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A Dedicated Home Theater Brings The Movie Experience To You

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Movies have a transformative power that few art forms can create. The medium produces storylines and characters that engage all of the senses, twisting and turning your emotions from tears to cheers and laughter, often all in the exact moment. The renowned director Francis Ford Coppola puts it in succinct terms, stating, “Movies are the most like a man's imagination.” If you’re a fan of films, a dedicated home theater puts you right in the middle of the action, generating extraordinary visuals and stunning sound that is unmatched by the finest movie houses. Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your Orange County, and Newport Beach, CA smart home? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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It has been over 125 years since American entrepreneurs reinvented the process and presentation of moving pictures. First opened in 1896, cinemas were built to reflect the grandeur and anticipation of the new way of storytelling, with fantastic themes, rich drapery, and gilded impressions. When building a private theater, you want to recreate the excitement and ambiance of a movie house with superior technology and immersive moments. We work with your architect and interior designer to create the perfect complement of your experiential and aesthetic values.

Sound and Vision

A home cinema creates a more intimate experience and is the perfect environment for viewing movies in the cinematic 4K DCI format director and cinematographer intended. Rather than lose details, you watch with the widescreen dimensions intact. Sitting your custom seating with the lights low, you thrill to the expansive vistas, true-to-life colors, and jaw-dropping depth of field that draw you into the scenes.  The legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock once stated that a great film expresses the story being told without sound. While this element of movie craft may be true, the multidimensional sound makes it immersive. A professionally installed system provides clear and crisp audio that enhances your sense of connection, adds to the suspense, and creates skin-tingling moments.

Beyond Your Expectations

A dedicated home theater makes movies experiential, whether you are watching classics from the golden age of Hollywood or the latest chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Are you ready to exceed your expectations?   Questions? Click on the 'Live Chat' pop-up available on the lower left of the webpage. We look forward to working with you!

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Introduce High-End Audio and Video to Your Backyard


Learn How a New or Upgraded AV System Installation Can Change the Way You Spend Time in Orange County

Summer isn’t over yet, but even as the season passes, Californians can revel in having great weather practically year-round. Fall is right around the corner, too, so there are more than ample opportunities to enjoy your outdoor patio and pool area this year.

But what do you plan on doing out there? With a high-end audio and video upgrade, you’ll have a variety of entertainment options at the press of a button – immersive audio, HD video and more! Scroll below to read more about the perks of bringing high-end AV to your Newport Beach, CA property.

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Why High-End AV?

You may be wondering what exactly it takes to classify audio/video as high-end. Imagine listening to a song with every breath, guitar stroke, and drum beat precisely as the original artist intended for them to be heard. And imagine a movie experience just as perfect as the director meticulously planned for, with brilliant colors and immersive audio that places you in the middle of all the action.

High-end audio and video make it possible to recreate those sounds and images as true-to-form as the original creators crafted them. You can have that high-end lifestyle in your very own backyard spaces with the right equipment, a strategic design, and an expert installation from Launch Systems.

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