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Experience the Best Home Entertainment with Hidden TVs

A Seura TV mirror above a modern fireplace in a living room.

Hidden Technology Lets You Retain Your Home’s Beauty & Design

When you walk into your living room, would you rather see a classic Monet or your rather large 4K HDR TV? Do you enjoy watching your favorite shows in your bedroom before drifting off to sleep but want the peace and tranquility of a room without technology front and center?

While the latest home audio-video advancements have resulted in incredible images and sound, most of our clients want to retain their home’s beauty while incorporating this awe-inspiring technology. That’s where hidden TVs come in. Let's explore the numerous options and how homeowners in Irvine, CA, enjoy the benefits of multiple impressive TVs without disturbing their home’s aesthetics.

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In the Floor, Ceiling, or Furniture

Thanks to today’s lifts, mounts, and automated controls, your TV can hide in your ceiling, lowered with a drop-down lift when it’s time to relax or watch the news. In homes with lower ceilings, we can use a flip-down TV lift that blends into the ceiling. TVs can also hide in specialty furniture, floors, and behind moving panels, appearing with the touch of a button.

Behind a Painting

At Launch Systems, we partner with VisionArt, leaders in motorized art. This system comes with retractable artwork that covers your TV until it's ready for use. The exclusive collection includes abstracts, landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, photography, and more in a designer frame. This solution is custom-built to any size with exacting specifications. 

We can also hide TVs behind existing artwork, as long as it’s the right size and shape. One solution is installing an in-wall TV that appears once the painting slides away, often into a nearby cabinet. Samsung’s The Frame offers a TV that turns into museum-worthy artwork, photographs, or your own digital collection when not in use.

Disguised as a Mirror

Another partner, Séura, creates beautiful designer mirrors that transform into a 4K UHD TV. You can choose from over 100 frames with sizes ranging from 55 to 75 inches. 

These displays are up to three times brighter than many indoor TVs, enabling amazing pictures with exceptionally sharp details that appear through the vanishing glass. When off, the TV completely disappears.

Effortless Control

When integrated into your Control4 home automation system, you can create the perfect setting with one touch. For instance, tap the “Movie Night” icon on a high-resolution touchscreen, and the TV appears, the high-fidelity audio streams from nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers, the lights dim, the blackout shades lower, and the movie begins. 

At Launch Systems, we know the best design blends aesthetics and practicality. Are you ready to experience the best home entertainment while retaining your home’s beauty and design? Our audio-video and home automation systems are customized to your unique needs and dreams. 

To learn more about the many possibilities in hidden TVs or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Launch Systems today. And don’t hesitate to email Michael (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you have any questions about our services. He’s always happy to help!  

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