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Are High-End Speakers Worth It?


The Difference in High-Quality Audio

Humans have enjoyed music for thousands of years—it’s an inherent part of life. So, it makes sense to crave the best-sounding audio for your home. If you’re looking for a new or expanded music setup in your Newport Beach, CA house, you may be wondering: is high-end audio worth it? There’s quite a range of speakers out there, from cheap Bluetooth devices to high-end speakers like Triad and James Loudspeaker. Is it worth it? We’ll share the advantages of premium audio below.

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High-Fidelity Sound

Want to feel like your favorite band is in your living room? That’s what high-end audio can do far better than budget audio. The materials in your speakers’ cones and tweeter make all the difference. Lightweight but rigid materials like glass, Kevlar, diamond or beryllium will sound much better than paper or fabric. If you’re just getting started in audio, ‘frequency response’ is a term you need to know. It means how well a speaker can reproduce musical tones. The best speakers have a ‘flat’ frequency response to deliver all sound frequencies at the same sound level. When frequency responses are uneven, that’s when you experience distortion. The sound of the bass might disappear while drums overpower the track, for instance.

Rich Bass Notes

Since bass notes have a much lower sound frequency than high and mid-range frequencies, it can be challenging to reproduce in the same device. That’s why a subwoofer is essential to your system. Whether it’s built into your loudspeakers or in a separate enclosure, a subwoofer delivers powerful sounds that you can feel. It’s the heartbeat of your audio setup or home theater and should not be skipped.

Quality to Last Decades

Cheap speakers’ sound quality will degrade over time. But trusted speakers like Triad or James Loudspeaker can be expected to last from twenty to fifty years. If you take good care of your speakers and don’t blast them too loud, you could keep them for the rest of your life! The same cannot be said for a cheap speaker off of Amazon.

Versatile Uses

Online you’ll find many small, portable speakers that can connect to your phone via an aux cable or Bluetooth. They’re certainly convenient. But what if you want to listen to your record collection, or play the TV’s audio across your house? Loudspeakers built for the serious listener connect to a receiver that unlocks endless possibilities. Whether you’d like in-wall speakers, bookshelf models, or outdoor audio, you can connect them all to one system.

Is It Worth It?

The decision is entirely up to the individual, but if you want long-lasting speakers that sound excellent at any volume level, investing in quality speakers always pays off. They’ll become a staple of your home. Once you go high-end, you’ll never be able to go back.   Are you ready for an entertainment upgrade? Contact Launch Systems and visit us in Newport Beach to experience high-end audio for yourself.

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