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Here Are 3 Ways to Hide a TV in Plain Sight


Hidden TV Solutions for Your California Home Look Great – or Hide Away – As You Need

Your technology and your interior design don’t need to compete for aesthetics or space in your Newport Beach, CA, home. Hidden TV solutions have come a long way in recent years, and there’s no need to sacrifice style for video quality, or vice-versa. Hidden TV solutions can mask themselves as exciting pieces of artwork, hide within furniture and mirrors, and even roll away into the ceiling. Keep reading this blog to learn more about these sneaky technology solutions.

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A Work of Art

Imagine adding 4K ultra-high-definition artwork to the walls of your home. It may sound a bit odd at first, but with the Samsung Frame TV, you can do just that andhave a high-performance TV in your home when it’s not serving as art. You could even incorporate the Samsung Frame TV into a gallery wall in your Newport Beach home, surrounding the TV with prints and portraits of your family and friends. This smart TV will quite literally blend into your home until you’re ready to showcase it. All you need to do is go from Art Mode to TV Mode using a remote.

Pop-Up Lifts

Imagine hiding away a TV in a cabinet or credenza with a pop-up motorized lift that brings your display into your sightline when you need it. You can even mount the TV into your ceiling and watch as it descends for viewing with the tap of a button. The ceiling is also a suitable space for a home theater roll-away projection screen or mounted projector. When it’s not time to watch your favorite shows and movies, these lifts and screens are discreetly tucked away into their storage compartments.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You can even integrate a hidden TV solution into your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom mirror. At first glance, the mirror has a perfectly clear reflection – you wouldn’t be able to detect it! With the press of a button, though, you can activate this space-saving TV that sits behind the glass of the mirror and comes in a variety of size options. You can even incorporate wall controls and motion sensors in the space for easy operation. You could catch up on the news and weather in the morning while you get ready for work or watch an episode of your favorite show while you get ready for a big night out.   Want to learn more about the hidden TV solutions possible in your Newport Beach, CA home? Call us today or use our online form here to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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