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Is Your Smart Home Security Up to Date?

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Explore the Modern Features of Automated, Upgraded, Smart Security!

Does your Corona del Mar, CA, smart home security have the modern features necessary for seamless system access and effortless operations? Home automation technology is forever evolving, and homeowners must stay on top of new advancements, especially concerning security.

If you're ready for an upgrade or even a whole new system, Launch Systems can help. Keep reading to discover how updated features offer a higher level of security!

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Improve Your Home Security

We can all agree that making improvements to our existing home security measures is a good thing, and home automation has made significant contributions to the safety of our homes. Here's what you can expect from a brand-new security system from Launch Systems. 

Enhanced Connectivity

One of the most stand-out aspects of smart home security systems is providing seamless connectivity with other devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can monitor and control your security system remotely, staying connected and receiving real-time alerts regarding any security-related events. Immediate access means enhanced safety.

Integrated Surveillance

The integration of high-definition video surveillance cameras, both inside and out, offers visuals from every angle. With improved image quality and night vision capabilities, you won't miss a beat. You can monitor your property with your own eyes, enabling you to detect unusual activities or potential threats.

Two-Way Communication

Most modern security systems give homeowners the option to include two-way communication. Whether at home or your office downtown, you can interact vocally with anyone on your property, including visitors and delivery workers. 

Advanced Automation

There's no question that smart home technology has come a long way. The security systems of today can learn how to adapt to your routines and preferences, automatically adjusting security settings based on patterns. Your Launch Systems security system can activate security measures while you're away, giving an appearance of occupancy by turning lights on and off and lowering the shades. 

Alarm Systems

Our team can customize your security system, incorporating multiple sensors and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. In a crisis, the system triggers alarms, sending you notifications even when you're not home and alerting emergency services if necessary. Knowing everything is under control allows for substantial peace of mind, and your kids and pets will be safe while you enjoy a night out. 

Launch Systems and Your Security Upgrade

By incorporating these updated features, smart home security systems offer homeowners convenience and ease. Gain improved connectivity, surveillance capabilities, intelligent automation, and integration with other devices with Launch Systems today! 


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