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Architectural High-End Speakers Offer Invisible High-Fidelity Sound

A living area with Sonance Invisible Series speakers and a view of the pool.

Bring High-Performance Audio to Every Room in Your Home

For some music lovers, the mention of high-end speakers brings a dedicated listening room to mind. They hear the sound field—the guitar riffs off to the right, the vocalist in the center of the stage, and every note of the piano. They imagine sitting in upholstered seating, acoustic treatments dampening the sound reflection, and high-fidelity speakers taking them to the front seat of a live concert. 

Many of our clients, however, want something a bit different. They want to incorporate high-end audio into their daily lives, when walking into their homes, sitting on the patio, or watching their favorite movie. Unfortunately, high-performance tower loudspeakers don’t always work well in these settings, detracting from a home’s design and marring its aesthetics.

The good news is that today’s manufacturers heard the call for high-end architectural speakers and answered. Today, you can experience the immersive sound field throughout your home, in your home theater, the living room, and even out into your yard in Huntington Beach, CA, and Orange County. Let's find out how. 

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The Ultimate Home Theater

Many of you have probably heard of James Loudspeaker. Founded in 1999 in San Francisco, where the company started in the tower loudspeaker arena, they quickly established themselves as innovators and made several "firsts" in architectural speaker design and use. In 2019, they were acquired by Sonance, the inventor of the architectural and invisible speaker category. 

Today, James Loudspeaker offers product lines dedicated to the ultimate home theater audio experience. The BE Reference Series provides in-wall and freestanding speakers that deliver the pure reproduction of sound for the most dynamic movie soundtracks.

High-Fidelity Audio Throughout Your Home

Sonance is the winner of eleven CEDIA “Best New Product” awards, one of which was for the Sonance Invisible Series with Motion Flex Technology. This technology revolutionized the design of flat-paneled invisible speakers, creating an unparalleled acoustic performance from an architectural speaker.

Installed directly into the wall or ceiling and finished over with the surrounding material, it's completely invisible and the perfect high-performance solution for a whole-home audio system. These speakers can be placed strategically throughout your home, delivering beautiful sound no matter where you are. The sound surrounds you, filling the air from an invisible source. Enjoy your favorite streaming playlist or vinyl collection in one room or every room with simple control. 

High-Performance Audio Outside

We know it doesn't seem possible. High-end outdoor audio! How does high-performance audio dissipate over the outdoor area with no walls to contain the sound? That’s where wide-dispersion and strategic placement come in with high-fidelity satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers. 

These speakers look like landscape lights, neatly tucked away among plants and foliage. They’re directed toward listening areas, encompassing the perimeter of the space and resulting in breathtaking audio and a blanket of even, impressive sound. Both Sonance and James Loudspeaker offer outdoor landscape series.

At Launch Systems, we specialize in high-performance audio and home automation, supporting our clients as their needs change and technology advances. To learn more about the many possibilities in high-end audio, call us or chat with us at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to help you create the high-performance audio of your dreams!

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