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2 Top Home Theater Design Trends from CEDIA Expo 2019


Wellness Centers & Stunning 8K OLED

The annual CEDIA Expo returned to Denver earlier this month. Full of innovative home technologies and product launches, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association put on a great show as they always do. Some of our favorite companies debuted new products and exciting updates, and we also noticed a few exciting new trends. In this blog, we’ll cover two interesting home theater design trends we saw at the Expo. Keep reading to learn about two new home theater trends you can potentially incorporate into your own Irvine, CA home.

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Home Theaters as Wellness Spaces

Gone are the days of having spaces in your home serve one sole purpose. Modern families want to spend time together, and they also want to make the most of the space in their homes. Instead of utilizing one area of your home solely for movies and TV watching, the new trend is to use the home theater space as a dual-purpose wellness space in your home. Sounds a bit strange initially, but stick with us! Home theaters can utilize design features typically used for immersive movie sound and mood-setting for wellness. Solutions like speakers, lighting, and screens can transform your home theater into a meditation or relaxation room. By using human-centric lighting from Lutron, you can adjust the lighting to meet your natural rhythms. By adjusting the lighting of your Control4-powered automation system, you can feel bright and energetic in the mornings or calm and relaxed in the evenings before heading to bed for the night. As you modify the mood of the home theater to match your relaxation levels, unveil the hidden high-definition TV to show beautiful nature scenes while piping relaxing yoga music or nature sounds through your high-end audio system. All the components of a great wellness space have always been in the home theater, but the new wellness trend is taking the industry by storm!  

8K Resolution Upscaling

TVs and screens have progressively increased in size over the years, just the same as resolution has increased. It seems like only a few years ago 4K was the up-and-coming home theater showstopper and quickly began replacing the HD TVs in our home. Now, 8K upscaling technology has pushed the bar on the types of pictures homeowners have come to expect on their home theater TVs. One of our favorite brands, LG, won a BEST Product Award at CEDIA 2019 in the Flat Panel TV/Ultra HD category with their OLED TV 8K. Because signals are not transmitted to your TV in 8K resolution, your TV or projector must convert the lower resolution video image into a higher definition. This isn’t a new trend in home theaters, many homes have adopted the technology – your 4K TV had to do this with lower resolution video formats like 1080p and 720p. The key is in the processor, and the LG OLED 8K utilizes a 6-step noise reduction processor. OLED technology allows for larger and thinner screens – even curved screens – and pixels are individually lit. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for home theaters in the coming years. If you’d like to incorporate these new trends or simply talk about a potential home theater in your Irvine, CA-area home, call us today at  (949) 515-7030 or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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