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3 Reasons Why Smart Shades Are The Perfect Integration For Your Home

outdoor bathtub with TV and smart shades

Smart shades add more than elegance and convenience to your Newport Beach, CA, residence.

Smart shades are one of the smart home features that add more than just luxury and style to your spaces. These shades come to your home to enhance your life with a wide variety of fabrics and shade styles to complement your home's design. At Launch Systems, we can customize them to suit your needs. 

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When smart shades are connected to your lighting system, they work together and make the most of natural light. By combining the lighting system and smart shades, the lights only operate when the smart shades are fully closed. When they are open, your lighting system will sense that prolonged operation is unnecessary, so they will dim or turn off completely to let natural sunlight do its job.

You can program your smart shades to adapt to your daily routines, so they automatically rise when you get out of bed or close as night falls. During the summer, you can use the shades to your benefit, saving energy as the shades will close to keep the house cool to avoid constant use of the air conditioning system.


Smart shades give you full control over them without getting out of bed. With keypads, remote controls or even your smartphone, you can control every action of your shades. For example, with the touch of a button, you can lower or raise the shades without physically going to every shade in every room to use that annoying chain hanging on the side of the shades.

Left home and forgot if your blinds were left open? No problem! You can pull them down wherever you are to ensure no one can get a peek inside your home. Control systems such as Control4 will help you to manage your shades easily. Control4 offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that your whole family can master in just a few hours.


While the sun will help us make the most of the light during the day, it is also important to note that this exposure can damage valuable items over extended periods. Smart shades allow you to protect your artwork, home decor, wood surfaces and other objects that the sun's UV rays could damage.

In addition, your smart shades help keep your home safer. For example, if you go on vacation and want to make it look like you are still at home, then raise and lower the shades during the day and turn your lighting system on and off. This activity throughout the day will keep prying eyes off your property and discourage any potential intruders from entering your residence.

Are you ready to take full advantage of smart shades in your Newport Beach, CA home? Contact us through our live chat, and let's start your project! We look forward to working with you.

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