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Simplified and Relaxed Living through Intuitive Control

Enjoy a comfortable home that delivers energy-efficient climate control, easy management of your pool and spa, automated window coverings and more. Select the "Home" button or use a simple voice command which automatically raises the shades, dials in the perfect temperature, sets the lights just they way you like it, and turns on the TV to your favorite channel. Leaving for trip? Select "Vacation" and the system lowers the blinds, locks all the doors and secures the house, turns on the lights in the evening to make it appear like someones home, and makes sure the spa and A/C isn't running you are away.

Smart Climate Control

Enjoy personalized comfort settings that can be activated on a schedule, with just a simple button press, from your phone with home or away, or with a simple voice command. Automate your existing heating and air conditioning without running any new wires. Set "Away" mode to make sure the AC isn't running when it shouldn't. Automation allows temperature and humidity to adjust according to the season. Even automate your window coverings to help control the temperature of your home.

Pool & Spa Control

Smart Pool & Spa Control

Comfort and convenience extends past your house and into your outdoor living areas. Driving home from the office and want to make sure the spa is heated by the time you get home? Smart pool and spa control makes it easy to manage the pool/spa temperature or crank the jets from your mobile device. Select "Away" mode when you are traveling and the system makes sure the pool/spa isn't running and saving you a fortune in utility expenses.

Intelligent Home Intercom

Add convenience to your home with whole house communication. Does yelling up the stairs sound familiar? A modern intercom system makes it easy to communicate throughout the house in a variety of ways. Announce to the entire family that dinner’s ready. Talk to someone at the front door from the comfort of your bedroom or even when you are away from home. From the garage, ask the kids in the house to come help you bring in the groceries, or intercom from room to room. Monitor the baby’s room. It’s all about smart and easy that makes your life more convenient.

Automated Window Shades

Automated Window Shades

Automated window treatments create the perfect light for any room. Choose a sheer to maintain view while diffusing UV rays that may damage furnishings. Dim-out shade fabrics provide privacy while blackout fabrics are 100% opaque to eliminate all daylight. One button press lowers or raises the shades or they can be programmed to track with the sun and change with the season! Some or all shades can raise or lower at a pre-determined time or with the sunrise or sunset.

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