrics, and styles you select for your system. Lutron RadioRA 2 technology is the brains behind the functionality that you enjoy using daily in your home. Read on below to learn three reasons why the RadioRA 2 system should be your top pick for lighting control.

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Easy to Control

There’s no need to walk throughout your home to flip on light switches or raise and lower shading in order to get the perfect atmosphere. With Lutron RadioRA 2, you have a variety of control options at your fingertips. Pico wireless remotes on desktop pedestals control lights, blinds, and audio from anywhere in your home with just a tap. You can also replace your boring outlet wall plates with smart switches in finishes and colors that complement your interior décor. The RadioRA 2 main repeater makes it possible to use the Lutron App to control your smart devices, but it enables systems integration with other brands as well. Managing your smart technology in Orange County has never been simpler.  

Personalized Scenes

Your custom-etched Pico keypads are customizable to match your needs, too. Besides on/off or open/closed settings, window shades can be partially drawn, and lights may be dimmed on demand or according to pre-programmed scenes. Once initiated, the ‘Dinner’ scene will begin a sequence of smart device responses: lights dimmed to the perfect setting, motorized shades lowered to provide privacy, and your audio system tuned to your favorite streaming station for the perfect evening dinner with your partner.  

A Scalable Smart Home Solution

With the Lutron Connect Bridge, you can link pair RadioRA 2 with your favorite apps using the cloud! You can then pair your keypads and remotes to work in partnership with your wireless thermostats, voice control, audio control and home automation. A truly smart home is achievable thanks to Lutron!   If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of automation made possible with Lutron RadioRA 2, contact us here today or chat with us at the bottom of your browser. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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Don’t Let Social Distancing Get You Down – Socialize in Your Home Theater


The Design of Your California Home Theater Can Encourage Relationships from Afar

Like much of the rest of the country, Californians are abiding by shelter-in-place orders for the sake of social distancing. Many of us in Huntington Beach, CA, miss spending time with our friends and family members outdoors, going shopping, attending concerts, and more. If you’re missing out on all of the usual friends and family gatherings, why not make the best of the situation by using your home theater design in new, exciting – and social – ways? Read on to learn three ways to stay social in your home theater or media room while sheltering-in-place.

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Video Games

If you’re a big PlayStation or Xbox fan, then you know just how fun it can be playing your games on a sizeable ultra-high definition screen. Even better, your surround sound speakers can fully immerse you in the action of a shoot-em-up style game. With the tap of a button on a smart remote, you can also dim the lighting and lower the motorized shades for a truly riveting experience. If you add a headset, then you’ll be able to play with your friends, too!

Netflix Party

You’re staying at home, your friends are staying at home, and your family is staying at home, only in separate locations. Bring everyone together by something you all are already doing – watching Netflix. You can screencast whatever show or movie you’re watching from your browser to your high-definition TV and chat live with the rest of your friends while you all watch the same thing! You can take the Netflix party a step further by using a video conferencing tool like Zoom to see your family as they watch along.

Family Zoom and Google Hangouts Visits

Once you’re done watching Netflix with the gang, you can use your large TV display to have a conference call in your very own home theater. You can use an app like Zoom or Google Hangouts to have a live video chat with your friends while maintaining a state-mandated social distance of six feet. Keeping in touch with friends and family can help you keep your spirits up during a stressful time that many of us are experiencing.   While you’re spending more time indoors, be sure to make the most of your home theater design. Launch Systems can help – call us today at (949) 515-7030 or connect with us online. We look forward to working with you.

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Improve Your Connectivity with Home Network Installation Services


Your Home’s Devices Can Run Like a Breeze with an Upgraded Network from Launch Systems

Many of us may find ourselves staying at home more than we’re used to, enjoying additional streaming services like Hulu or Netflix more often, working remotely, and participating in online learning activities with our children. While we’re comfortable and safe in our California homes, the additional loads on our home networks may be becoming uncomfortable. Have you noticed slowed down network speeds in recent weeks? Are your devices lagging and favorite shows buffering? If so, then consider home network installation services from Launch Systems as a solution to your network problems. Read on to learn more about how Launch Systems can help your family enjoy improved network speed and reliability in your Newport Beach, CA home.

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You’re downstairs in the home office on a conference call while the kids are upstairs playing their favorite online learning games. Your spouse is streaming a movie in the media room while they work. The demand on your network is intense, and if you have a subpar home network, then at any moment, your network could crash. Not only is your family actively using the network, but there’s likely an array of smart devices connected as well — tablets, phones, smart thermostats—even bathroom scales can connect to Wi-Fi these days. A well-designed home network is reliable because it can support all of your home’s devices, with the ability to grow as your device count grows. Wireless and wired networks work in tandem with one another. The wired network serves as the backbone to your entire network, offering top speeds, while your wireless network gives your family the flexibility it desires. The combination of modems, routers, wireless controllers, network switches, and wireless access points offer your Newport-area home the fastest, most reliable solution for increased network demands.  


You may initially think you don’t need security features on your home network, but that’s a dangerous idea. Cybercriminals can hack Wi-Fi networks if you aren’t taking measures to protect yourself. WPA2 password protection is the primary method of securing your network from those that have no business being there and prevents neighbors from hopping on your network and stealing your bandwidth. Additional security measures you can take to protect your network include network firewalls that protect your network from incoming malicious traffic and guest networks. Setting up a guest network is relatively simple and prevents your main network’s security from being compromised. Launch Systems can help you design a secure network that best suits your needs.   If you’re ready to advance the power of your home network, Launch Systems can help you stay connected with professional installation services in your California home. Contact us today at (949) 515-7030, complete our no-obligation consultation form, or chat with us below.

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Incorporate Control4 OS 3 into Your California Home


Watch These Tutorial Videos to Get the Most Out of Your System

Our favorite home automation company, Control4, introduced the latest upgrade to its operating system last year: OS 3. Control4 OS 3 introduced a wealth of new features previously unavailable in the first two iterations of the operating system, with a new focus placed on user personalization.   Personalization has become an essential desire of homeowners with automation in their homes, so features like active media bars, a Favorites option, and broad support of third-party devices was imperative in the new operating system.   In this blog, we’ll cover three ways you can manage the Control4 OS 3 system in your Laguna Beach, CA home, plus include helpful videos to help you navigate the process.

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Control4 Security

You can enjoy improved peace of mind with security alarms, smart locks and surveillance cameras. Imagine managing and arming every component of your system remotely with your smartphone or tablet, or while you’re at home from an in-wall touch panel. Take a look at this video to learn how to do that, plus, how to monitor the different security zones of your home individually:  

Media Sessions

You can control every music zone of your Laguna Beach home with a few simple taps. After you’ve selected what tunes to stream on Spotify while you prepare dinner in the kitchen, expand the listening landscape by taking the music to the dining room as well. Once dinner is ready, move the music to the outdoor entertainment area to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can also manage what’s playing in your home theater with ease. Click play to learn more:  

Customizing Pages

For each room of your home, you can customize your screen to show your favorite smart technologies. Simply tap and rearrange each technology feature you’d like to operate, then manage your Control4 system as you need. If you often dim the lighting, open and close the motorized shades, watch your TV, and listen to surround sound, then you can select those functions to show on your Favorites screen for your media room. Check out the following video to learn just how simple it will be to customize the interface of your Control4 OS 3 screen:
Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek at how simple Control4 OS 3 can be, let us show you a system in action. Call us today at (949) 515-7030, chat with us below, or fill out our contact form to get started. We can’t wait to help you bring comfort and convenience to your California home with Control4.

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