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Add Ease to Your Life with Control4 Home Automation

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Get More Relaxation From Your Days with Quality Home Technology

The space you live in should make living feel easy, so you can make it through each day with less to worry about. Think about all of the tedious tasks you perform each week — flipping light switches on and off at the beginning and end of each day, arming and disarming your security system, and so on. 

We at Launch Systems know owning a home is a wonderful accomplishment, but it can also be a lot of work. Does your living environment work for you, or does it create more work for you to do? With Control4 home automation solutions, you can kick back in your Coto de Caza, CA, home and watch the big game because you’ll have the time. 

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Put Your Day on Autopilot 

When you invest in home automation technology, you can automate the tedious tasks you’d normally complete manually. So you don’t have to think about what’s next; your home can remember for you. From lighting control to automated shades, Control4 home automation has plenty of perks. 

Additionally, with features like climate control, your home can always be adjusted to the temperature you like. Your smart home can memorize your daily routine and make sure the A/C is nice and cool before you head to bed, and raises as you wake so you’re not tempted to stay underneath the covers. 

Make Home Feel Safer

Did you know Control4 also offers security solutions? Perhaps you’re going to be away for a while, and you need someone to come in and water your plants. Or maybe your loved ones are coming to visit, and they’ll be getting in long after you’ve already gone to bed. With the ability to generate individual access codes, your guests can enter whether you’re there or not. 

Plus, if you decide you no longer want someone to enter your space, simply revoke their access. No need to create multiple keys or pay to change the locks if you feel your safety is at risk. You can even unlock your door remotely for people who need to enter, but you don’t wish to give a code to. 

Our security solutions also integrate seamlessly with existing smart technology, like doorbell cameras. So you can see everyone who comes and goes, and make sure to lock up after they leave. Not to mention, potential thieves will be wary of targeting your property when you have quality security solutions in place. 

Take Control of Your Space

At Launch Systems, we design solutions that allow homeowners in Orange County, CA, to feel at ease in their spaces. After all, it’s your home, so it should add to the quality of your life and make you excited to enter into it after a long day. 

With Control4 home automation, you’ll be able to take those tedious tasks off your to-do list and enjoy your home to the fullest. Do you want to learn more? Our live specialists are available to chat with you. Let us help you take control of your space because living should be easy.

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