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Top 3 Considerations When Setting Up Wireless Access Points

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Let Launch Systems Take the Guesswork Out of the Perfect Home Network

Modems, routers, wireless access point setups, network switches...the list goes on! Connecting devices to the internet in your Laguna Beach, CA home may seem complicated these days, but it doesn’t need to be. While many components are necessary for wired and wireless networks to work correctly, all you truly need is a well-designed and executed network to stay connected when and where it matters most.

Whether you only have a few smart devices or entrust your entire home automation system to a network connection, you need to know that all of your devices are secure, fast, and stay connected.

Keep scrolling below to learn three considerations the expert networking team at Launch Systems keeps in mind when designing home networks for homes just like yours.

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Homes are comprised of many different materials, including glass, wood, metal, and concrete. Many of these cause obstructions of the wireless signal, so intelligent placement of wireless access points is crucial. Drywall, plywood and glass are more easily penetrable by wireless signals, whereas metal is not. Metal pipes, sculptures, and even electronics could negatively affect your signal. Besides building materials, other signal interferences include video games, microwaves, security cameras, and Bluetooth devices. A property-wide site survey is necessary to determine what could potentially interfere with your new or upgraded home network.


For example, placing an access point inside the ceiling wouldn’t be a great idea because HVAC ductwork could impede signals from getting to your devices. Instead, our team uses discreet designs by Pakedge and Araknis that seemingly become inconspicuous in wall-mounted locations. To ensure the best connectivity, it’s best to work with a professional that will conduct a site survey to determine the best installation locations.

Site Survey

As we’ve mentioned, a site survey is imperative for any new or upgraded network, no matter if you’re simply adding a new router or looking to expand your network with additional wireless access points. Not only will a network technician assess your Orange County property using a spectrum analyzer, but they will bring equipment to your home to conduct ping tests. The team can even use predictive mapping software to estimate coverage. Our team will then design a network that takes all of your property’s coverage needs in mind, incorporate the appropriate components necessary, and deploy and install your new home network quickly and efficiently.

Leave the ins-and-outs of home networking to the professionals. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen to schedule an on-site consultation today!

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