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Not a Big Tech Fan? You Can Still Enjoy a Smart Home.

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Incorporate Sleek Technologies That Make Life Simpler Without Being an Eyesore

When someone mentions smart home technology, do you cringe at the thought? Luckily, modern smart devices aren’t overly techy eyesores that scream futuristic science fiction film. Imagine having your Laguna Beach, CA, home respond to your every need with a simple tap of a button or a voice command without being inundated with technologies that mar your ideal aesthetic. It’s possible with a home integration expert like Launch Systems. Scroll below to learn where you can hide smart home devices in plain sight throughout your Orange County property!

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Relax In Style

You press play on your multi-room audio system, then slip into the bathtub at the end of a long day to relax. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers emit soft music while the waterproof hidden TV in the wall plays the latest Netflix show you’re trying to catch up on. At first glance, these smart audio/video technologies aren’t visible, but they come to life for your entertainment with a simple tap of a finger on a smartphone app or on-wall keypad.

4K Artwork

If you aren’t a fan of a black rectangle hanging on the wall when you aren’t watching a movie, the Samsung Frame TV is the perfect solution. Enjoy your personal art and photography collection or use the subscription-based Samsung Art Store to access the world’s top museum and gallery pieces. A beautiful frame paired with available matte layout options truly camouflages this ultra-high-definition smart TV in your living space when you’re not catching up on a show.

Outdoor Living

Expand your sound system to your patio and backyard spaces for the ultimate entertainment experience. Rock speakers blend into your pool landscaping while pumping out a fun pop playlist from Spotify. Satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers pack a powerful punch for the big game or listening to your favorite podcast while gardening. These outdoor speakers are crafted to withstand salty air, water, and everything else Mother Nature wants to throw at them, yet they blend seamlessly into the foliage. For all of these expertly camouflaged technologies and more, chat with Launch Systems at the bottom of your screen to schedule an at-home audio/video consultation. We can’t wait to bring these smart home options to your Orange County living spaces!

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4 Fun Things to Include in Your Home Theater Design


Launch Systems is the Orange County Leader in Home Entertainment

The local cineplex just doesn’t have the same appeal as it used to, especially with the many social and economic changes we’ve experienced since early 2020. Instead of dealing with chatty strangers that pull out their phones and don’t respect the “No Talking” rules, bring the entertainment to your Newport Beach, CA home!

With a customized home theater design and installation from the professionals at Launch Systems, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite streaming and cable TV shows along with the latest feature films and, of course, the classics, too! Keep reading to discover four fun additions you can consider for your very own personal cinema experience in Orange County!

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Our home theater design team assesses your entertainment space to determine the best AV and seating locations. Perfectly placed seating in luxurious fabrics ensures viewers are not only comfortable, but they can see and hear the action on the screen in stunning clarity and detail without squinting or being overloaded with the sound and picture. Too shiny fabrics would reflect too much light, while dense, matte materials would be better suited for the space.

Acoustic Treatment

Sound is made up of waves, and as sound waves exit speakers, they are known to bounce around the room and cause sound distortion. That’s why seating fabric is important, like we mentioned above, but it’s also important to consider digital room correction software and acoustic panels for your home entertainment areas. Acoustic panel materials vary in the amount of sound they absorb, and every space is different, so it’s essential to work with a professional instead of simply tacking them to your wall wherever you’d like.

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