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Enjoy Crystal-Clear Music Throughout Your Home & Outdoor Spaces

A home with an open floor plan and in-ceiling speakers.

A Multi-Room Music System Delivers High-Fidelity Sound to Every Room

As Steve Martin said, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” And yet, here we are, discussing multi-room music. While words can't convey the auditory experience, we'll give it our best shot in hopes you can glimpse the miraculous world a whole-home audio system brings to your home in Anaheim Hills, CA.

Here’s one thing we know—after incorporating multi-room music, you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking sounds that fill your home and wonder how you ever lived without it. Let’s explore the makings of a distributed audio system.

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Music that Fills Your Home—Literally

While some select a few rooms for their multi-room sound system, many of our clients want to enjoy high-fidelity music throughout their homes and outdoor spaces. Some go so far as to request speakers in showers, in the pool, and, of course, in the garage. 

All your home’s audio equipment is tucked away and neatly housed in a custom media rack. These audio sources are now shared with the entire home, including turntables, music servers, satellite receivers, and more. From there, the audio signals are distributed to nearly invisible in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers throughout your home. We’ll also incorporate subwoofers for those who enjoy the deeper, driving bass.

This rich, detailed sound is controlled from an intuitive touchscreen. Choose the source, the room, or your entire home, and enjoy. And, of course, the soundtrack that fills your days isn’t limited to music! TVs, podcasts, audiobooks, and sports can all be enjoyed in crystal-clear audio.

The Experience

Imagine your favorite playlist nudging you awake as it slowly increases in volume every 10 minutes. The kids also wake to their favorite tunes and head to the kitchen with a little pep in their steps. 

After a long day, you unlock the door and are greeted by your favorite relaxing playlist streaming through the entryway. It follows you to the kitchen and bedroom before surrounding you in your outdoor area as you head to the spa.

An Outdoor Orchestra

Fortunately, the adage, “My neighbors listen to great music, whether they want to or not,” doesn’t apply to your outdoor sound system. We strategically install satellite landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers toward your outdoor listening areas and away from your neighbors. The result is an even coverage of breathtaking, detailed music across your property. 

Working with Launch Systems

At Launch Systems, each of our multi-room music systems is customized and scalable, providing the best solution for your unique property. As one of the most prominent audio-video and home automation companies in the Newport Beach/Anaheim Hills area for over 10 years, our whole-home audio systems are found in nearly every type of property, from large estates to beach bungalows.

We’re with our clients from the discovery phase through design, installation, and beyond, providing a lifetime of service and supporting them as their needs and family grow and technology advances. To learn more about multi-room music or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Launch Systems today or email Michael, our system design expert, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He’s always happy to help!

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