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Why Homeowners Are Choosing a Samsung Art TV Installation

A smart hidden Samsung TV.

Where Elegance and Entertainment Meet

No matter how good the picture on your TV is, it doesn’t change the design of the TV itself. When not in use, TVs take up wall space, and the large black box can distract from your room's carefully curated design. They might provide great entertainment, but traditional TVs can be a bit of an eye-sore when not in use.

That’s why Samsung came up with The Frame. This TV doesn’t only provide a spectacular viewing experience. It also doubles as a piece of art or photo. So when not used to watch a show or movie, you can use it to display your favorite images that will elevate your Anaheim Hills, CA home’s beauty, not take away from it. Keep reading to learn more about how a Samsung art TV installation can enhance your home’s style.

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Art Display

Plenty of art is bought and sold digitally nowadays. You can upload your digital art collection and display it on The Frame. And no worries if you haven’t already curated a digital art collection. You can browse the art shop, which contains professionally curated and organized pieces you can purchase. You’re bound to find a piece you like that will complement your home’s design.

Show Your Memories

In addition to showing curated art pieces, you can also display your favorite memories. Upload your favorite family photos, and you can use The Frame like a digital photo album. You can even display multiple images with a matte background to make them stand out. In addition, the Frame can store up to 1,200 images uploaded from your phone or a Flash Drive, so you can always switch back and forth between photos.

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