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3 Ways Network Wiring Services Can Improve Your Home’s Network


Whether a New Installation or an Upgrade, Launch Systems Can Set Your Network Up for Success

A strong network helps you stay connected to work, entertainment, friends, and family. It’s the backbone of any modern California home and supports all of your high-tech gadgets and innovative smart technologies. The network wiring process looks a bit different between building a brand-new home and upgrading an existing home. New buildings’ networks can be designed from the ground up before the drywall is installed. Existing homes’ networks need a bit more finesse, working with existing walls and fixtures. Luckily, professional network wiring services are one of the many solutions Launch Systems provides for Irvine-area residents — we can do both! Read on to learn why network wiring services are such an integral piece of supporting your modern home.

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Connectivity Where You Need It

Ensuring proper wired connections and adding wireless access points in critical locations of your property is imperative. A home’s construction materials or interior furnishings can significantly influence the efficacy of a network. Too much metal, such as around stairwells or utility boxes, hinder signal while wood, plaster, and glass materials interfere less. The most important steps in any network wiring service are pre- and post-installation site surveys and consultations. A site survey allows the technician to not only evaluate a homeowner’s network needs but will enable them to walk your property and determine potential interference spots as well as locations to house wiring, modems, and routers. Beyond the site survey, technicians will select the products best suited for your network to provide the utmost efficiency and reliability. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions; each service is custom-created for you.  

Works Behind the Scenes

A proper network setup will work in the background of your Irvine-area home without you realizing it’s there — it will simply work as you need it to! Wiring can be hidden away with enclosure cables and cable troughs to rack accessories and cabling cabinets that protect your components from dust and dirt. The best network and cabling services leave your home running smoothly, so all of your devices can connect without a hitch.  

Support When You Need It

Network wiring services from Launch Systems include troubleshooting existing wiring and supporting any installations we’ve done in your California home. If something just isn’t working for you, we’re happy to make the requested tweaks as you need and provide support for any questions or issues that arise after installation.   Call Launch Systems today at (949) 515-7030 or connect using this form to improve your home network today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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