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How Can Tunable LED Lighting Benefit You?

A dining room space featuring a dining table set with the motorized shades half-way lowered and dimmed lighting fixtures above the table.

Brighten Up Your Living Spaces & Your Lifestyle

Lighting can transform how you experience every corner of your Irvine, CA, home—but it can also affect your mood and overall wellness. With tunable LED lighting, you can take advantage of all that lighting has to offer while also saving money and lowering costs.

Want to learn more about this innovative lighting setup for your living spaces? Keep reading for more.

3 of the Top Benefits to Tunable LED Lighting


Is Tunable LED Lighting Worth It? We Dive Into the Answer Below.

At Launch Systems, we’ve always strived to offer our clients state-of-the-art smart technologies that serve them well at installation but will also serve their needs for years to come. That’s why we work with cutting-edge brand partners that build components that will withstand the test of time – with functionality, design, and style. We’ve written before about the exciting benefits of tunable LED lighting from Lutron. Not only can you reduce your energy costs with these innovative bulbs, but you can also support your natural circadian rhythms. Read on below to learn more about how incorporating this new technology into your Irvine, CA, home can elevate your lifestyle with new consideration for comfort and convenience.

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Protect Your Home

Tunable LED lighting allows you to showcase your smart home in its best light. You likely spent arduous hours working with an interior designer to make your Irvine-area home look perfect, so why would you want to layer your stunning furniture, fabrics, and art collections in drab lighting? Traditional fluorescent lighting and ample sunlight will fade and distort rich and bold color selections. With LED lighting, you can select the perfect warm or cool white light to amplify your art, design, and home architecture without giving off too much UV radiation or heat.

Shown in Your Best Light

With more of us making the transition to working from home or going out less often, it’s important to utilize our smart homes to support our wellness. Lighting is essential. All day, every day, your lighting can respond to a variety of cues to help support your family in feeling their best. You can adjust lights with a tap of your finger or voice command, program your lighting to respond to the time of day, or hack your lighting to support your circadian rhythms.

Wind Down on Your Terms

Imagine utilizing your tunable lighting to help you wind down in the evenings. You can leave the stresses of a busy workday behind you with natural, dim light as you read your favorite book before bed. This warm, soft glow not only supports your body’s internal biological clock but also eases eye strain after a long day. You can also use a cool, bright light to shift yourself into a highly productive mode during the midday slump without the aid of caffeine.   If you’re ready to explore the exciting features tunable LED lighting can bring to your California home, contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!




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