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The Lutron Lighting System Mini Guide


Tutorial Videos to Ensure You’re Making the Most of Your Lighting System

Lighting systems are great ways to manage the lights within your home intelligently. Lutron lighting systems provide solutions for any size home on any budget, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a system that works for your Laguna Beach, CA home. Keep reading our blog to see some of our favorite Lutron lighting system features. Plus check out the corresponding tutorials to learn how to use these features in your own home!

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Lutron Scenes

Whether you’re trying to boost your home’s security, conserve energy, or brighten up your holiday parties, scenes can help you control multiple lights on your property at once. With the tap of a button on a smart device or Lutron’s Pico remote, you can turn Lutron shades and lights to a predetermined setting. Program a “Good morning” scene to turn on the bedroom lighting, raise the motorized shades, and light your walking path into the kitchen so you can quickly get started on making breakfast. You can incorporate Lutron lighting scenes into your existing Control4 automation system, too, so you can even program the “Good morning” scene to play your favorite music or news channel with a tap. Watch this video to learn how to program scenes:    


Dimmers, Switches & Fans

You can control individual dimmers, light switches, and fans in your home using an app on your smart device. Each smart light in your Lutron lighting system is adjustable with the tap of a button. As you wind down for the evening and head to your entertainment room, you may want to dim the lights as you catch up on your favorite TV shows. Simply open the app, tap, and adjust the lighting to meet your needs. You can even use the Lutron app to adjust the speed on your ceiling fans. Take a look at this video to learn how to do that:    


Lutron Schedules

With Lutron, you can even schedule certain fixtures on your property to turn on or off at specific times of the day. At dusk, your outdoor landscape lighting can turn on and illuminate your home, keeping it safe from potential thieves looking for darkened or vacant homes. In the mornings, your bedroom lights can turn on to ensure you’re awake once the alarm sounds, and your motorized shades can rise to let the sunshine in your bedroom. Everything can be scheduled using the Lutron app. Take a look in this video:    

  All of these features and more are available with a Lutron lighting system. For more information on what else a Lutron system can do for your Laguna Beach, CA home, call us today at (949) 515-7030 or use our online contact form. We can’t wait to illuminate your home!

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